Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, I will admit it, i suck at keeping the blog updated. but i have noticed lately so has everyone else. So i don't feel so bad. Anyways here is the updates

I have been home in AZ for almost a week. I have 2 more to go, so if you want to hang out, call me.

I won't find out how i did at law school till January 20th or so, so the agony is just prolonged.

I love my baby niece Olivia. She is fantastic, such a cute mix of Rita and Sumo. Love her!

I bought a Nike Plus to track my runs today at Sports Authority. That means i gotta run, so it has something to track.

Tonight I am going to the Temple Lights. It should be a good time.

The end.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So i don't know if the word has made it to your corner of the world, but i am the hottest DJ in moscow idaho. I had the elementary school dance (proof 1) and then I had the Adults with special needs of Colefax County's Holiday Party. I took time out of my law school study for finals schedule, to DJ this night of fun. It went OK, but accidently ( i promise, promise) the song that I played for the first song was Black Eyed Peas, 'Let's Get Retarded', (what was i thinking) Out of all the songs in my CD book, and on my computer, this my friends was what my sub conscious chose to play, ( i didn't make the connection) Shoot. Pleasy didn't have the heart to tell me. It wasn't through about an hour and a half, that it came to me. I said, "did I play, 'Let's get Retarded' for the first song?" She nodded her head with a bit of a sheepish look... Only in Idaho.

On a side note, the Adults of Colefax, at least the ones with special needs could boogie up a storm. It was a great night, and they loved to dance to Grease Lightning, the Metro's Shake IT, and a little 'Who let the Dogs Out'. Loved the Jams.

What will become of me, How am I getting to Spokane.

i remember my New Years 1999 turning to 2000. i was a missionary in Washington DC, (you all know the story, got parasites in El Salvador, so i came back, felt the guilt of not finishing, decided to go back and finish etc.). Well, the day before this New Years we went to the market aka grocery store, and it was so crowded, the shelves were dwindling, people thought the world was ending (or at least computers were gonna crash, aka the world would end). Now flash foreward.

Yesterday I went to the market (aka Winco. the cheapest of all the grocery stores in Moscow, but you gotta bag your foods yourself--what a small price to pay for the cheapness) and it was so crowded. A snowy, Saturday night and super crowed. Also the shelves were bare (OK just the Vanilla Wafer shelve, but that is what I wanted, and granted only Vanilla Wafers original were gone, they had low fat but I didn't want those) and it reminded me of the urgency that the customers felt on the new years 2000, to stockpile. Everyones carts were full. At checkout, I asked the checkout girl, is it always like this? She said, before a storm people stock-pile food becuase they don't want to go out more than they need to, plus with Christmas coming they need to shop alot more. Well that made sense. Then she said, "Tommorrow we are supposed to get 14 inches". What??

I went to the bus depot, and she said sometimes the bus doesn't run if there is bad weather. And sometimes it just decides to be late. The bus leaves here at 2:30. My plan was to take it, and be to the Spokane Airport by 4:30. Plenty of time for my 6:00pm flight. But if weather is bad, I gotta drive my car... and park it for 3 weeks. YUCK. But those are my options, and the thing is that is half the reason I wanted to take the bus is to avoid driving on the bad winterized roads (mind you I haven't driven in snow since Ricks College, and I hit another car in my Cadilac, 'grey hawk", now I have my Element, and I don't want history to repeat itself....

I suppose I am just overly concerned, and heres the last concern... What if the flights are cancelled because the snow in Spokane, then I am there with a car (and it is horrible conditions) or without (i drove the bus) and then what? I just campout in the Spokane Airport. AZ we always knew our flights and drives to the airport would be fine, regarless of the the conditions. I miss those carefree days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not the last christmas I will spend alone.

Every Holiday or meaningful event I used to try and enjoy because "this might be the last time I have a _______(insert holiday) as a single", Blar. Those people who i grew up with aka experienced the wonders of being a twenty something in AZ know exactly what i am talking about. I remember new years with the girls, and we would say, "we gotta get out there and make it happen because this is probably the last time we will be single, so we gotta be crazy and kiss all the boys".

Long Pause.

Everyone I used to know, party with, whatever... they all had their last Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, Easters, Spring Break, Ski Trip, Road trips and Summer of loves 200_'s, and you know, they all got to enjoy their last Halloween with that urgency, or drive in their heart that this might be their last, so they had to live it up. Now flash foreward to this cold night in Idaho...I realized, I stopped saying, "this might be my last....", hell i have even stopped thinking it. And right now, I just wish I still had the optimism to say, or at least think, "this is probably my last
Christmas/New Years not married, so I better live it up...."

It was probably a silly thing to say, but what i loved about it, is that it made us or at least me try to live it up, just a little more. To put it all on the line, don't hold back, live every moment, Be a little funnier, crazier, feel a littel sexier, flirt a little more, what have you. I miss that urgency of anything can happen. I guess I still gotta remind myself, anything can still happen. So this year, i better live it up...because you never know, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

LATE in the MORNING...or early. It doesn't matter, by 11, i am free.

Well tonight is my first allnighter. I gotta say, I have spent a good 11 hours+ on my cheat sheet. It is a goody too. All my rules upon it. I have my last final at 8 am. I couldn't sleep very well before the last 2 finals, so i decided what is the point i won't even try. Anyways, tomorrow will be full of stress and release. So i am excited. What does a girl do after her first semester finals are over. I have plans of getting my bus ticket to Spokane for Sunday, going to see Twilight again, dinners with whoever is in town, a little Law and Order for good measure, and clean the bathroom. I get a new roomate, and hence will not have my own bathroom, and now gotta keep that thing clean. Alright, the next post will be a bit better. But I didn't quit, and that is what is important.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hard to Explain...

My good friend and classmate Dru said that he has not worked so hard at one thing since his mission. I could easily agree. It is strange to work so hard at something, to put in so much time, so much effort, dare i say so much heart. And then to know that there is a huge possibility that i won't do so great. Not because i didn't learn it, but because maybe others learned it better, maybe they are better writers, maybe i just don't type fast enough. But i have only one more test to take. And then the long waiting game till late January when i get the news. How i did, and how the rest of them did. And yes i am working that hard.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the death of a mac

My mac book died today. But do not shed tears for my loss. I bought a new mac book over thanksgiving because of inspiration. So i had all my files and music all transferred over. Guess what, it is a law school miracle. You have no idea how valuable some of those documents are to me. Honestly, my old computer's disk drive is jacked so it can't read disks, ( i heard there is a way to possibly dr. it with a disc- so that option is out). So at this point my options are to sell the old girl for parts. But guess what, she has had some good times, i chatted with all my online boyfriends on that thing, I played facebook poker, i blogged, i dj'd, I watched movies on the way to Alaska, and Utah, I kept and edited some good photos, I wooted, I kept my docs, including some plans (finalized typed versions are the most important, rather than the lists in the notebooks) and I googled my little heart out. Tis the season for a law school miracle. I hope the next miracle is manifested as A's in the next 3 tests. The first one was a bit rough (tears were shed, and i won't know my grades for about 6 weeks- tis the life of a law student). 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Interview with myself (yeah being a law studnet makes you a little crazy)

Q:What do i want now more than anything?
A:To do so well on my finals so that all the hard work i have put in was worth it.

Q: What class do you think you are going to do the best in?
A: Property for sure, and then Torts. Civil Procedure has got me worried.

Q: If you could change one thing from this semester what would you do differently?
A: I wish I would have stuck with my workout plan, also I would have kept more organized notes.

Q: How many hours a day do you spend prepping for finals?
A: About 12 to 14 a day, but i check my facebook and gmail alot so I don't know if it is a pure 14.

Q: What are you going to do next Friday when you are completely done?
A: I am going to Spokane to go Christmas shopping, go see Twilight again, eat at Red Robin, and start blogging again....I might just take a nap.

Q: Are you glad you decided to go to law school?
A: Honestly, I wish I would have started earlier, it would have been sweet to have been a lawyer for five years already, but that is my only regret....I am glad and excited to learn more, and to be a District Attorney someday, and then a judge, and maybe a professor, maybe.

I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of me while I made my law school dreams come true. First, my mom is the best support, she takes care of all the matters that come through to the mail in Mesa, helps show my condo to prospective renters, and is just overall so helpful. My sister Rita, who is always good at telling me what is going on, inspires me not to give up on my "mom" dreams, and is great at sending me pics and videos of Olivia. My best friend in Moscow, Pleasy, who is so positive, and lets me vent, and talk out all my insecurities, and Property Revelations, and goes to Dairy Queen, and China Buffet with me between classes. To my friend AJ, who gave me some flash cards to study, they are a fantastic help. To all the bloggers and facebookers, who keep it updated, so I have somewhere to look, when I need a study break.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Three Weeks of Hell, Three Weeks till Freedom...

Ok guys its on... Finals start in 8 days, and then go strong for 2 weeks. I know I have been neglecting the blog. Not for lack of love for all my friends and family, but because i honestly have nothing to share. And for the next three weeks, unless there is a supersceding event, which causes my life to change, i gotta tell you I know exactly where i will be. In the library studying. So send your positive, smart, good vibes or prayers this way, because man the competitiveness is just running through my veins, and i need a little outside help.

I went home for thanksgiving, and got to see Amy and Mitch get married, got to make Olivia laugh and cry, hung out with my family, went to Twilight, got a cold sore which totally foiled my plan of hooking up with a few Mesa dudes (lol), those pesky, cold sores always seeem to foil my plans..., studied alot in my old bedroom, ate tangerines out of the orchards, got my hair did, and my eyebrows waxed, studied, hung out with Rusty old school style (we went to the D.I. to find me an amp case aka an orange suitcase) and Ran the Turkey Trot in 65:22.