Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Grandma broke her hip. She fell down like old ladies do. Grandpa is so worried. He wants to drive to the hospital always, but he is too old. Mom hates to see her mother in pain. She hates to see how unsanitary, unclean, smelling of urine the rehab centers are. Grandma got some infection in her heel and ankle. The care takers at the expensive center didn't see that it was infected and getting worse. They didn't realize all the pain my sweet, fragile grandma is in. Mom and her sisters are so angry. Grandma's pain medicine isn't effective. No one wants to help. Nurse says take a Tylenol or 2. BLAR. I don't visit for 2 weeks. I am busy and I don't like hospitals. Finally I go. Grandma calls me, "my jodi". So tender. Grandma keeps telling the same story about a blanket she got in the mail from a non-profit that was fundraising. They asked for a 10 dollar donation. Grandma only sent 5 dollars back. Grandma tells everyone the story and how she wishes she would have sent 10 dollars now. Hmmm. My mom has heard the story too many times. I tell my grandma funny stories about my social life. Somehow I decided to tell her the interesting, good stuff. She laughs. I didn't think her sense of humor was so keen.

Grandpa comes over for family time on Sunday morning. When it is time for comments, he shares too much and takes too much time. I am restless. I want to watch the Law and Order SVU marathon, not listen to Grandpa try to teach us "long winded" gospel principles. Mom tells me later she took Grandpa to the market. A cashier asks Grandpa, "wheres' Jane". Grandpa begins to speak, Mom is surprised, 3 other ladies gather around, very concerned, sincerely concerned. Who knew people cared about her parents so much?

I suppose a blog about grandparents isn't the most exciting of all topics. Sometimes, well most of the time I feel selfish; visiting them isn't my favorite activity of all time. but here are some funny moments....

1. This thanksgiving grandpa said, "jodi, are you really gonna eat all that food, that is the most food, I've ever seen on anyone's plate.

2. My other grandpa says, "I pray for all my grandkids sometimes, but i pray for you everyday that you will find a husband".

3. Grandpa Goody tells me when I am getting fat, and when I am looking good. I am happy to say, lately I have been looking good.

4. I asked if I should be a Doctor or Lawyer, Grandpa said, "a teacher"... this was 4 months ago. He loved being a teacher.

5. A few Christmas' ago, all the married couples got as a gift a card table and 4 chairs. All the singles got a one dollar coin. I was 28 and I got a one dollar coin.

Friday, February 22, 2008


My best friends are AK and Mitch. I have known AK for 11 years and actually knew of Mitch when we were at Kino Jr. High. He was in 9th grade, I was in 7th. We were reunited when life's twists and turns sent him back to Singles Ward. This was back when we would all go to Sonic after FHE, this was when I was when I was still talking about Rusty as if he was the greatest love my life had known, this was when AK had been single for quite some time (since D-Dawg)... (just for a little perspective). Now Mitch and AK have been together for 2+ years, but we still are the best of pals.

Since I am the only one who loves dance/hip hop movies aka Step Up 2, Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights...AK was very excited when NetFlicks sent Save the Last Dance 2, to her house. We sat down last night to watch it. It is the worst movie ever, well except for Nell (ask Rita). Mitch was making fun of the dialouge, AK was asleep, and I was wishing I had my computer to check all my facebook/mingles/linkup/myspace accounts. Now all of this boredom seems to create interesting conversations.

Mitch keeps thinking of certain things you should never put on your online profile. So here is the list.

1. Don't check "More to Love" and then have pictures of yourself chowing on a dozen doughnuts.

2. Never put the word "crazy" in your Tag Name, especially frightening if it is combined with "mesa" and "mom" and some number which shows you might be heading for Elliott Groves.

3. Please don't put the name of some creepy animal or character in your Tag. For example Eore75 or bigbuffalo2008...Yikes.

4. A tag should not have a personal weakness you are experiencing for example, "StrugglingFaith81" or "IGOTISSUESinCALI".

5. Now moving on, my favorite is someone won't put their real age, where it says age they might put 99 or 100,000,0000. When I see this I am deeply intrigued. "Who is the person on the mormon dating/friendship site who refuses to admit their age?" At this point I am sold.

6. The one pic that is taken from a bizarre angle and is sort of vauge, but makes the person look extremely attractive, no one wants the trickpic.

Mitch and I have fun of thinking of the "not to do's" for all things internet profile. Welcome to 2008 and there is no manual so I gotta get the word out to all those CrazyProvoMom75's out there.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines a RECAP

This Valentines Day or Single Awareness as many of my peers like to call it was crazy. On Wednesday and V-day I got a mini job helping out my friends who own a flower shop. You see there are so many deliveries that need to be done, that they need to outsource to friends and family to pick up the slack. I decided to put the Element to use, and became "jodi the Jolly deliverer" for 2 days. It was stressful, funny and actually made me happy. I love seeing peoples faces light up when they get flowers, a look of curiosity of who sent these and my favorite was the response of the last delivery on Thursday. It was at a beauty salon and it was for a very eccentric hair dresser. He blushed, he cooed, he gushed and was so dramatic about the delivery I just couldn't keep from smiling. One woman who worked at a Mesa School decided the flowers were not good enough and I ended up having to return to the school, pick up that arrangement and come back with a completely new arrangement (i feel like she was a bit ungrateful seeing that the flowers were fantastic as they were). I wonder about peoples personalities and character sometimes. I know with most people we encounter we only get a snap shot a tiny slice of who they are. Yet, some of the actions, words, slices are so telling it is hard not to make overall judgments. All in all being "Jodi the Jolly deliverer" was worth it.

I had to cut deliveries short because It was V-day and Chili's had me on the schedule to serve it up. I busted my booty getting extra sides of ranch and keeping strawberry lemonades filled to the brim over and over again. A few people I knew came in and it is always fun to wait on people I enjoy. I finished about 10 and didn't make a killing but did make enough to enjoy me some Chili's food and just hang out with the other workers who were finally off the clock too. I gotta tell you I enjoy the other workers. I have always wanted to be a server. It just looked so fun to interact with the guests and the other workers (plus the days of DQ were some of my funniest work memories). Guess what, it is fun to chill with the random server staff. They are crazy.

You gotta love a V-day filled with randomness and being busy. Honestly I had a great time and made good monies. So i guess the point is, if you can't be madly in love on the big day at least take advantage of the commercialism of the whole thing, and make some money. I LOVE LOVE, but I LIKE MONEY.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What if no one wants my basket... a metaphor.

today in church the activity chairperson was going on and on at the mike. i can't be a hater, you see i used to be the gal who went on and on at the mike (years of stuco and being the class, ward, mission, mesa clown gave me o-so-too-much validation for spouting off at the mouth on the mike). so the ramblings were all about the next activity, a new alternative to speed dating. guess what it is called basket-case (yep, sign me up). i make a basket with a fun meal and entertainment or theme, and i guess some guys are supposed to bid on them, with fake monies, monopoly monies or something. after the mini date it is time for a dance where you can boogie with the man who got your basket or ditch him to find someone new. as the girl is sharing the details it begins to get a little strange because they actually opened up the floor for questions. people were curious if they could bid on more than one basket (no), if they can come later just for the dance (yes), if they can bring someone else who isn't in the ward to the activity (yes), and now my favorite of all questions.... "what if no one wants my basket?" I turned to Monique and said, "yeah it sucks when all the other baskets are sought after, and my basket is way better than some, and just as good as other baskets but it is just chilling there, all by itself, no one even playin like they might pick my basket. I mean I try to make my basket cute and clean and smell good. I try to make the outside of the basket pleasing to behold. I put a little color on the basket, and touch up the old crackily spots. Also, I try to make the contents of my basket of the best quality and fun to partake of, yet the question still looms, "what if no one wants my basket?"

Sunday, February 10, 2008


You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nothing good is happening ever...

Well since i waited like 5 days and nothing that cool or inspiring has happened yet. and I got a few minutes before I go out, and I can't dare surf the LDS Mingles for one more moment, here I am... BLOGGING.

Before AK and Mitch got together I was Mitch's bEst friend, it was right after the divorce so we had important things to discuss. Then he broke down the barriers and won AKs heart. Overall pretty sweet deal for me. Two of my favorite people are always together, and they don't mind if i hang out on a down night. But AK is out of town. So last night Sumo (my brother in law) called and asked what i was doing, I said, "cleaning my room, and not blogging". He said, "you gotta come to dinner with us", I said, "No I gots no monies". He said, "yes you do, you need to come to PF Changs with Mitch, Rita and I". You see in the 2 and half years since AK and MItch have been together they go on the dates with rita and Sumo. I being the single gal, DON'T GO (and even when I got the boyfriend, no one likes him). Last night I was the psuedo date. I decided to give, after Mitch said he would give me 5 bucks to help with the dinner. Everything is about couples these days, Oh to be in a couple, and have creative banter back and forth. I gotta admit, I am a great date,( well to AKs boyfriend, who is my best friend and has known me since 7th grade), I think the best and worst part of me on a date, is I will laugh at all your jokes (best) but too loudly (worst). Mitch ended up not only giving 5 bucks to the cause but paying the whole thing. YES.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I won't be posting anything for awhile. I feel like I have hit a wall. I am not pleased with my mediocre posts so i have decided to quit until I can regain my creative side or at least I have something i want to say. Hopefully when i pick back up it will be better than ever. Please don't leave a comment about this. I want no comments. Jodi.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Miss Goody...

I told the second graders that my name is Miss Goodman, they looked at me with blank stares. And then the inevitable question, "can we call you Miss G?". I said, "NO call me Miss Goody". For some reason it was super cute to hear little kids calling me Miss Goody. Ok somehow this was the busiest day ever, and there were alot of kids needing to come and go, or meet with the principal for misbehaving days earlier. I suppose the people in the office didn't know my name, and must have asked one of the kids, because I was getting called Miss Goody from the kids and adults as well. The intercom would come on, and the secretary would say, "Miss Goody, will you send so-and-so to the office. I sort of liked the ring of it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I hate you queen creek...

Queen Creek is too far. Queen Creek takes to long to drive to because there aren't enough roads for all the people who need/want to go there. I was supposed to run a half marathon in queen creek today. But then i realized i would have to turn back around a few hours later because that is where I am djing tonight. Queen Creek why do you gotta annoy me soo bad that I don't even want to see you twice. Never mind, I am going to have a positive attitude. Also i will do a long run here, in an hour, once my house gets clean. I know people live out in Queen Creek and have to venture into the Mesa/Gilbert/Tempe/Phoenix/Chandler/Scottsdale etc. for supplies, minglings with those who do not reside in queen creek and employment. To me, you people are saints. I would probably go mad if i had to take the long journey more than once every 3 months or so.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Am i to blame? and LONG DISTANCE LOVERS

I was doing alright.... i just started using my laptop for the music at the weddings I dj. I had the first dance done, and now it was time to transition into the Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dance. There is was Michael Bubbles' (whatever) "Save the Last Dance for Me". I started it. Father of the bride, didn't like it. They asked me to play something else. You see, when you have all those Fathers and brides and Sons and Mothers up there, with a semi circle surrounding them, and everyone is just waiting for you to play something...what comes to mind. Well in those few seconds that felt like hours, I simply reverted back to the last wedding I did. The song that we played for the Father/Daughter dance was The Beach Boys "Surfer Girl". Yep, did it. Not a surfer in sight. Thats how it goes Peoples when you pick one song in the "pre-celebration meet your dj and request a bunch of music interview", and then in the middle of the moment when I am playing the song, papa says, "I don't like this one". BLAR.

I promise I will not pull a JODI 07 and pack up and move to Reno again, Promise. I have learned a heck of alot. Yet, my theory of, "at the end of my mission I was finally ready, prepared, dedicated enough to be an amazing missionary theory" seems to not really be applying to any of my current situations (aka there is no one I want to move away to start time and all eternity with, so even though my relationship wisdom runneth over, got no one to practice on. Yep). But, I did get an opportunity to share a little advice with the young and risky. A friend of mine, met a man at a wedding, spent a few choice hours with him (no making out transpired) and then proceeded with a long distance whirl wind romance. Point is he is here for a little visit, she's just not that into it". Hmmm, you gotta love falling in love over the phone, it is all too tempting. It gives quite the arena to tell people exactly what they want to hear, with little or no "calling each others bluff". Plus going back to Jamie Caldwell's theory "Filling in the Gaps", when the full picture isn't clearly in front of us, we idealists like to imagine all the positive, suited for us, never going to annoy or embarrass us qualities our new found joy possesses. And then it happens. All the hypotheticals, all the saying I love you before you normally would, if you had to see the persons face, all the "what are you looking for in a mate", and "if this works out..." conversations are just sort of silly and bizarre after the fact. I think the lesson to be learned, when it comes to long distance dating could best be summed up by the words of MIKA ( my favorite European Singer) enjoy.