Sunday, May 31, 2009

My new nephew Gibson James

Baby Gibson right after being born, i love that face.

This is my first nephew. And he is so great. I love his little face, he looks so peaceful. Jimmy says he is very chill. I can't believe my brother Jimmy and his lovely wife Tamara are parents to this little guy. I missed all the fun of watching Tee get bigger, talking about names, baby shower, taking her out to lunch to satisfy those cravings, and seeing this little guy soon after the birth. I am sorry I missed all the fun and have yet to see him. But i can't wait to meet him in July. Jimmy and Tee are going to be awesome parents. I love this new addition to two of my favorite people.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Faith Restored in Humanity...ou

People are pretty cool. My faith in Humanity has been restored (well i don't know if it was ever fully gone). Here are 3 super nice things that have been done for me. 

First, I needed the family law book for summer school. I bought it on Amazon from someone in Illinois. I paid the 7 dollars to get quicker shipping. However, that is by no means overnight shipping. Imagine my surprise when the book arrived on Tuesday (it had been Memorial Day weekend). And the girl had paid 14 dollars in shipping. I can't even handle how great that person is.... I have never heard of someone using their own money to have something shipped quicker to a stranger. Wow. Thanks Illinois Shipper. 
My roomate Missy separated some of her plants and then potted new plants for me. I love love plants, so it was really cool of her. Thanks Missy. 
I have always, wanted one of these. This is a Vintage clothing rack, and I found it right here in Moscow on Craigslist. There are two poles to hang clothes on... When I drove to see it, I loved it right away. But the Element didn't have the capacity, thus the people delivered it to my house for no extra charge (they had an Element too, but a truck also). I guess the point of the story is people with Element's have great taste and Thank you Craigslist Vintage Clothe Rack Sellers for delivering and parting with something so awesome. 

More Awesomeness has come this week... including a new nephew (my first nephew), no C's with these grades so far (no A's either), finding the best apartment for a good deal and great weather in Moscow. Don't get me wrong all is not perfect, but I am definitely aware and grateful for the good things I got going. 


Lets be honest. I don't like doing Service for other people...well it has to be on my terms and it has to be in small doses. Anyways, I sort of feel like being a Jr. High English Teacher for 3 years (lets just throw student teaching and subbing in there) sort of exempts me from having to serve anymore. Plus I served a mission which is basically served for 1.4 years of my life. Thats good enough, for at least 20 years or so...right?

So when the missionaries called, and said they wanted me to come with them to teach a discussion, i thought, "shoot, service...alright i can do that i guess." Anyways, the lesson went well. I taught again (it's been 10 years since i did any direct missionary work- we all want to think our righteous living examples are sufficient). After the lesson the sisters, asked me if I wanted them to help me pack up. I hadn't thought of asking them, or anyone (except Chase and Chip to help move the big stuff). So I guess they are coming over to help. I didn't expect help....but i will take it. 

Then later today, i was going to the Friday Night Activity... and everyone was driving away, I found out they were going to help a ward member move. I thought "alright...I guess i can give about 20 min. of my time, after all i was tired from working out, and if Louis is there, then i can appear to be all about service". However, showing off my "good service oriented heart" turned out to be a bigger sacrifice than I was hoping for. When we got there, none of this girls stuff was in boxes. Basically for 2 hours she had 12 Ward Members spending their Friday Nights putting her clothes in boxes, her dried flowers in boxes, her cherrios, toasters, bubbles, magnants, christmas lights in boxes. It wasn't that i was bugged, that she had really done nothing to start the move herself... I guess this is the third time she has done this, I was just surprised at everyone's willingness to help. I got tired after helping for 1 hour and drank water outside.

As I am beginning the big move to my new apartment, (its so awesome but hopefully has enough room for the DJ stuff, and kayak stuff and all my clothes and Law books). I am hoping to get a little help just with the big stuff I can't handle, and i suppose once you get help you gotta keep helping others. Shoot. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finals stressed me out/Goodbye Lunch with Adam and Sean (i promised them they would make it to the blog).

First, I was taking the pictures of my bangs after I cut them...probably too short, also this picture documents the stress I was having during finals..i got that Vivran stare going (for Starr and Cameo only to laugh at...well maybe AK too)

Second, Today was our second goodbye meal for Adam. Since everyone else is out of town, and Adam, Sean and I stayed for Civil Mediation (sean), Family Mediation (jodi) and Arbitration (adam) training...we have been spending more time than usual with each other. Probably also because we are no longer studying like crazy for finals. Anyways, Adam and I went on a bike ride to troy on Saturday. Then Saturday night, the three of us headed to Denny's. Then church, i guess the boys went camping without me on Sunday night (i am better in small doses) and then we had our final goodbye today. Adam is off to marry a girl from Arizona named Suzanna. I think she is just lovely, and can't wait to have a new person in our Sunday night dinner club. Anyways, i will miss the single Adam, he is hillarious. But i don't think humor dies with marriage, so hopefully he will still be a good time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today was the ever dreaded "Celestial Marriage" Lesson in Releif Society (the class that is only for woman, where we talk about the church doctrines that apply only to us as woman) aka "get your cry on, if you are still in the singles ward." There are 7 phases to the emotions one woman more mature in years feels as she is sitting in the celestial marriage lesson. Now these emotions can be felt by the 19 year old, who had her heart set on a marriage at 18, and is living day to day craving the marriage life, or they can be felt by the 40 year old who is taking classes at the local university and is still in the singles ward, who decided at 38 it was time to get on with it. The point is age doesn't matter, what matters is where the innermost desires of your heart are at, and how close to the surface these desires are. Anyways here are the 7 phases.

1. Annoyance- The teacher announces the substance/theme of the lesson will be "Celestial Marriage," all at once thoughts come up like, "not again, we talk about this all the time" or "yeah, i get it...i have gotten it since i was 11 that i needed to be married in the temple, telling me over and over isn't making that happen any faster."

2. Envy (with a bit of annoyance holding over)- This happens when the teacher turns to the few married girls (who are in the single R.S. because their husbands are in the bishoprics or something) to expound upon the blessings that they have received because of their marriages, and they go on and on, about how they never felt "whole" as a single, and how marriage is "the best thing that ever happened to them" and i am thinking, I want to be whole, and I want the best thing to ever happen to me, to happen. Shoot, I want what these girls got.

3. Reflection- I think back upon the opportunities i once had. I think "Why didn't I take the chance to marry that Darren, who was a good guy and would have treated me right. I was too busy chasing "Stan, the jerk who looked good, and made my stomach flip, but never even paid for a meal and told me i needed to be skinnier?" This reflection leads to guilt.

4. Guilt and Self Blame- Maybe I am getting what i deserve. Maybe this is all my fault. In all of these lessons, they are telling me that if I "do everything I can do, and am completely righteous" then all my mormon dreams will come true. I wasn't doing everything I could do. Shoot. And I didnt give Darren a chance. I deserve all my loneliness, i will die a lonely old woman, this is all my fault.

5. Church Blame- This church taught me since i was a little girl, I would get married. If they hadn't taught me that, I would have planned my life differently, instead of sticking around these Mormon Mecas I would have headed out to Portugal, Greece and Turkey to live the life, and see the world. I am sick of waiting around for something that is never gonna happen, and I am mad at the church for getting my hopes up for something that is never gonna happen, I could have lived in Nepal. Shoot.

6. Hope- Then my mind starts thinking, maybe there is still a chance. A glimmer of hope pokes it way through all the anger, blame and annoyance. First, someone in the class will tell a story about the old lady who was true to her beliefs and eventually some man (maybe an apostle) fell in love with her, and gave her what she had been waiting for, never mind that the child baring years were long gone, she finally got to get married, after all the long years of waiting. Then, I will think about my patriartical blessing...there's a little hope in there.

7. Acceptance- Then there will be a scripture or thought shared about "The Lords timetable is not ours" or the need for patience and then we are off again, thinking hopefully there is a good reason, that all our relationships have ended in failure, and that there must be something waiting for us in the future, afterall we chose this route, we did the best we could with the information we had at that time, and these are our choices, as grownups we have to live with them, and no one likes someone whiny anyways, so we better just buck up, and try to look cute, and hopefully one day we won't have to listen to these "Celestial Marriage" lessons as singles.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Squeaky Wheel.

My best friend AmyK, works with credit. I won't explain exactly what she does, because I don't know really. But I do know that when I didn't like my credit APRs, Amy said to call and ask for a lower rate, because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. 

When I was visiting Valerie in Florida, an issue came up that was not pleasing to her and she was immediately on the phone, taking care of business, in a voice and tone that I was impressed and a little bit scared by. She was confident and in control...getting her way, or at least attempting to because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. 

My friends have learned that in this world, to get what you want (or at least have a chance) you gotta speak up. I am learning that too, sometimes. 

I signed up for mediation, I was in the civil mediation class. Unknown to me at the time, this wasn't a good choice. However 1 day into the course and with a little question asking, I quickly realized it was relatively useless...because in order to mediate civil cases, one must have 5 years experience. So of corse, figuring this out a little late, I immediately wanted to drop the course. I went to the registrars and was told i would only get half of my tuition back, a loss of 567 dollars. Now, I was not happy about that, so decided to stick it out. However after I expressed my unhappiness with this "useless class to my immediate future" I was given the option to change to the Family mediation class. This was a great option and a great choice. With 60 hours of training, I will be able to mediate pro bono. I am absolutely excited about this. I am not supposed to mediate for friends, so if you get divorced don't call me. But in a few years and someone you know (who i don't know) is getting a divorce and wants to try mediation before litigation, send them my way. Or if they want to litigate, send them my way too. 2011. Sometimes a squeaky moment, gets you back rolling in the right direction. 

my roots...

Grandma G. is quite a sassy lady. She laughs too much, just like me (or how i used to) and she always wanted to get out and see more of the world, just to have a good time. She was a no nonsense school teacher, and now just chills at the house (and what a clean house it is)

My Grandpa G. is very old now. All the people he used to know, including all his siblings have been gone for awhile. I worry about him the most, because of his age. He used to teach Highschool and was the baseball coach. Lot's of people i meet used to be his students. He used to call me "jodi jump" and said I could be better at Volleyball than Karrie if I would just jump higher. He was a sealer in the temple, and I always wanted him to be the sealer when I got married, but now he is too old. *note: my grandparents Goodman are still happily married to each other.
These are my moms parents. When he saw her he said, "i am gonna marry that girl with the bushy hair" and so he did. I miss them. Grandpa has made the world more beautiful and productive by being an agronomist all over this planet. Grandma has shown a lot of strength as she has had to overcome a broken hip and a stalf infection. She has been a great example. They have served missions together, done humanitarian work and have been good to all those they meet. And I am so proud of their life together and love for each other.

These are my favorite people. They have a good time no matter what. They taught me right. And I respect both of them so much. I am glad they can finally be grandparents, and Dad can be the bishop. Both are such hardworkers, and it did take hardwork raising the 6 wild kids. My mom blogs sometimes 4 times aday, I think I have a little of that in me too. She is so positive and good to everyone she meets. Plus she is very beautiful (inside and out). My dad is the most honest man I know. He is not judgemental, and he keeps trying to get better all the time. I am proud of my roots.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

At my prettiest....

out of control eyebrows + onion cutting tears. 
So serious, pensive and intense...all in one moment. 
Cold sore lip...but still having a good time. 
lots of necks, and blob-like persona, but great eye contact. 

GEtting my monies worth....

I am an American.

If I order popcorn at the movie theater and i am on a diet...for 50 cents more I can go from Large to Extra-Large (and get a free refill) I might just get the Extra-Large because it is a value. No worry that my chubs are getting bigger, I want to get what i paid for. Hence the "Super-size" mentality.

I signed up for mediation class ( a 2 credit, one-week class) and then I decided I didn't like it. I didn't think it was worth it. It costs 565 a credit. By day 2 (before classes started for that day) i decided I wanted to withdraw and get my money back. But when i went to the registrars they said i could withdraw but only get half my money back. Blar. I decided the class wasn't worth 1100 but was worth more than 565, so decided to stick it out. I wan't to get my monies worth.

I am now looking for a new home. I must be out of my home by June 1st. I know I don't want to live with other people. Law school has made me even harder to get along with and dare I say less pleasant than my always pleasant self. Also, I don't want to have to talk to people when i am in my mega stressed out state. Plus living with that whiny dog, is all I can take...sort of soured me to having roomates (human or not). As the hunt goes on, I am trying to get my monies worth. It is tough. I want space, I want wood floors, I want wsg(water, sewer, garbage) included. I want a good deal.

We American's want our monies worth. I came to Idaho hoping to get a bargain price on an awesome legal education...but sometimes getting our monies worth comes at a cost. Just like the popcorn may be a good deal but is gonna be bad for the diet. Sometimes getting your monies worth comes at a price. I hope this made sense... I am on the prowel looking for bargains in my life ( i guess that happens when you got no monies and piles of debt).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's over...

My first year of law school is officially over. i have been recovering by sleeping, re-organizing my room (it has never been in such chaos), cleaning my car, and trying to find a new house to live in, going to see X-men and Star Trek, and volunteering at the Law School Graduation yesterday hoping to find a little inspiration (i still get most of my inspiration from law and order). All I can say is I have never worked so hard in my life at something. i hope it was worth it. We will see in a few weeks (grades) and in a few years (jobs).

I will be staying in Moscow this summer and so far it is beautiful. I am excited to be getting a new place for the next chapter. Although i will miss having a hot tub it will be worth the trade to live by myself without a dog. I have a one week civil mediation course starting tomorrow and then i will be taking family law and lawyer ethics. I am excited for all 3 classes. One of my dreams was to be an adoption lawyer and maybe open one of those international "baby finding" services. I guess family law will let me know if I am into that.

Hopefully this summer will bring some adventures. Whether learning to kayak better or running this first year weight off, I hope to have a great Idaho summer, in this beautiful place with beautiful weather.

Friday, May 8, 2009

what was i thinking.....

So i am a little sleep deprived. I got 5 hours 2 nights ago and 3 last night. All for the love the perfect final exam score (aka what i will get in the class because the final is 100 percent). So the exam started at 8 thirty and went to 11. But around 9:47 i think my mind began to think 10 thirty was the deadline. I don't know why it thought that. But i kept watching the clock. Writing faster and faster and 10 thirty approached. At 10:26 I was annoyed i wasn't getting my 5 min. warning. At 10:31 i was pissed that the proctor hadn't come in and shut us down. So as to not be in breach of the honor code I got up with my test. It wasn't till i got half way down the hallway that I realized i had stopped 30 min. only.

Now I don't stop early, i write till i can't write no more. And because i hand write the exams i am not as speedy as others. And i don't like to go through my exams to check mistakes, i just write and write and write. When others leave early, I think to myself, "who do they think they are, there is always more to write." So my heart sunk as i realized i had 30 more minutes. Oh well. I think i did great on this exam. And because professors like concise answers and the "fake" time limit i set for myself, forced me to be concise (and write a little sloppily) i am hoping for the best, who knows maybe i am one of those people who do the best under extreme pressure. Maybe this will be the A that I need, all because of a "made up" time constraint.

This blog is really just telling the world, one of my coping mechanisms is to cope with my mistakes (which if you know how i fell about law school exam-super intensity) is to trying to look on the bright side. Blar. Why did I do that??

Oh well. I think i did great on the e

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I don't know if you all know about post secret. But i have been following the blog for about 3 years now i guess, (time really is so hard to keep track of). Anyways, people anonymously send their secrets in to Frank Warren, and he sifts through them. And posts about different postcards every Saturday night. They are called Sunday secrets, and yes i do check every Sat. or Sunday morning. Anyways, he goes around to college campus' and tells the story about how and why he started post secret, he shares secrets that never made it on the blog or in one of the 4 books (yes i own 3 of them) that he has published, all filled with peoples secrets on a postcard. And honestly they are very beautiful, funny, outrageous, sad, maddening...everything. One part, the last part of the 2 hour meeting, is where two mikes are opened up for individuals to share a secret in front of the whole crowd. Basically you stand up, walk to a mike and share something you have never shared with anyone. Well it was a little slow starting, but slowly U of I students got up and shared different things about coming out of the closet, or fearing they would never find someone who loved them as much as their mom did, or that they sent a secret to Frank that was a lie earlier, etc. Well, like they say, when in Rome....and so I stood up, waited in line to share my secret...and it made me cry. Sort of like a non-mormon testimony meeting, sort of. It was short, sweet and close to my heart (and no, i won't put the secret on the blog) but it was a little liberating (mom don't worry i didn't say anything you would be embarrassed of). But it was sort of cool to just be apart of something I had been following for awhile. I have never sent a secret into Frank, so it might be posted. I just wanted to introduce any of you who haven't ever seen it, to go check it out (there is a link on my blog rollers or just google post secret, i promise i will learn how to do links this summer). Also these are a few of the secrets that got posted tonight. I sort of relate to all of them, which happens almost every batch of new secrets. Hope you have a great Sunday.

Bob Seger-Jody Girl

Chase, one of my friends would always sing "jodi girl..." and then tonight he played this song for me...listen to the lyrics, it is spooky how on point with my life they are.... Bob Seager has spoken to my soul and maybe i was really named after this song (my mom was named after a song). I don't know i really like this song.


Sleep has become a burden, i don't want to do it. I want to stay up and read my outlines, and do flashcards, and look at flow charts, and make up nmenonics, and slouch over my computer, and google every term i don't know, and thus sleep has become a burden. Who knew all those lonely nights watching law and order in the darkness would lead me here, to the lonely nights (with my trusty study groups) at the library.