Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, I will admit it, i suck at keeping the blog updated. but i have noticed lately so has everyone else. So i don't feel so bad. Anyways here is the updates

I have been home in AZ for almost a week. I have 2 more to go, so if you want to hang out, call me.

I won't find out how i did at law school till January 20th or so, so the agony is just prolonged.

I love my baby niece Olivia. She is fantastic, such a cute mix of Rita and Sumo. Love her!

I bought a Nike Plus to track my runs today at Sports Authority. That means i gotta run, so it has something to track.

Tonight I am going to the Temple Lights. It should be a good time.

The end.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So i don't know if the word has made it to your corner of the world, but i am the hottest DJ in moscow idaho. I had the elementary school dance (proof 1) and then I had the Adults with special needs of Colefax County's Holiday Party. I took time out of my law school study for finals schedule, to DJ this night of fun. It went OK, but accidently ( i promise, promise) the song that I played for the first song was Black Eyed Peas, 'Let's Get Retarded', (what was i thinking) Out of all the songs in my CD book, and on my computer, this my friends was what my sub conscious chose to play, ( i didn't make the connection) Shoot. Pleasy didn't have the heart to tell me. It wasn't through about an hour and a half, that it came to me. I said, "did I play, 'Let's get Retarded' for the first song?" She nodded her head with a bit of a sheepish look... Only in Idaho.

On a side note, the Adults of Colefax, at least the ones with special needs could boogie up a storm. It was a great night, and they loved to dance to Grease Lightning, the Metro's Shake IT, and a little 'Who let the Dogs Out'. Loved the Jams.

What will become of me, How am I getting to Spokane.

i remember my New Years 1999 turning to 2000. i was a missionary in Washington DC, (you all know the story, got parasites in El Salvador, so i came back, felt the guilt of not finishing, decided to go back and finish etc.). Well, the day before this New Years we went to the market aka grocery store, and it was so crowded, the shelves were dwindling, people thought the world was ending (or at least computers were gonna crash, aka the world would end). Now flash foreward.

Yesterday I went to the market (aka Winco. the cheapest of all the grocery stores in Moscow, but you gotta bag your foods yourself--what a small price to pay for the cheapness) and it was so crowded. A snowy, Saturday night and super crowed. Also the shelves were bare (OK just the Vanilla Wafer shelve, but that is what I wanted, and granted only Vanilla Wafers original were gone, they had low fat but I didn't want those) and it reminded me of the urgency that the customers felt on the new years 2000, to stockpile. Everyones carts were full. At checkout, I asked the checkout girl, is it always like this? She said, before a storm people stock-pile food becuase they don't want to go out more than they need to, plus with Christmas coming they need to shop alot more. Well that made sense. Then she said, "Tommorrow we are supposed to get 14 inches". What??

I went to the bus depot, and she said sometimes the bus doesn't run if there is bad weather. And sometimes it just decides to be late. The bus leaves here at 2:30. My plan was to take it, and be to the Spokane Airport by 4:30. Plenty of time for my 6:00pm flight. But if weather is bad, I gotta drive my car... and park it for 3 weeks. YUCK. But those are my options, and the thing is that is half the reason I wanted to take the bus is to avoid driving on the bad winterized roads (mind you I haven't driven in snow since Ricks College, and I hit another car in my Cadilac, 'grey hawk", now I have my Element, and I don't want history to repeat itself....

I suppose I am just overly concerned, and heres the last concern... What if the flights are cancelled because the snow in Spokane, then I am there with a car (and it is horrible conditions) or without (i drove the bus) and then what? I just campout in the Spokane Airport. AZ we always knew our flights and drives to the airport would be fine, regarless of the the conditions. I miss those carefree days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not the last christmas I will spend alone.

Every Holiday or meaningful event I used to try and enjoy because "this might be the last time I have a _______(insert holiday) as a single", Blar. Those people who i grew up with aka experienced the wonders of being a twenty something in AZ know exactly what i am talking about. I remember new years with the girls, and we would say, "we gotta get out there and make it happen because this is probably the last time we will be single, so we gotta be crazy and kiss all the boys".

Long Pause.

Everyone I used to know, party with, whatever... they all had their last Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, Easters, Spring Break, Ski Trip, Road trips and Summer of loves 200_'s, and you know, they all got to enjoy their last Halloween with that urgency, or drive in their heart that this might be their last, so they had to live it up. Now flash foreward to this cold night in Idaho...I realized, I stopped saying, "this might be my last....", hell i have even stopped thinking it. And right now, I just wish I still had the optimism to say, or at least think, "this is probably my last
Christmas/New Years not married, so I better live it up...."

It was probably a silly thing to say, but what i loved about it, is that it made us or at least me try to live it up, just a little more. To put it all on the line, don't hold back, live every moment, Be a little funnier, crazier, feel a littel sexier, flirt a little more, what have you. I miss that urgency of anything can happen. I guess I still gotta remind myself, anything can still happen. So this year, i better live it up...because you never know, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

LATE in the MORNING...or early. It doesn't matter, by 11, i am free.

Well tonight is my first allnighter. I gotta say, I have spent a good 11 hours+ on my cheat sheet. It is a goody too. All my rules upon it. I have my last final at 8 am. I couldn't sleep very well before the last 2 finals, so i decided what is the point i won't even try. Anyways, tomorrow will be full of stress and release. So i am excited. What does a girl do after her first semester finals are over. I have plans of getting my bus ticket to Spokane for Sunday, going to see Twilight again, dinners with whoever is in town, a little Law and Order for good measure, and clean the bathroom. I get a new roomate, and hence will not have my own bathroom, and now gotta keep that thing clean. Alright, the next post will be a bit better. But I didn't quit, and that is what is important.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hard to Explain...

My good friend and classmate Dru said that he has not worked so hard at one thing since his mission. I could easily agree. It is strange to work so hard at something, to put in so much time, so much effort, dare i say so much heart. And then to know that there is a huge possibility that i won't do so great. Not because i didn't learn it, but because maybe others learned it better, maybe they are better writers, maybe i just don't type fast enough. But i have only one more test to take. And then the long waiting game till late January when i get the news. How i did, and how the rest of them did. And yes i am working that hard.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the death of a mac

My mac book died today. But do not shed tears for my loss. I bought a new mac book over thanksgiving because of inspiration. So i had all my files and music all transferred over. Guess what, it is a law school miracle. You have no idea how valuable some of those documents are to me. Honestly, my old computer's disk drive is jacked so it can't read disks, ( i heard there is a way to possibly dr. it with a disc- so that option is out). So at this point my options are to sell the old girl for parts. But guess what, she has had some good times, i chatted with all my online boyfriends on that thing, I played facebook poker, i blogged, i dj'd, I watched movies on the way to Alaska, and Utah, I kept and edited some good photos, I wooted, I kept my docs, including some plans (finalized typed versions are the most important, rather than the lists in the notebooks) and I googled my little heart out. Tis the season for a law school miracle. I hope the next miracle is manifested as A's in the next 3 tests. The first one was a bit rough (tears were shed, and i won't know my grades for about 6 weeks- tis the life of a law student). 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Interview with myself (yeah being a law studnet makes you a little crazy)

Q:What do i want now more than anything?
A:To do so well on my finals so that all the hard work i have put in was worth it.

Q: What class do you think you are going to do the best in?
A: Property for sure, and then Torts. Civil Procedure has got me worried.

Q: If you could change one thing from this semester what would you do differently?
A: I wish I would have stuck with my workout plan, also I would have kept more organized notes.

Q: How many hours a day do you spend prepping for finals?
A: About 12 to 14 a day, but i check my facebook and gmail alot so I don't know if it is a pure 14.

Q: What are you going to do next Friday when you are completely done?
A: I am going to Spokane to go Christmas shopping, go see Twilight again, eat at Red Robin, and start blogging again....I might just take a nap.

Q: Are you glad you decided to go to law school?
A: Honestly, I wish I would have started earlier, it would have been sweet to have been a lawyer for five years already, but that is my only regret....I am glad and excited to learn more, and to be a District Attorney someday, and then a judge, and maybe a professor, maybe.

I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of me while I made my law school dreams come true. First, my mom is the best support, she takes care of all the matters that come through to the mail in Mesa, helps show my condo to prospective renters, and is just overall so helpful. My sister Rita, who is always good at telling me what is going on, inspires me not to give up on my "mom" dreams, and is great at sending me pics and videos of Olivia. My best friend in Moscow, Pleasy, who is so positive, and lets me vent, and talk out all my insecurities, and Property Revelations, and goes to Dairy Queen, and China Buffet with me between classes. To my friend AJ, who gave me some flash cards to study, they are a fantastic help. To all the bloggers and facebookers, who keep it updated, so I have somewhere to look, when I need a study break.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Three Weeks of Hell, Three Weeks till Freedom...

Ok guys its on... Finals start in 8 days, and then go strong for 2 weeks. I know I have been neglecting the blog. Not for lack of love for all my friends and family, but because i honestly have nothing to share. And for the next three weeks, unless there is a supersceding event, which causes my life to change, i gotta tell you I know exactly where i will be. In the library studying. So send your positive, smart, good vibes or prayers this way, because man the competitiveness is just running through my veins, and i need a little outside help.

I went home for thanksgiving, and got to see Amy and Mitch get married, got to make Olivia laugh and cry, hung out with my family, went to Twilight, got a cold sore which totally foiled my plan of hooking up with a few Mesa dudes (lol), those pesky, cold sores always seeem to foil my plans..., studied alot in my old bedroom, ate tangerines out of the orchards, got my hair did, and my eyebrows waxed, studied, hung out with Rusty old school style (we went to the D.I. to find me an amp case aka an orange suitcase) and Ran the Turkey Trot in 65:22.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

All torn up and the pain lives on....

I played powder puff with the law school. I gotta say, I love football. I had never played it and it is an awesome game. My team was not the best, and even though I made some touchdowns I wasn't the best...but I do win for skidding my knees and elbows on the fake grass aka astro-turf, more times than anyone else. I suppose, it is all my training in Volleyball and Softball. I believe you slide, you dive, you sacrifice your body. Well I did sacrifice, and the pain is living on, some 5 weeks later.

I am going to be an old woman now, and tell you about my hurts. Oh yeah, this was all on my 31st birthday, so I had to give it my all, and show the world, I still had it.

1. my thumb got jammed, and still hurts all the time.
2. my knees are still sore, more than that dreadfully painfully sore when ever I put pressure on them.
3. I cannot lift one arm all the way up, with out pain shooting through it.
4. I got some blisters(but those are gone though, i just wanted to complain more).

So here is the evidence....

Johnatons Birthday Dinner...

Dru and Melissa have had me over to dinner more than a few times. It is always wonderful(I would say that even if Melissa didn't read my blog-but thanks girl). And so I decided to cook them dinner. When I invited Pleasy, she said, "Oh that is Johns Birthday, we were gonna maybe take him out to dinner". So I said, "How bout we have John over for Birthday dinner, and invite all our friends too". This was all discussed at a meeting in the law school for who knows what (we go to so many), I asked John, if he had plans, if he wanted to come, etc. He said, sure. I decided after much soul searching, I would cook Chili, cornbread and have a potato bar with all the fixings. I invited all our friends, John started invited people too and soon enough we had a pretty good sized guest list... So without further ado, I am using this post to introduce you to our law school posse more or less...

John, Pleasy and Michelle... see how happy everyone looks eating the chili

This is me cooking onions for the chili, for some reason because I wasn't wearing my contacts, my eyes were super sensitive and I couldn't stop crying.
Don, John, Chase, Bonnie and Amanda... enjoying the chili.
Dru and Melissa...the only married people cool enough to hang out with us.
Katie and Gavin.... ( I had a crush on this boy for the first few weeks, it died but the friendship lives on).

Friday, November 7, 2008

How it went down....

About 3 months ago, i met Ron, he was attractive, and quickly he let me know he was married... Ron was the DJ at the law school opening social. I made small talk, like i do with all DJ's I meet, basically i wanted to find out about the market here, if he ever couldn't do a job, if he would send it my way, etc. Ron and I exchanged info. and sure enough a few weeks ago it finally paid off. Ron had referred me to a Elementary PTO, for the family fun night.

There was only ONE problem (so I thought), I didn't have lighting and a disco ball, they wanted those. So Ron, being super cool, let me borrow his. After trying to arrange a time, and having the school PTO president and I, exchange about 15 emails pressuring me to get the lighting, it was secured.

Then, a few nights before the dance I was setting up my equipment, and realized that i was missing an amplifier, a 900 dollar, 50 pound amplifier. I was screwed. I am in the middle of nowhere Idaho. I had promised to do this job on the cheap, renting would be expensive, if even possible. I sent an email to the PTO pres. explaining the senario, that I would try to secure a new amp. but it might be a impossible. A few hours later, after emailing Ron (the light and refrence man) Ron responded saying he had an amp I could use. Thanks to him, i could email the PTO and not be so stressed.

Flash to Tonight, today at 4 i showed up to the school, set up all my equipment, everything was going great. Except the amp. I got was making a buzzing noise, and the cooling fan in the amp. wasn't spinning. Needless to say, the amp. heated up, the music stopped. I called Ron, thank goodness he answered and told me what to do. The amp. cooled down, it worked for 2 more songs then shut off. At this point imagine my position. I have PTO woman coming up, asking me what is wrong, I have a PTO pres. come with an ipod and a doc. to play a bit of music. Ron is called again. He shows up with another amp. IT doesn't work. He has brought some power speakers, basically they don't need an amp.... they work.

For the first 30 minutes, we had music. For the next 35 Ipod and a bit of mine when the amp. would cool. 1 hour and 55 minutes, power speaker... All i had was 2 CD's of music, my friend Kellle (a fifth grade teacher, who is a friend of mine, and was so great to send me this music). My computer wouldn't work, so I had to just work with the music on these CDs and guess what the kids loved the music.

My best friend Pleasy showed up, and was super supportive, she is always so positive and full of good ideas. So she was like, go out and dance with the kids, so I taught them the electric slide. I made up competitions, like "for this dance, all you can do is move your arms and head" or when I played a happy feat song, "dance liek a penguin".It was hillarious.

The PTO said, all the parents were really happy because the kids had so much fun, being was a good time, and turned out awesome. They even said that they wanted me to do some other upcoming events in the Spring. It really could have been sooo much worse.

So thanks Ron, thanks Pleasy, thanks Sunny Side Elementary, and thanks PTO for your forgiveness and understanding.

and that is how it all went down.


it is friday again...
Here is what I got
1. a study group after class
2. setting up my dj stuff (and lights I borrowed) at the Pullman Elementary School.
3. DJing for 3 hours...Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide, etc.
4. Dinner with Pals
5. Don and Nicoles Birthday Party
6. Writing my Final Paper all day Saturday.
7. Babysitting Mellissa and Dru's kids so they can go out Sat. Night.
8. cleaning my room.
9. Finish Listening to the CDs about how to take the law essay exam
10. Wash the Element(it's been months)
11. write 5 super cool blogs...from now (this one doesn't count, untill Sunday at 11:59 pm).

and as always, the revolving someone special, win lots on Facebook Poker, be rawsome...etc. etc.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

MOSCOW...not the best place for a littel human contact.

I got a massage at the massage school, and it wasn't that great. I guess i have been spoiled by all the great therapists i have had in my life. And I consider myself quite an expert, i myself being a massage school dropout. I honed my skills at ricks college, added upon them all through 10+ years in single ward sacraments, etc. etc. So I have become an angel of death for the Moscow Massage School, telling everyone, "don't go, they can't even touch your neck cause they don't know how yet, and there is no really working out the knotts and kinks in the shoulders, just fluffy, granny stuff".

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I think I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I just got booked to do an Elementary School Dance/Party ages K-5 and I need help with the play list. If your kids are in this age realm, and there are super cool songs, that most kids in this age realm love (I don't know them), fill me in. All I can think of is The ChaCha Slide, girls just want to have fun, that Smash Mouth Song, "Hey there your an All-Star", Boot Scootin Boogie, and the soundtrack from Senior Year H.S. Musical, as you can tell I don't have much. So let me in on what the kids these days like. PLEASE, PLEASE!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So 8 or 9 weeks down, 6 weeks till finals and then home for Christmas in 8 weeks. I will be going home for Amy and Mitch's Wedding (cannot wait, thanks for making me the happiest girl, I get to keep my good guy friend, because he is marrying my best girl friend, usually when the dude gets married, he is gone forever), and then staying for Thanksgiving. So, here is whats up. I do study a lot, mixed in with a bit of checking the facebook, and on the weekends playing facebook poker, but that all has to cease. I am full speed ahead, 6 weeks to bust my ass, to make sure I do well on those final exams. So far so good I think. I have gained 10 pounds, but have new commitments to rawsome and fasting (we will see) and also I have given up TV for the next 8 weeks. You all know I am a girl with the plans, we just gotta work on the followthrough. NO Dates, and I have realized that I have become a hater. I hate on everything, constantly asking Pleasy or Beth, "who annoys you the most in our Prop. class" or I will say "that girl is too spiritual in church, and she talks with an arrogance". I got a serious attitude problem and I hate on almost everything. So that is my last virture i am trying to cub. The best part of this weekend. I got to baby sit for the married students parenting class. I am great with kids. 2nd best, so my house has a backyard hot tub, that is right, I can study then soak it up. And like always, the timing is off. Not a dude in sight to get cozy in the jaccuzzi with. So be it. One more thing. I have decided I am going to wear my glasses until my goal weight is achieved ( i can't afford contacts). So there you have it, all is well, I am still hoping, planning, studying, stressing and playing in the law school dodge ball tourney. WOO DOGGIES!!!

7 weird things about my body, a tag (Thanks Mellissa)

1. Jimmy and I , had 2 of the reported 3 cases of whooping cough in the Valley in 1992. I coughed/whooped all through my 9th grade year, sometimes i would cover my mouth, sometimes I wouldn't. 
2. I broke my finger in the Lehi Days Rodeo, Spiral Fracture...
3. I have had more boogies in Idaho than in my whole life, I think I am alergic to all the wheat they grow up here, or the dog in my house. 
4. I don't have a mustache like some other woman, not to say i am a hairless wonder or anything, just that the molester stache is not my problem. 
5. I used to have 2 hairs that would grow out of my chin, but i plucked them so many times, i got none. 
6. I do have the longest fingers of any woman on the planet, and longest toes...they have been compared to E.T.'s fingers. 
7. I got my first grey hair on my mission, it was a streak in the back of say 100 hairs, now it is disappeared, I think, but i can't be sure because I dye my hair. (So i guess it could still be there). 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Holding out for a hero

I am tired. It has been a long week, here in Law and Order Land. Pleasey (my new Best Pal) and I decided that we want to be smarter. So we attend all these extra speakers, conferences, meetings and other events, to learn as much as we can. I do get tired, a bit burned out and overwhelmed. But all in all things are going super well. I have so much to accomplish this weekend, papers to write, library research, cases to brief and textbooks to read. Time seems to be flying by. I have already been 31 for almost 20 days...Woo Doggies. Idaho is getting colder, and sometimes in the early morning their is even frost on my windshield. I am not looking forward to the long, cold, dark winter. I decided that choosing to come to Idaho (a decision i struggled with) was a great one. I have made friends, have learned alot, and am surprisingly happy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Super failed the "How to Read Rivers and Whitewater" Final. Shoot. It's not that the class was hard, i just was a dummy for signing up for something when I have no time. Oh well. 

Had a date, he took me to an orchestra concert and to the Pita Pit. I still got it. Got what you ask? The ability to only want what I can't have. Still got that. The ability to find things I don't like about someone before I even know them. Yeah still got that. The ability to wish I would have married Steve or Reggie or Daren or Johny or any of the "ones that got away." Always and forever I will have that. Yet on these dates I wish I could focus on the task at hand. It seemed like all through the Orchestra concert I would be thinking, "I wish I was studying right now, or I will never get married anyways...or why am i sitting here listening to orchestra music, that I HATE? 

The funny thing is I had wanted this person to ask me out. Had gotten a pit of jealousy in my stomach as he chatted with other women. Had looked in his eyes and thought, "yeah those are beautiful", had wanted his attention. Then... just like always. I didn't want it anymore. I mean it is OK for me to change my mind. Yet I suppose, I need to be grateful I do have dates once in awhile. I guess I need to be more gracious. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forever JOdi...

How to read Rivers and Whitewater or REC 233 is almost over.. I just have the final. We had a packet due which had some interesting assignments(143/160, one of the lowest grades in the class). I am going to post one of the assignments that was in the packet. It is our river story, a non-fiction piece explaining an adventure we had on the river. You know me, I couldn't just write about rivers, i had to throw in the human element. I hope you get the impression, that i worked on these very late at night. I had no intention of putting this on my blog, but I wrote it, and the blog needs some new life blood.

My River Story
By Jodiane Goodman
June 2007

My first kayak loving boyfriend, was determined I would be a kayaker. So I bought myself a boat, and set out to prove I had the makings of an amazing kayaker, the pressure was on. We headed to the upper Truckee, outside Reno. I had a couple of pool sesions, they had not been too promising. Yet the river was running low, and I had a desire to prove that I had the zeal and natural ability to be a great kayaker.

I wasn’t very good, and I got cold and my kayak kept scraping the rocks. Even though most of the time there was barely enough c.f.s to keep me moving forward, ever so often there would be a drop off. For some reason my kayak would get turned around, and I would go off the drop-offs backwards. He warned me about it, told me to stop it. I just thought it was funny.

Some of the parts of the river got a bit wilder, as it narrowed. I was a little nervous. My stomach jumped a few times as the river sent me flying ever which way. I would get too far ahead, and he would yell for me to slow down. I didn’t know about the eddy or how to use it. So I would just stop paddling and hope he would catch up. I didn't realize how dangerous rivers could be. I did realize that I surely did not have the grace or natural abilities that I had hoped for, but I had a lot of spunk and determination. He interpreted my zeal as carelessness. Ever so often there would be a new drop off. I kept going over them backwards.

Then I came upon a drop-off that was much steeper than the others. Immediately I was in a hole. The seconds drug on. I couldn’t breathe. I was upside down. I couldn’t role. My kayak was stuck between two rocks. I grabbed onto one, got a quick breath and was immediately under the water again. My fingers lost traction with the rock, more seconds slowly passed. I was gonna die. And then it hit me, the words of salvation, “WET EXIT”. I did it. The swim to the rocks was painful. My knees were rubbed raw from the rocks. He had to chase my kayak, chase my paddle. He even got out the yellow rescue rope. It was a bit dramatic. He was angry I hadn't listened. I didn’t like being wet, I didn't like kayaking that much, but i thought if this is what it takes to win his heart, I will do it. If this is what it takes to prove my devotion, I will be wet and cold and almost die.

We didn’t last too long. As I was leaving he said, “I can sell your kayak for you, send you the money”. I said “hell no”, I was going to be a kayaker for myself, not for him. I would learn to love it. I had spent over 2000 dollars on the gear and boat. So I did what any prideful, Arizona girl, with no running rivers for miles, who just got dumped by her kayak loving boyfriend and now had a bunch of kayaking stuff with nowhere to use it would do, I joined the ASU Kayak Club. I learned to roll. I learned to paddle. I learned a bow draw and I even look dang cute in my dry top and helmet and spary skirt. I can honestly say I enjoy kayaking, and because of my hard work (not natural ability) I am getting better at it. So bring on the adventures... bring on the wet, cold, body breaking, mind numbing, scary pain.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok, not that great of a blogger i know...i get it

12 great questions...
1. How can they kill off my favorite CSI... RIP. 
2. How come Nights of Rodanthe was painful to watch, was it the chemistry or lack of?
3. How come I get lazy on Sunday Nights and just want to blog stalk, check emails, read post secret and upload photos on facebook?
4. Why was the potluck at Break the fast the nastiest noodle dishes of all time?
5. Why am I thirty-one and still get to listen to the "no dates after midnight,no french kissing,no back rub, etc. sunday school lesson?
6. Why do I think, "yeah but I am the exception because i am 31 and then the paper with the "dating rules" says, "YOU ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION", like the paper read my mind?
7. Why did I wait till right now to finish my paper, and i still have no motivation to do it (hence the blog)?
8. When will the USA pay off their debt?
9. When will my mom have her own facebook account?
10. Who is going to be the next president? I got my hunches. 
11. Who is going to be in the top ten of my class? I got my hunches. 
12. Will I get Idaho residency? (I think I gotta marry an idaho man to make this one happen)

I know my blogs are lame right now. I am super tired, stressed, lazy, just insert an adjective and that is me right now. I don't want to date about my dating life, like i always used to b/c guess what, super non-existent. But somehow i have lost my creative mind, when it comes to blogging. Be patient, it will return, i just need a bit of inspiration or more time. Anyways, stand will get better i promise. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brilliant Disguise

He is one of my favorites. I am not sure if this was playing on pillow talk on my clock radio all those many years ago...but somehow this song got into my soul. Hope yours too

Hey Everyone, I promise this is the last list before I do a real post.. this weekend, full of pics and other goodnessess.

1. I am 31 now (like a fine whine, i just keep getting better with time)
2. found out my best friends are getting married (congrats AK and Mitch)
3.played Powder Puff, made 3 touchdowns, scraped my knees and elbows raw (astro turf)
4.saw Eagle Eye (with Plessy, after the bonfire, and the Law School Party) flowers from a man with a handle bar mustache (what a sweetie, it was for my BDAY)
6.watched a little CSI (and Law, and Without a Trace, but just a little)
7.took a Civil Procedure Midterm (it didn't count, but i have a long way to go)
 8.tried to be rawsome (but what does try mean anyways)
9.went to Gravity Group 3x (that is a workout class, it kicks my butt)
 10.ate french fries with fry sauce (and a steak sandwich...about 4990 calories)
11.watched a little Olivia TV(thanks Rita for sending the cell phone videos, thanks IChat for  keeping me connected (can't wait till Thanksgiving to chill with my niece for reas)
12. I took some more before pics (i got a whole set of those, and no afters...Damn)
 13.found a renter for my condo(thanks Angela and Lehi 4th ward group email) 9 new facebook friends(and each one is special to me...all 308 of my pals are, yes i know them all personally, i am just that cool)
15.made 48,ooo dollars at facebook poker, lost it all, got back 24,000 ( i am sort of addicted)
16.went to a meeting on imigration (i live in AZ, and vaca. in RockyPointe (this is my forte)
17.decided to audit all my non-law classes (what was I thinking anyways, this is law school)
18.listened to Bruce Springstein (he is the best, that brilliant disguise, oh the power)
19.decided to be friends with a girl i was close to despising (sometimes people are just long winded but you got to say, "i will be friends with you anyways")
20.had a heart to heart with my new friend, who was born and raised in REXBURG ID USA (we had a meeting of the minds, I love being big sister while my own brothers are far away) some legal advice on the current AZ Condo/leaking roof/Hoa situation i am dealing with (pray you don't have problems, where 3 entities are involved, and you are 1500 miles away, and it sucks)
22. watched the presidential debates (i am afraid)
23. wrote and rewrote a legal research paper(we all had to don't worry, i can write)
24. Ordered Pizza for my own birthday party (64.oo wow)
25. missed my family and friends (they are awesome, thanks parents for all your help)
26. listened to an alternative energy speech (decided i want to be smarter)

* I love being 31, everyone called and said, "are you Ok", like 31 is cancer or a broken heart. I said, 31 is easy... and I couldn't be happier. My thirties have been so good, so far. So thanks for your concern, but I am in good spirits, good health and have a good attitude. XOXO. 

**to all the haters I know the difference between whine and wine (number 1), If I spelled anything else wrong, yeah I didn't mean to.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have made some good friends here in Moscow already. Some of my favorites are Dru and Melissa. Dru is my law school mate, and Melissa is his wife. Anyways, Melissa tagged me in her blog, and I need to reveal 6 quirks.... Ready

1. I am an obsessive, compulsive planner. I have everything planned out in notebooks. I have my days, weeks, years, 10 years, and the next 90 years planned out. I plan on living to 120, and I need to make all the time matter. I am constantly redoing my plans and adding more to them. I have financial plans, travel plans, naming my kids plans, work out plans, rawsome plans, novels i will write plans, etc.

2. I will say "shhh" to people like I am the boss of them or something. It was the worst when I was a teacher, because in class I got to be in control. So I would say "shhh" or "simmer" when ever i wanted, this doesn't go over when it's my dad I am shushing. 

3. I have always bad posture, so to counteract it I do this both hand behind my back, lock fingers stretch. If you have been in my presence you have seen it. I also, crack my neck, my fingers and do other stretches in public (nothing too odd, i hope). 

4. I love, love, love Law and Order. I sometimes think I have an advantage over the other law students because I have watched soooo much L and O. Maybe. 

5. I have a sexy look, I do whenever i put on makeup or am getting my hair done. My hair girl Vanessa will always say, "ok Jodi, go ahead and do your sexy look, i know you are going to anyways". LOL. This took a lot of practice staring at the mirror when I was in my pre-teen and teen years. I also remember doing this look, when I had gotten braids in my hair, and Jamie was driving the bus, and I was the passenger, and she totally called me out on the sexy look. It probably isn't even sexy. 

6. I laugh loud in public places. If something is funny I will laugh. This is most obvious in movies, where I sometimes am the only one laughing and I am not shy about it. I have myself been shushed because of loud laughter, I hate being shushed, it makes me laugh louder. 

I tag Jamie, Jill, Krystal and Cousin. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tonight I was young again....

Moscow, Pullman and Lewiston Institutes threw a big party tonight. It was called 'Singles Fest', and it was nothing short of amazing. Well I wish I would have taken lots of pics but I didn't. Here is what happened. Plessy (my new best friend) and I pull up to the church building. We make our way to the back of the parking lot and realize that a talent show/kareoke sing along is in full effect. We get some food, burgers, cheeto's and slushes (they had a slush machine like 7-11 used to). The entertainment was awesome, some creative song writing and expression was in full effect. Later the dance started, and i got a bit critical with the DJ. He was playing Country, Sheryl Crow, and unedited rap (yikes). Somehow I managed to make it through 3/4 of the 'Boot Scootin Boogie Ultimate Extended Remix (only in ID)', at some point in my life I learned that line dance, and then here in Idaho I finally felt inclined to use it. But the best part was awaiting me. About 20 minutes of techno....I found the weird eccentric circle, the boys who you are sure are gay, are the funnest to dance with to Techno. It was awesome, i think my law school posse was a little confused to see me let loose with the dancing kids, but hey it is who I am. Then we went to watch a movie. I felt young because a) I was dancing with young kids, and was vibing off their love of life. B) I laughed alot and made old school jokes, like I used to, it was fun. C) I flirted with reckless abandon with the Elders Quarum President (ok, i guess i have never done that before).

**I know on my last post I got a comment about forgetting about boys, and just focus on school. I suppose I opened myself up to it, if I sounded a little discouraged, those are simply the growing pains as I get used to my new life in MOSCOW, not the mecca of Mesa that I am used to). Of course I am focusing on school . The blog is what I do to express funny things that happen or the little things that are on my mind, when I don't have to think about school. I am studying the law more than I ever thought I could. For all my people out there, don't worry, I really do want a law degree, and am loving learning so much. If I wanted to only meet men(which I admit I do focus on, and maybe shoudn't so much, i get it), I would have stayed in Alaska, they are oh so plentiful there.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like an Old Lady....

Recently I noticed how many times people i randomly meet at or around the university ask, "Are you a student?" Like they are surprised. I was flirting with some guys at the gym and I thought things were going pretty dang good. I acted like I did not know how to use the machines, and they would come over and help me (isn't that what you are supposed to do if you are playing the damsel in distress role, hell at this point i'll try anything). After a couple of times, small talk insued and then they asked, with that inflection in their voice, "so you go to U of I?" and then when i answered in the affirmative I got, "really?" this is going to be a long 3 years, and I don't think that any amount or quality of anti-aging creme can make it any less painful.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love Rita...

here i am at one am in the law building, tired as a law student (who doesn't study in the day but runs around to change her address at the local bank, because she accidently mixed it up, so now a debit, credit and checks are heading to the wrong place. BLAR, who also has to orchestrate the viewing of her condo for someone who is 0ver 1000 miles away, and who needs someone to let her in, give her directions etc. etc) with other things on her plate should be. But on the good side, things are looking up for me... I am here, and I need to be here studying. 

But, i just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend and my only biological sister (didn't want to throw you under the bus Tamara). If you read my last post, I have to admit it is sort of creepy, but being that I wrote it at such a late hour, blog readers you cut me some slack. But Rita made one very short comment after that post. She said, "Please don't do a blog series about your loves". I couldn't stop laughing, I felt covered with sense and sensibility. My little sister always the logical voice cutting through my emotional ramblings. Her comment was short and simple, yet to the point. Which is the essence of Rita, she might not talk as much as me (or Sumo) but what she says is right on point. Her watchful eye has been helpful. Notice this time I did filter. The crazy idea to do a "jodi's past love blog series" was there, and yet I squashed it. So don't be a hater, be proud that your big sister is all grown up, and has learned to sensor, sometimes, maybe...well more than before. a roomate in the master of my AZ condo, done and done. The worst is using student loan monies for things you just don't want to use them for and paying part of the mortgage is not something I want to happen 3 weeks into the school year. 

PPS... I love law school, we had the 9th Circuit Court here yesterday, hearing oral arguments for 4 cases. It was awesome, and a first for U of I. Can I tell you, the judges were funny, and witty and knew the law backwards and forwards. I got a lot of work to do, but it is amazing to see the process of our legal system. Loved the whole day. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bittersweet - Big Head Todd and the Monsters

I love this song. This song reminds me of my first love. The one (of many) that got away. I was going to do this blog series, where I pick the great loves of my life and write a little synopsis about each chapter, and then put a YouTube song up, of the songs that are the soundtrack of that time period. As i got mid way through writing the post, I realized I couldn't tell the whole truth, and to me the whole truth is the most important part. Also, no one would love these but my friends, and they would probably be embarrassed for me, for posting things from so long ago. Also, if by chance the dude (or heaven help me, his wife) found the post, that wouldn't be too great/and i would probably get called out, and i hate that. Also, now that i am a law student, i gotta be careful about my blog (at least that sounds like a good idea). So if you have a few minutes, enjoy this song. I love it. And I promise no tributes. At least not tonight. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am missing my Rita, Sumo and Olivia. 
*I decided i have gained weight since quitting boxing (april) and eating so good in Alaska. So the before pics have been taken. Yeah not posting those. Sorry. 
*I went kayaking today with a school mate, he was a good teacher, and I did my first roll in a river. 
*I ate at my first Turkish food. I made lot's of friends from Turkey this summer, and as I was eating the spicy, garlic goodness, i thought of them. 
*I have started being really funny again. I might always be funny, but sometimes I am funnier than others. Something has changed and I am cracking myself up again. Thank Goodness. 
*People's relationships are on the fritz... and I am sort of glad I am not in a relationship right now (you read it correctly, I jodi am sort of OK with not having something going on in the loves department, it only took almost 31 years of life, a lot of books to read, and Idaho to get me here, we will see how long this feeling will last). 
*I went to the county fair up here, and saw some farm animals of different varieties. Interesting. 
*I saw the movie 'The Woman", YUCKERS.... i hated it with all my heart and soul. IT is painful to watch on so many levels, had poor acting, and was full of contradictory messages. 
*I am excited to donate plasma this week, let the 30 dollars per donation begin, returning to my roots I tell you. 
**Still Ok with not having a love interest right now... 

For Now. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

phill collins againts all odds

When I was 11 all my pre-teen dreams came true. I got a clock radio. Anyways, it was sweet. The best part was the radio station that played adult contemporary. The day jams were sweet. But when the sun went down, things really heated up. Adults would make dedications to their lovers. I couldn't wait till i had a lover to dedicate sweet 'slow dancing' songs to. Songs that my 11 year mind thought were the best were "Making Love out of Nothing at All" by Air Supply (the best love ballad of all time), "Hello" by Lionel Richie (Ruffus and I just called him L.R.), "Lady" by Kenny Rogers, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler and "Islands in the Stream" a duet by Kenny and Dolly. Those are just a few of the great ones that turned this gal into a sappy and idealistic romantic.

I recently realized I need to buy a clock radio, the cell phone just doesn't give me the assurance that I get from a clock radio. There is something comforting about the red numbers, telling you "girl 3 more hours till you gotta get your ace up for studies". This comfort is always there, but i think i just want a clock radio because it reminds me of a great time of life with a great soundtrack. Plus the music just sounds better coming from the wooden box (aka clock radio). I miss you late 80's and the love songs you gave me.

I have left a gift for all you love ballad junkies out there.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Called out....

I know i don't watch spelling on my blog, that is what makes me the sparkling success of a Jr. High English Teacher that I am (was if we're getting technical, i mean just taking a law school hiatus, then going right back to spreading my love of the English). Please everyone read the comments on my last post. I would never call someone out on their blog. But I wonder what you think? Is it alright to point out spelling mistakes? Hell, maybe you have all been holding out for someone to correct me. Just tell me your thoughts. I mean maybe we need a manual for blog manners, who knows? Maybe a blog manual wouldn't be needed if I used a dictionary. But I like saying 'damn' more than 'dam', i just don't like to be called out. Now back to my law studies. God Bless.

A damn picture and good news.

A Damn Picture
A few weeks ago i got to caravan with my cousins and their parents(aka my aunt and uncle) to SLC. Then I headed up to Idaho as a lone wolf. Here is Jodi, Logan and Talmadge at the Glenn Canyon Damn. I like this picture, i guess cause i love this marker. It always meant i was half way to Utah or half way home. Oh yeah, this is my favorite outfit and thanks for the purse Monique. I feel like a classy lady whenever I sport it.

Good News....
1. I like reading cases, i feel like my days are filled with mini Law and Order (my favorite show) drama's. Everycase has something interesting going on.

2. My Roof has a leak in it, in my AZ condo. But the good news is the HOA is going to cover the damage or get the Roofing company to fix it (it was reroofed two weeks ago). I am trying to be positive and I hope that it will all be taken care of. It is scary when I am so far away and I cannot be there. But i have a very helpful family, especially mom who is helping tons. Thanks.

3. I got into the kayaking class and am taking "How to Read Rivers and WhiteWater Safety". They are both one credit. So I can finally make my kayaking dreams come true.

4. My Amazon books are all ariving, I have bought so many books but I need to use all the resources.

5. There is a plasma center here, and Moscow Public Schools is hiring part-time substitute bus drivers...looks like my destiny to drive and donate will never let me looose. I am waiting it out, but plasma donation did help make my Idaho Financial Freedom Dreams Come True 11 years ago at Ricks, maybe they can help me now. I'll blog it, if monies get too tight.

Thats the good (and sort of bad) news. I got an institue social on Friday, I have a sprint triathlon on Saturday and I only have 1000 days till the Bar Exam. Good Luck to all of us, keep trying to make your dreams come true.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day of Fun/Day of Agony...

What are 4 things you don't want to talk about, no I take that back.... listen to. Well I will tell you my top 4, ready as I set the stage.

The first thing I don't want to listen to, is two people discussing the ward members of a small town. I will say a combined total of 2.2 hours was spent of things like, "what is Jimmy Craiger up to? Is his daughter still smoking pot with the hockey team"? or "Old Man Bronson, did he ever get that matter with the tractors fixed, or did the Miller's get the best of him", how bout a little, "Margo Stevens, oh man she made the best fried chicken, maybe not the best in my whole mission, but definitely the best in eastern Spokane, wait Marie Taylor, now she could cook, the missionaries used to go crazy, if Marrie signed up, and her garden man it would grow some crazy corn on the cobs"... You think I am kidding. But alas, this type of conversations were mixed with Hunting Talk.

I don't get hunting. I don't get why killing things for sport is awesome. I don't get why you could just see something and want to shoot it. I mean sometimes when I was younger I used to see a hot guy and want to make out with him, but that is as far as my animal insticts took me. Hunting boggles my mind. I know it is sort of the cave man instict that has carried over, and that is fine, and I am not really judgemental, it's just 1.9 hours were spent talking about hunting. Hunting deer, moose, elk, etc.

Now I know better than everyone else that obsessiveness runs deep. I have been obsessed with my body (wanted it to be little, thats all), I have been obsessed with my singleness (wanted, still do a guarentee, that he will be cool and my fertility will still be intact when he shows up), my future (notebooks filled with 'plans'). I get it people, we are all obsessed with something, and yet I had to listen to someone elses obsessiveness creep into every conversation. This was a big kid mind you, 320 but solid and tall and not unattractive (when we met at church my mind did the questioning it always does when i meet someone new...."well jo (what i call myself) he is not your type at all, and yet there is a bit of possibility there, he is wearing cowboy boots, is that good or bad, wait, how old do you think he is, and oh yeah not your type at all, remeber you want someone who will go running with you, and this kid doesn't look like he likes to run. But he does have a cute gap tooth smile, and remember how we are trying to think outside the box, and not go with our insticts anymore, because all our insticts lead us to were the wrong men, so maybe we should start wanting what sort of isn't what we want, maybe?" Ok back to big kid, he talked about being bigger than everyone else all day long, and the big talk would get worked into the mission and hunting conversations, like "That guy the bishop's daughter in 3rd ward was dating, did he get bigger, because I was twice his size Jr. Year, but he was playing Lineback.... or "Yeah, I am the biggest guy from my hometown, the colleges recruited me, but I lost interest".

The last thing I had to listen to was non-stop country. Now i love me some country but non-stop please.

Besides the four things I didn't enjoy listening to, Hunting, Mission talk, Country Music, and talk about being big, I did catch 2 fishes and I was greatful to my Idaho cliche for taking me out with him and his friends for an adventure. I was also grateful to go pick a bunch of huckleberries and I was grateful that there are different types of people in the world.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Technology- A tribute.

This is the picture i took a year or so ago, on my mac for my one and only internet boyfriend. It doesn't even look like me.... sadly that is what he thought after meeting me in real life. LOL. 

Oh Technology. I am overwhelmed in a good way. I get to play facebook poker with old friends when i have nothing to do on my first weekend in Moscow(after the homework is done). I have people I haven't heard from in 10 years finding me via blog, and saying hello. I am having short conversations via facebook with chat with everyone from friends from the Single's Wards, to boys I liked in Jr. High, friends from Alaska, my mission, Ricks College, Teacher Pals, kids I ran CC with, etc. It really is a beautiful thing. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself we were not always so lucky to have such easy access to those we love, or may want to love someday (always gotta leave that door open). I love that I could be in some off the grid place in the middle of Alaska and if there was a break in the mountains I might just have service. I love that I can call anyone I love, at anytime and if they are not too busy or screening me, we can catch up. 

As we were going separate ways in SLC, my aunt (i had been carivanning with her and her family) gave me her Magellan GPS (not for keeps, but for awhile). Now I could navigate anywhere. It was such a huge help at getting me to Moscow. 

My best friend Paul and I were so excited about Napster, we would spend hours downloading free music. I remember how I used to donate plasma twice a week in Rexburg so that I could take that money and (after I had boughten Chinese food at Fong's for 4 dollars) go to Idaho Falls to buy 2 used CD's. I spent 2/3 of my plasma monies on music. Then in 2000 it just came alive to me. Music was free, we were all free, the world had never looked brighter. All of a sudden all those boot-leg PearJam downloads we had spent tons of money on, were now FREE. It simply blew our minds. Paul had a huge collection (Paul when i drive home for Christmas I am stopping in Twin to get some of that sweet music, i know you still must have) of Techno, Depeche Mode, and anything else that was Kick ASs. 

BLOGGING. Now it might be a fad, it might be a new way of life. But I like it. And I think just as I shouldn't be comparing my nose, or my chest size or my love life (or lack of sometimes) to what other woman have, I should not compare my blog either. It is what it is. Take it or leave it, read it or block it, comment or just shy away like you were never there. But my site meter shows me that I have a few readers daily... so if you don't give up on me, I won't give up on blogging about my never ending single hood, about the adventures I claim help me make my dreams come true, and I will keep out all the stuff I really want to say, but won't because I just might want to be a Politician or Judge someday. It could happen. 

Blog ON. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Super Excited.

Sarah Pallin was chosen by John McCain to be his running mate, as Vice-President candidate. I am super excited for this choice. Sarah is the Gov. of Alaska and has really cleaned up the corruption that was there for many years, also she has been very good with the budget and has tried to come up with solutions for the cost of energy crisis that Alaskan's are facing. On a personal note, she was a Vandal. That means she went to University of Idaho (where I am going). Good choice McCain. I feel very connected to this election, for the fact that John is from AZ, Sarah went to my school and is now gov. of my favorite bus driving state AK. McCain I feel like this choice might just give you a chance for presidential success.

Can't wait to see what happens.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obselete too quickly. Overwhelmed to Easily.

I never go to my myspace anymore.

I used to send out mass texts on a regular basis. It has been years except the most recent that said, "I am in agony, I am at the National Lentil Festival and I have cramps".

I am already tiring of blogs. Now I know you mothers and wives feel pressure to 'show off' how cute/great/fantastic/amazing/perfect your kids and husbands are. But I feel pressure to live my life to the fullest because I don't have what you have. I have this pressure to 'prove' that my life and the way I spend my time is valid/contributing/great stuff I can tell my kids and grandkids about/etc. Don't you all get tired of it. I know it is a great outlet, and it is fun to see where everyone is. But sometimes I just feel overwhelmed. I don't know if it is healthy to connect to a blog and instantly get a pretty painted picture of somebodies life, anybody.

I think facebook is gonna cause affairs. Or at least facilitate them. Mark my words something needs to be said(and it most likely will be in church). All of a sudden my whole graduating class is all on facebook and we are all of a sudden instantly connected to one another. I have heard that some of the people are messaging their ex boyfriends and girlfriends even though everyone is still married. Blar. I have to admit there are a few ex boyfriends that I am still in contact with, even if it is a harmless im ing once in awhile. I just am starting to feel overwhelmed with all the technology. At one point I decided to look online for friends/loves. Not the answer. I have so many passwords (for all my school, social, monies, payments accounts) and I keep getting pissed off when they don't work, and I got to admit, I forget them. And I am terrified of using the same one, so i always mix em up. I am addicted to facebook poker. It is an Alaskan adiction that I did when I was lonely. Facebook Poker and Zingers (a hostess snack). I try not to care about the Movie Stars, but Yahoo is my homepage and today there was a huge story on "Why Brittney Spears won't attend MTV's Music Awards" and "Madonna shows a video of McCain and Hitler in her recent concert and sings a song in the back ground". BLAR. And then my best friend Cameo read something online, about asking movie stars "Do you think the government should regulate how many kids people have?" And the whole article was movie stars' opinions. And this is the crap we are bombarded with. And it distracts me, it lures me in and it sickens me (both of the system and myself for being lured in).

There is this song from Pulp it is called 'Smile Like a Friend' and it says, "you take up my time, like some cheap magazine, when I could have been learnin something...oh well you know what I mean". And obviously he is talking about a woman. But here I am, at the crossroads... about to learn something but addicted to my time being taken up by distractions. Blar.

I hate it when stuff like this happens. I checked the button for expidited shipping and one out of the seven books I ordered has not arrived. 3 days after all the others. And all I want to do is give a negative review to that person. I am upset.

I hate (once again) that LDS Mingles, LDS singles, LDS linkup and an ex of mine (who is married, don't worry we are not talking on IM or facebook) started something called LDSzilla exist. I hate em. They bring no joy into my life and i have spent 105 dollars in my life time paying for that. 50 of it were from when I was having a fake profile picture and the rest for the real thing. What a waste of time and energy and self esteem (nothing like 49 year old men leaving you a smile and saying, "surprises come in unexpected packages, maybe we can discover each other" to make you want to throw up, and date 26 year olds you meet in real life).

But I do love pictures of Olivia, and I do like staying connected and I do like Facebook Poker, and I do like Wikepedia, and Woot, and Post Secret, and Amazon (when they send my books in a timely manner) and LDS meeting house locator.

Everything is gonna be OK.

2 Days and Going Strong

I have now attended all my classes. Anyways, after a rocky start (toying with the idea of packing it all up and heading out of town, basically calling it quits) I have now come to terms with my new status of law student.

I do need to get used to studying. But if i can put in the time, and get used to small town life everything will be good. I am hopeful that this will be a great fit for me. So far everyone has been very nice, including professors and other students. My house is nice. I get my own room and bathroom. The downside is that we have cable and I am still not strong enough to keep CSI and Law and Order off. We will see if I can get more disciplined.

I will post more sooner than later. Good Luck to Everyone as fall is coming with all her traditions. To all the long time mothers, I hope your kids had great first weeks of school, and that you are enjoying the more open days. To all the new mothers, I guess it is all the same to you, only now it won't be so hot. And To all of us barren for the time being, shoot.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here i am in Idaho. Again. You know, sometimes things sound cooler in theory than in real life. I am lonely. I think everyone in AZ (and the rest of the world) who stays put has something going. I mean they get it. Starting over is super hard. Now the advice that i have been given (to deal with the getting used to a new place) is to count my many blessings. Now you might think that i am over this boo hoo it sucks to move somewhere new (without a spouse-I believe with a significant other in place all things in life become easier, especially moving somewhere new). 

First things i want to tell you. I think I cheated at getting used to Alaska. And I know everyone was proud of me not coming home. You see I met my crush 3 hours after arriving there. It was a huge help and was almost not enough to keep me in place. If anyone knows me, they know that a crush is about the only thing that will get me over the somewhere new thing (think Steve Bigelow at Ricks, i cried everyday until we met after 10 days in Rexburg, that crush kept me tear free for months). I have been here in Idaho for 7 days, one whole week and i have 0 percent crushes. 

Next thing you need to know about Moscow. Today at church they had the best ice cream sundays ever. I was trying to fast so that I could learn to feel peace at being here, but the sundays looked too good. The best part was all the toppings were in glass food storage jars. Yes. There were more mens than women at the Singles Ward. And that is always good. But every Idaho cliche was in full force. In fact seeing 3 of the first year law students getting swarmed by 18 year old girls was classic. Was I a bit jealous the ward boys didn't swarm around me? Just a little. 

I play a lot of Facebook Poker now. In fact, I am on Facebook all the time, wanting to chat with my AZ and Alaska friends. Hence my loneliness/new place syndrome has lead me back online. I miss the one on ones i used to have with my pals. Someday soon, I will love this place. I will have crushes, or be too busy studying to care. I just wonder, 'couldn't I have squared a job as a teacher again?' 'Could I have gone the long haul as a seasonal employee, driving busses, giving tours, being a server in resorts?' and 'what the hell am I doing if my mormon dream is to be a mom, aren't i postponing any chances of that?' I guess sometimes we just get tired of the Big Mecca(about 24 singles wards) and head for the little mecca (3 singles wards that are about 100 people each). I guess sometimes we just do what sounds like a good idea at the time. I guess sometimes Moscow Idaho sounds good, although right now, the night before school starts, I do have my doubts. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm 30

I have found myself silently repeating these words "i'm thirty", as I walk through campus and am surrounded by Freshmen girls and boys. Being 30 in a small campus is not that bad. But let's all be honest. I entered the MTC almost 10 years ago. I attended Ricks the 2 years before that. And let's be honest and thank goodness a lot of things have changed. I am definitely nervous being here in school again. I have had 3 days of orientation and tomorrow I am a witness in a mock trial for the 3Ls I am the coroner. It should be interesting. In a few minutes I am getting prepped for my testimony. And so it begins. Being 30 will hopefully make me a better student. Hopefully a student that can be patient with the 18 year olds.

I wish I could be like Jenifer Garners character and repeat, "Thirty, Flirty and Thriving"... I tried to flirt with an attractive law student named Gavin, but he asked me how old I was immediately and then sort of began to ignore me. Is 5 years too much of an age gap. I suppose one man's 'goddess', is another man's 'those freshman girls are looking alot better than you right now'. Oh to be the 'goddess O' 30'

The Day After the above post-After speaking to my mom, she wanted me to clarify that there are no 18 year olds in law school. They are only found around the campus. Also, we all know that after the men i once loved married younger woman, i once found myself a bit bitter about it, and yes sadly would work that angst into the blog. Alas, those days are gone. I have come to terms with all of that. Also, i myself seem to be drawn to men 4 to 2 years younger than me, so honestly, who am i to judge? The purpose of this blog was simply to state that being on campus at 30 is a new experience.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello Mesa!!! Goodbye Mesa!!! I had a hello/goodbye party and it was great thanks to friends and family that I adore. I miss everyone.

Jeremy, Brad, AK, Mitch and Tamara enjoying the BBQ
Rita and Baby Olivia looking good
Brad and Jamie are expecting and Jodi is just happy they came to the fiesta
Olivia just chillin in her baby car seat/carrier and Jodi before tearing up when it was time for baby to go
The two most single ladies in Mesa. Jen you gotta go it alone now. Good luck finding something good here in the Southwest. I am off to check out the possiblilities in the Northwest. Anything can happen. 

Jimmy, Cousin Matt and Sumo taking charge of the BBQ. Thanks Guys the food was great!!

Anna and Scotty. Keep the loves going guys, you give us hope. 
Jill, Baby Jace and Monique. Momo you will be a law student soon, enjoy your freedom
Dave and Arianne enjoying the goodness of the party. These two make me happy, just look at them, they are having a good time. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing the Princess Life

But I guess I can be a princess anywhere in my heart. In the pics below, I am at the McClaren Summit, the Pipeline and in the Pipeline Parking lot. 

I am getting a little Alaska sick. I miss my Alaska scenery, especially the Denali Highway, the Pipeline and how good all of the drivers looked in their black slacks, blue shirts, grey vest and princess name tag. Honestly, I wasn't planning on missing my Alaskan Life. But I do. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meeting Olivia

Baby O just streching out and showing her belly.
"Who is this crazy lady?" We have just met and are getting aquainted
So Serious. But she was all smiles until the camera came out. what a beauty.

I have been an Aunt now for 3 months today. I have enjoyed all the texts and emailed pictures of baby Olivia. And yet, they could not do her justice. She is beautiful. She is an angel. I love my baby niece. She is so tiny and I love it when she cries, her little mouth will quiver and her huge eyes will well up and her whole body will turn bright red. I love it when she coos or tries to talk. It is the sweetest sound as baby is trying to tell us all the things she knows. I love it when she smiles. Simply perfect. Rita is so cute with her, and Sumo could not be prouder. I love there little family and am just regretful I will not be here to see Olivia change a bit every day. Just know Baby O, that Aunt Jodi loves you.

I am going to miss you Montley Crew

Karen (the fun driver who lives in the cabin hood that Ash and Joe live in), Jodi and Valerie (the sassy Virginia Tech. Student) hanging out in Talkeetna
Brody and Ashley. This is the night we used the coupons for the free dinners. Thanks Princess, you are so good to us. We get cruise pins, good free eats in Denali and Copper, good deals on hotels, and free eats at 3 of your lodges.
Dan gets rather serious at free dinner night. We had the worst server of all time. As you can tell this boy is not happy about it.
Ashley and her husband Jo. These two are my favorites. They live life to the fullest, hiking, getting tips, and just living life on their own terms (no full time, 9 to 5 employment. They gotta be free of the man). Very Fun Couple, good luck on Peace Corp Dreams.
We ran into Valerie and Karen at McKinley Lodge. We are having a fine dinner in Talketna. Very fun night with good friends.

My Summer.

Jenny Pear and I had an idea that if we named a summer, actually gave it a title, then it would live up to that name. If truth be told, that SUMMER OF LOVE 2000 brought me no loves. Not even a hand holding. Not withstanding the lack of fruitation of that summers title, and the fact that I am naming my summer once it is over... I would call this the 2008's Summer, The 'Summer of love, getting fatter, eating salmon, having no roof, reading Alaskan literature, listening to podcasts, getting shafted on tips, freezing in the cold, and hanging out with the Motley Crew.'

I am going to miss you Motley Crew. In fact I miss you already. Good Luck to everyone on all our post Princess/Alaska Hopes and Dreams.

Forty-Six Below Zero and still looking good.

Brody, Gene and Robert... getting ready for the cold
Jodi and Gene, getting close in the forty-below zero chamber
Brody and Jodi with the proofs showing 49 below zero... WOO DOGGIES
Looking Good with my bushy brown locks and the proofs it is 50 below zero.
Brody looking good, notice the bare arms... getting ready for Provo has never been sweeter

FYI... the tourism industry is in full effect in our own Fairbanks AK. If you don't believe me all i have to say is go there and there are old people everywhere... It sort of feels like a visit to Arizona's Sun City West. The thing we have in Fairbanks that they don't have in AZ is a forty-below zero chamber (oh yes it has a copy right). In order to keep the tourism monies flowing strong, they sent all of the bus drivers on a trip to Pioneer Park to check out the chamber.

For your money, 8 dollars exactly, you get unlimited (as long as you can stand it) time in the chamber. You get a cup of hot water you throw up in the air, and it turns to ice before it hits the ground. You get a banana that freezes and you can hammer a nail into wood using a banana as the hammer. You get bragging rights that you survived the chamber, etc. Basically if you don't get locked in there and die, it is a good deal. Even better cause it was free for me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On this Tuesday Night of August.

Why i loved today...

I got to drive the shuttle for 6 loops around Copper Center, got tipped 2 dollars and endulged in some salmon chowder (boughten by some guests for yours truly).

In one week i will home in AZ, in the hot desert sun, chilling with my family.

It was rainy and cold and then the sun came out (hopefully a metaphor for my love life).

I met some awesome travelers, who are all lovely in their own ways.

A little third grader, who is a bit special needs, keeps saying he needs my number so that I can be his lawyer someday (i love when the networking begins early or the

Tonight i watch Law and Order, Cold Case and Without a Trace.

In two days I will see X-Files the movie (yes, I have waited a long time for this).

Hanging out in the EDR with Bill (the 73 year old security guy who used to be a cop) I ended up making some life decisions (yes, I want to build a cabin in the Idaho Wilderness and I need to get a gun).

I had french toast, sausage, and a blueberry bagel for breakfast.... FANTASTIC.

I am sitting by the fire, surrounded by the tourists, and thinking it is time for law and order... also feeling a bit smug that i almost completed my summer in AK. I honestly cannot believe I made it (neither can Mitch, Sumo, Amy, Dan, my family or anyone who knows me well and my track record can believe i stuck it out Alaska, i am proud about that) for 3 and a half months.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Life of a Driver... Part 3 or 3

Driving a coach is just hard work, plain and simple. However, my time here in AK is winding down. I am here in Denali tonight. Tomorrow I start my final highway tour. I cannot wait to get out of this rainy state. It has been hard work, washing coaches, learning about Alaska, driving miles and hours on end, making small talk with tourists who want to ask me questions about wild flowers, wild life, and what is the weather gonna be like tomorrow. 

Hard Work I tell you.

11 days till I am home with my family, friends and internet boyfriends (Just kidding, I finally gave up on trying to find loves on ldsmingles and lds planet ... thanks to all my friends in AK who kept me busy here). I have a whole list of activities i need to get done in AZ. That includes restaurants, Last Chance visits and of course spending every spare moment with Olivia. 

It is gonna be Awesome (almost awesomer than being a driver in 'square'banks AK. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The life of a driver Part 2

Falling in love on the job.

did you know that 27 percent of the loves of my life were all bus drivers. Does that mean that 27 percent of the men i am attracted to have CDLs or is it that i fell in love with these men because we were in the same place at the same time? Or is it that I love a man in uniform.

This will be more of a reflective piece about the good times i have had as a bus driver. In fact let's go back to the beginning. I became a driver in order to chase loves. My best friend Shawn was a driver for Mesa Public Schools, and wanted me to meet a fellow co-worker named Louie. He said, the best way for that to happen is for me to get a job as a driver. It sounded good to me, so down I went to Broadway and Center Street to sign my self up to drive.

I became a driver, and met Louie, but loves did not happen. However later i fell in love with a driver named Reggie, traveled to Europe with Jeff, met the mechanics son Rusty rekindled a high school friendship with Reid and turned it into love, had 4 non-recipricated crushes and basically flirted with some football/soccer/band/orchestra/academic decathalon coaches (hey i drove for 3 and a half years).

Now, there is something about the stresses and joys of being a bus driver... that makes one want to fall in love. Now I am not the only one. My best friend Jamie had similar luck at love during her bus driver days. There is a certain closeness and respect that develops between all drivers. Sometimes that respect blossoms into a crush. To all the other peeps, who know that I speak the truth... just smile in your heart.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Life of a driver Part 1 of 3 (a series)

Bus drivers on the loose. We gotta go to the Fairbanks Princess Lodge and pick up people from Kansas and Omaha and England.

Princess drivers on the loose. WE gotta check the coach toilet to see if it is charged up. We gotta do a break test and wear a grey vest.

Don't forget your CRUISE pin... Courtesy Respect Unfailing in Service Excellence. Don't forget to smile and wave non-stop, even if they forget to tip you.

this started out as a song.... but it sucks. This is what drivers look like after a Riverboat Break, when it is time to take the peeps to down town lunch.

This was my dream to be a driver/guide in Alaska.Good Luck to everyone out there. What ever your dreams are, and remember sometimes you get what you want and you think, "why the hell did I want to do this in the first place".... just saying.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A small request....

Today after a long day of driving and a short stack of tip money (so what else is new, it's the economy right?) I called first my mom to check in with my biggest supporter, next called Jimmy. My brother who is always my very logical, clear headed and disciplined supporter. Spoke with Rita my little sister, mostly about baby Olivia and my driving route. I called all these family members not necessarily to vent about the short stack, but to somehow feel more like myself. It slowly worked.

Next I called Dan, my best friend here in AK yet, he was out with friends. So I decided to call an old pal Jamie. Her husband picked up, she was in the room, but tired, and we ended up chatting for a good hour. I like chatting with Brad. When I hang up I always feel a bit lifted, a bit better about myself. Brad and I talked about Blogs, and about married friends, and about our plans to make monies. Brad said, he wanted me to blog about what is going on here, about the adventures. And what makes me, The Born Again Barbie, Fantastic. Hmm.

This weekend was interesting. I ended up spending a bit of time with other drivers and employees down in Copper. A friend of mine and I were sitting next to each other during a poker game. At one point, he said, "man, it always begins so promising and ends up so bad"....I laughed and said, "just like my relationships". He said, "you just gotta love yourself first". I turned and said, "getting all Dr. Phill on me". He smiled and said, "just saying".

You know I have sort of got sucked into this bus driving thing, letting the bad aspects effect me, more then I should. When I joke about the tips being small, it's not that they are that bad, I just seem to be comparing myself to the other drivers. I question, "what am I doing wrong? why are so many getting off the coach without giving me a dime, when others rarely get stiffed?" And then because I am just a bit lonely and still out of my comfort zone... the money has become my only validation". How sick is that, letting my guests who don't even know me, who I will never interact with again, define how I feel about myself (even if just for a small time). And worse yet, have me question and over analyze my self. I guess it just comes back to the old Laurel lesson, 'Stop Comparing Yourself to Others'.

Basically comparing myself to the other drivers, to all of skinnier, younger, richer, luckier, ____er woman out there, to all my friends who have made there 'Families Can Be Forever' dreams come true, has caused me nothing but heartache, bitterness and self doubt. Now that is not what I am about. And I definitely do not want to stay here in Blar Land. So this is the "why Jodi is so great list" or in other words why I Love being Jodi.

1. I laugh too loud in movies but it is endearing.
2. If I loved you once, I will love you forever.
3. I got curly hair that is wild and unruly.
4. I have a great style, well I used to before my princess uniform. I will have great style again.
5. I still believe I will change this world for the good.
6. I can teach an amazing lesson on Adverbs and hyperbole.
7. I have attended single's ward for 10 years, Rick's college and have lived in Mesa Az and am still going strong.
8. No bus accidents in over 4+ years of combined CDL driving.
9. I have more endurance than anyone I know...just lack the discipline (working on it).
10. My eyes are pretty, my fingers are long, my smile is like a the joker, my nose is like my dad's, my eyebrows are too little, my toes are like long fingers and yet.... It all looks great together.
11. I am honest to a fault.
12. I am learning more about politics, and have strong opinions and love talking about the changes needed in our government.
13. I joined ASU kayak club, simply so that the 2000 dollars I spent on kayak equipment/clothing would not go to waste... now I enjoy it.
14. I see the good in people, and would never hurt, manipulate or use anyone (at least not purposely)
15. I can make friends with anyone, and my close friends are the coolest people in town (like attracts like).
16. I am the funniest person I know, and I love, love, love when other people get it. But if they don't it's ok, because I know it's true.
17. I am a really good kisser, and I love, love, love when they get that, but if they don't, it's ok, because I know it's true ( i have had lot's of different teachers...30 and never married will do that to you).
18. I can teach a dang powerful Sunday School lesson.
19. No one, gives a testimony with as much originality or heart, like I can.
20. I am going to be the best aunt in the world, well at least to Olivia i will be.

So that is it. That is the 'Why I love being Jodi' list. I feel better already. Sometimes, I just want me the universe and all of you to know, I honestly don't just feel sorry for myself. I really do love being me, and wouldn't trade places with anyone.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jodi in her Alaska Element...

One of my crazy friends on the driving circuit... doesn't my hair look cute and long?
This is me with my sweet coach #142. I love this baby. But notice the silver headband... i wear this every day with my princess uniform, bling and bling (silver bus and silver headbands equals tips galore)
This kid is Aaron. When I am on the highway we always stop at a lodge in Paxon, with this cutie greeting the bus. Usually bike tricks are in full effect.

Here I am with all the candy I got at the Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival Parade. I am pretty stoked to say the least... I love free treats.
Just on the deck of a whale watching excursion on the 4th of was a beautiful day but I was a little lonely, i miss family on July 4th.