Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The men i meet online.

Here is something you need to know if you are single, or will be soon. Once you are in your 30's. Men think you are free game. All men. Sometimes a 21 year old will send me a "flirt" telling me something like, "wink" or "i'm interested". Sometimes a 74 year old with 5 kids and 19 grandkids will tell me "love at first sight" or "You're Hot!"(my confidence cup overflows)...and then men of all ages use the "I think your the one" if they are getting down to business or the "What's up" if they want you to know hey I'm casual, ain't no thang.

Lately I have met some interesting men on LDS Planet. I meet real ones (aka men in real time too). I mean, we all remember the kid in the Lucky Charms Scrubs who was into Rita and asked me if she was single because he saw her picture on my profile. But what you don't know is that one time a man in Tennessee who i felt bad for because he looked like a Hill Billy and was 68, and just seemed sad, and kept telling me "I'm not interested, but your profile says you like Bob Seager and I like Bob Seagar so lets be friends....". After a few one liners, he told me he could send me a money order, because he had money, and he just wanted us to talk on the phone, and he could pay if I couldn't pay. What??

Or how about the attractive 30 year old man who immediately thought i was his soulmate because he had been praying to heavenly father (God) for someone who understood him and I thought he was attractive so immediately i understood him. I tried to give him a chance, even though he was paying 55 percent of his income to the mothers of his children...but i am gonna have serious student debt when i get out of here, at best I need my future mans income to help pay off my debt, or at least not be paying for his 3 kids. Shoot. Is that wrong? In the end though, if someone is a stranger, and they aren't good on paper, walk away. No need falling for someone in Philly with a financial mess (he didn't even have a cell phone bc he couldn't afford it) when I got mens all over the place who are in financial messes. Just saying.

Then there was my favorite Ryan, he is still my facebook friend. He was 31, lives in Virginia I think, and we emailed back and forth for a few months. At one point i said, 'can we take this to the next level and maybe talk on the phone or ichat'. He said I was moving too fast.

Online loves... you might be out there, but you sure are tricky to discover. Shoot.

Home to AZ for Spring Break

I love being in AZ. The best people (and dog) are there. I had a great time. I can't wait to meet baby Sophie on my next trip.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Just posting telling you all i have been pretty busy, and I want to post soon enough. Also i am sorry i haven't been commenting on your blogs too much either. Check back soon. I hopefully will be posting soon.