Sunday, December 30, 2007

Would I lie to you?

Once apon a time there was a game people would play called two truths and one lie. I think we all know the details. I think the purpose was to help people get to know you better. Anyways, here are 3 things you didn't know about me, two are true and one is a lie.

1. I made out with Dustin Diamond (aka Screech from Saved by the bell) on a Ski trip in Colorado. We had met on the ski lift and ended up having hotel rooms on the same floor. Anyways, one thing led to another...

2. I had a breast reduction when I was 18. My boobs were so enormous that I could not play volleyball effectively even with the 3 extra strength sports bras, that I special ordered

3. When I was born I had a growth that was rather large on my lower back. At 6 months they had it removed, they actually did some tests and there was teeth, an under developed spine and hair in the growth. I guess I had a twin. We named him Adam, because that was going to be my name if I was a boy.

JK Smiles.... whenever i played the game I would always just tell 3 lies. I guess I am always ultra honest in my life, that when it is game time, I just gotta do some trick lies. I hope you enjoyed my creativity. Yes, I know I am probably the biggest fan of my jokes. Make up a really good trick lie... that I would believe.

Getting to Know You and taking home the crap you didn't want in your house anymore

White Elephant Madness. We (about 7 couples, Jamie and I) had the best time ever... It was seriously one of those nights when everyone has a good time, you laugh so hard your belly aches the next day. People say things they shouldn't but it is OK. Things that you were once overly sensitive about, get brought up and turned into something quite laughable. The thing is, I liked most of the people back then (although we definitely had our moments and our jealously issues, single, Mormon, women tend to experience that) but now I think the world of them (and their husbands)... I guess we bonded over white elephant and the hypothetical question get to know you game. I got to know that if "you had to write a song about your true love what would it be titled?" 'Your my second choice' -mitch. I got to know, "if you were going to get a tattoo on your body, when and where would it be?" 'Tramp Stamp, Lucky 13' -Lindsey. I got to know "what is your best feature" 'privates' -anonymous. All in all funny.

The white elephant gave these little gems. That is Jamie rocking the leather wonder.

Jill enjoying the best of the worst, Mormon, full-length features, of all time

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rawsome attempt 89 in full effect.... care to join me?

I got the chubs going. Too many peppermint Joes. Too many tamales, enchiladas, peanut brittle, M and M's, pulled pork on a baked potato, hummus with filafil, brownies, ice cream, hot chocolate with Irish cream, Peanut butter cookies with Hershey's Kisses on top, chicken wings, sugar cookies with frosting, Pete's fish and chips (i rocked that at about 3 today), Pei Wei honey seared shrimp... Adios my friends

Hello to spinach, carrot, celery, broccoli and flax seed shake. Hello to 18 tangerines at a time, Hello to depression land. Goodbye to chubbers... you see here in AZ we start laying out in February. That means I gotta get down to business. It also means I will start being more bitter I assume, when I got no goodnessess to carry me through the sadness of life is overwhelming... at any rate, Here I go again.

I invite anyone who wishes to venture into a world of fruit and veggie magic, a cornacopia of raw flavors, of clearer skin, of a body that functions on a healthier level to join my rawsome quest. Just turn off the stove and save your new micro wave for another day (maybe Sunday or in a few months, who knows how long this will last).

"Many men have loved me, but not for 6 months in a row".

Here is the deal. Painting. Condo. by myself. No cable.

DI. Saturday. Movies for VHS. 1$ each. 80's classics/90's goodness. Reality Bites, 1st Wives Club. Say Anything. 16 Candles.

16 Candles. 3 and a half times. consecutively. Condo painted. 2 and a half walls. That's a lot of Candles and paint.

I love it. The movie and my born again condo.

Long Duck Dong. Jake Ryan. Farmer Ted. will be in my dreams tonight... goodnight.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Things that annoy me. Today's list.

1. A girl in my ward has her myspace profile picture with her in a "pink taco scottsdale" tank top on. It seriously grosses me out, why do you need to wear that? Why...(obviously i won't ask her, well i just might, maybe during church)

2. These lazy contractors aka a**holes keep dumping mattresses and sectionals next to our communal dumpster. Seriously there were 8 mattresses there and 2 sectionals out there. Who does that? They don't even live here. Can't I live in the ghetto in peace. It is disgusting that instead of paying the dump the few dollars, they go to our little slice of ghetto heaven and crap all over it. GRRRR.

3. That paint costs so much. I am painting the condo, by myself and the whole process just is a pain. I got all this primer in my hair. A flash forward glimpse to my hair when the grays arrive. I am tired, I have a head ache because of the fumes. Then I justed remembered that Families Forever movie, the church makes as a missionary tool. I used to watch it when I was baby sitting and got scared so I turned on a church movie to feel better. Anyways, this black couple is having problems with their marriage, I mean they used to be best friends, and now life just gets in the's like they don't even communicate anymore. Then the missionaries find them, and then this song plays, and then they are doing nice things together, like painting their condo together. Later on my mission we used this movie as a tool, I probably watched it 100x or so, in Spanish of course. So whenever I paint, I think of that black couple and get all annoyed... I want someone to paint with me, and I can cross out the word "study" that he wrote and in its place "nursery" to surprise my man (OK this means more if you have seen the "Together Forever" movie and remember the black couple).

4. Today on Linkup a very attractive Gilbert boy sent me a nice message. When i pulled up his picture I was disappointed. Not because he was ugly (that would have been disappointing too I suppose.) but because he was hot. How did I know. One of the three pictures had him with his shirt off. And man alive did his body look fantastic. Yet, It takes a certain kind of man, to disrobe for the linksters... I really don't think I am the woman for that certain kind of man (just a hunch) . Maybe I should send him to the "pink taco scottsdale" ward friend... Just a hunch.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All i want for Christmas...

1. A road bike, i gots to train, so I can make all my ironman dreams come true.

2. A micro-wave. I gotta use the stove for everything. I know all the marrieds have extras. If you got an extra in your garage or something. I will buy it for cheap, or except it as a gift of good will.

3. A wheat grass juicer and wheat grass trays. I do not know if 2008 holds rawsome success. But I do know it holds a lot of attempts.

4. A t-mobile cell phone. I dropped mine in water 3 weeks after extending my contract to 2 years. Hence, I can't get a new phone for free. To everyone out there who has a t-mobile phone, that still holds a charge (AK's lasts 9 hours max), that they are not using and letting their kids just knaw on, I am up for deals.

5. Maybe for the boy to call. But I am not calling him....operation classy lady is in full effect.

6. New Makeups, I am all about beautifying my 30 year old shell.

7. To hit the jackpot at Midnight Bingo. Let's face it, I am going to the res, and I am going to use my dauber the way it was meant to be used. I want to Blackout at the Early Bird Special (you should know what that means if you've been where we've been).

8. Tamales!!! I eat at least 3 a day, and the supply is wearing thin. (definitely need to gear up for those rawseome attempts)

9. Stocking Stuffers that mean something.

Goodnight and I will be dreaming of Christmas' past, present and future.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places.

Can i just say one more time, 2007 BLAR and the best year of my life all rolled into one fine little package. Now, onto the real reason you are here, i am about to say something mildly interesting.... READY SET BLOG!!!

I always wondered about those woman who have been engaged 6 times. Seriously that is too many. Most of the women I know, have only been engaged once. Guess what, they marry the dude. Today at all the holiday festivities I came across a recurring theme. Now I don't know if it is just my mind or the woman's mind, or all human minds... we like to find sincronocity (sorry Kurt, my home teacher says my blogging is great, but i can't spell, i tried to spell it right in like 6 ways, sorry). The theme of the day, was engagements. To expound, engagements getting broken off, but not 100 percent and the girl keeping the ring, while she thinks about it. What????

I am serious. I suppose that is a legit place to be. You say "Yes, I'm in", you enjoy being engaged, and then something comes up. Maybe you wonder if your man is in the 99 percent with an addiction to porn. Maybe the statistic of 50 percent divorce rate makes you think again. Maybe your ex boyfriend, who married your second cousin, after she left her first husband for no good reason, just got divorced, because she is now leaving your ex boyfriend/her 2nd husband for no good reason, and all of a sudden he is a possibility... and is looking better than the man whose ring is weighing down your finger. Hmmm.

I am not sure what sorts of dramas aka second thoughts ensue during an engagement. Yet, I always just thought one would be all in, or all out. Sort of like the HOKEY POKEY. I don't mean to trivialize all this. Figuring out your heart/life crap is a full-time venture, so here is my input...

You only get to marry once, or twice or whatever suits your fancy (hell as long as you are attractive and say what the person wants to hear, your got it made). So go on, take the plunge (loose the doubts, ignore the red flags, and quiet that little voice telling you to get the hell out)... you always get one or two starter marriages anyway, so if it doesn't work out, you can always get on linkup and start again. Merry Christmas.

*This BLOG is dedicated to my best friend Mitchell. Yes I do listen when you rant, and I am beginning to agree with your insights (on this subject at least)...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The light is back....

I have to say that 2007 was the hardest year of my life (and it is not over). And not just for any one reason. Surely, I am not the only one who is feeling like that. Hell, 2006 was rough too. I guess they all are. This year was harder on me though. For a while, I felt hopeless, used up, forgotten and overall just BLAR. Yet, I am happy to say, after a lot of hard work, great conversations, and love, the light is back in my eyes. Hopefully, it will stay. This is an official thank you, to all my friends and family who make my world beautiful and amazing. Maybe it is the Christmas spirit, maybe it is reflecting on how the world looked to me 6 months ago... but I feel blessed and happy. May the holidays bring love, peace and great insights to all (you know i love to give my insights).

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I love rainbows, reading, divine nature and individual worth....

I love boas. I used to rock them on Halloween when I was playing the role of "80's Punk Princess". Coming across a whole lot of them after one Halloween on the clearance rack, was the best find ever. I gifted those to many Mesa brides at the ever exciting Bridal Shower.

If only Life was this simple... wait it is. This button was actually on the backpack you will encounter below. I found it at a thrift store of course, and instantly loved the message.

Because I love project runway, and I used to draw outfits on model thin woman in my preteen years, I love the idea of sewing (notice i said idea). I truly believed I would be the greatest fashion designer in the history of fashion. A few years later, I was rocking my dad's old cowboy flannels, jeans frayed at the bottom and Doc Martains. Threads remind me of what could have been, if the Seattle grunge wave hadn't hit Mesa AZ...That and Home Ec. at KJH. Go Kolts.

This backpack was not only sported all over Toro Town (aka Mtn. View HS) It was also my Young Woman Laurel Project...each color represents one of the values. Seriously... I got my medallions thanks to this sweet little number.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The night i did the Marcareana with the Mexicans and I held my own

Rita is the only pregnant one I promise

Nothing Hotter than spinning in my crochet outfit

The boys: Sumo, Dad and Jimbo talking about insurance

Dustin and his girl... and my brother Luke third wheelin it

It has been awhile since I got out the turn tables and rocked it. Thanks to Oasis Insurance (my dad's insurance agency) for hiring me for their Christmas Party. Basically there was a worry because they have never had a work party without alcohol, and the question was, "can people have a good time without beverages (aka Mormon Style)"? The answer is YES, as long as DJ Jodeci is there spinning tracks and getting the party started....aqui es mi testimonio de algo bien especial en mi vida. Bueno y Bueno. Soy muchisimo musical en muchas maneras. Mi Vida es musica y bailando, para siempre. En otros palabras, yo se que bailando es muy importante para todos. Amen.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I love Willy. And all my mens....

My little bro. is coming home from Brazil in less than two months. His name is Willy.

I got a flat tire, today during church we spotted it (don't ask why we were not inside the building). Mitch fixed it and I am grateful.

My home teacher Kurt (see previous posts) and I are both sick. We shared an hour and fifteen minute visit today, of low octave conversation. Our visits just keep getting better. The best part was later, sitting next to each other at church. He brought the Halls soothing throat drops... I love him for the scriptures he shares and the medice he provides.

Sumo is nice.

James and his girlfriend just broke up. Which means I get my friend back. Whatever happens, happens. But for now I look forward to going to Subway where your Tranny friend works, for deals on Subs.

Skinny as can be, yet compensates when he grows a full beard. Kenny I am sorry I ruined your church game, by saying... "I can't make out tonight cause I got the sniffles". She didn't look too impressed.

Van you are 16 and you will get asked to winter formal if those classy ladies at Toro Town know what's good for them.

J. F. you will get the girl to leave her boyfriend if you keep playing "platonic racket ball sports"... good luck on that.

LUKE... you loved the Spanish version of Achy Breaky Heart. That's it I will get that for you for the holidays. Maybe.

2008 Boyfriends? I am waiting for you, and all the joy and pain we will cause each other. See you soon.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am legend.

I loved it, I love it, I loved it and you will too. See this as soon as you can. By far the best movie of the year. You will see, and you think about progress, and genetic modification differently, and it will rock your brain. When I saw it I was on a first date, I don't think he was ready to see a scary movie with me, I had to prepare him. I said, "I hope you don't get embarrassed, I laugh,
I scream, I jump and I get into the movie, you will see". He said, he was cool with it. He got a show, it was the scariest, intense movie ever....Enjoy and be glad you don't have to watch it with me. But go now... do not wait. It is just too good.

Cheek bones?

When I was in the beehives (the church age group class of 12-14 year olds) we went to the mall for makeovers at Royal Norman's or something. I think we got free lip gloss samples, that I horded for months. I would only use them for special occasions (for the life of me, i cannot recall what special occasions I was rocking at 12). Yet my advisor, Sister Echols (she had a home business of spin art with puffy paint on a t-shirt, you know with the wheel and all, where you put the glittery paint on the shirt and then spin it, I tell this just for context) gave me a complement I have not been able to shake, she said, "Jodi you have high cheek bones". I was 12, she was a weird puffy paint spin art Mom, but I still believe I have great cheekbones.

Jared was one of the two boys I wrote on my mission. If I ever missed the boat it is not choosing to be with him. He has given me the compliment of my life, "when you walk in the room, the whole thing lights up, no one else can do that, just you". To me that was beautiful.

I love to talk, and I am really good at it. But, I have been accused of making myself seem better than I am. Accused of telling too many secrets, mine and yours. Accused of being too idealistic in my conversations, views of others and ways of the world. My words have caused the greatest criticism.

I threw a party when I was in high school. I was a senior and it was a street party. I was wearing these short, short overalls. I also was wearing a purple flower cotton shirt underneath. I remember this in great detail, because that night. A punk Jr. or sophomore, who I had never seen before, was doing something he shouldn't and I think I told him to move his car or something, and he said, "whatever, you're fat". I had never been called fat before.... as you can tell I remember.

I know we gather our conceptions of ourselves from many sources. I am so glad that I am more than a fat girl, with great cheekbones, who can't keep her mouth shut, who can light up a room. But I cannot deny that the words, the compliments, the love letters, the tearing down words, and the chastisement of others play a huge role in my self image. I love that moms can instill in their daughters how beautiful and unique they are. My mom, was the best at this. I grew up with 8 girls on our block. That caused a lot of drama. Mom would always say, "they are boring, you are fun, creative, and lively" if I ever came home in tears. Yet, moms can't be there like before.

I applaud all you parents, couples, teachers and others who are out there building the emotional resevoir of your people. We are all in this together. Now maybe kind words and sincere compliments can't make a person (it takes other sources) yet I believe negative, manipulative, hurtful words can break one, especially if that resevoir isn't full. Who knows maybe that girl with the beautiful smile, or generous heart doesn't know it until you tell her. And maybe that's what she needs to know.

Friday, December 14, 2007

This is why I'm hot.....

I think I am a little sick because i am such a wuss that I leave the space heater on (longer than anyone should) and I put it so the hot air so it blows in my face. Isn't there an old wives tale about getting sick because breathing in hot air. That or one of the kiddo's gave me a new disease. Yuck.

I hate Christmas gift buying for 3 main reasons. First I am a cheap ace. Second I am anti materialism in all forms (except in some forms). Third, I hate shopping for reals (except at last chance aka Nordstroms returns paradise).

I am trying to be new Jodi, and be all mature and mysterious....Yet, I still throw little fits inside my head when things don't go my way (99 percent of the time things don't go my way). I think maturity means hiding the fit, and that hidden anger makes one more mysterious. Still working on this one. Don't get me wrong I am tranquillo too.

I guess these three things don't necessarily make me hot. But I know one thing that would for sure, wearing a t shirt that said, "this is why I'm hot", the boys would come a runnin for that goodness. When i see a second grader rocking that, I think "either your mom is brain dead" or "your mom is funny". I've seen 4 girls rocking that shirt in the last week. For some reason it annoys me. It's that end of the sememster BLARness.

Oh the water skiier pic was in the archives, it's not me. When i did my one month of lds planeting(a year ago) at first i had a fake sporty profile.... he he he. I guess having a fake sporty profile isn't really making me hotter either. So I suppose this blog could better be named, "This is why i am not hot (man i am glad there are only a few things that make me not hot).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I find it interesting how natural consequences work in my life. I guess i was taught that at a young age on the Goodman farm, well homestead if you will. You plant a seed and water it, and something grows, also you step in something mushy and don't wipe it off and go into the house, Momma Goodman get's pissed, or you use the word piss then Momma Goodman says' "don't say that or I will wash your mouth out with soap".

My condo has been a source of pain in my life. The renters who had it awhile ago caused all sorts of drama... first J_ _ _ had her boyfriend A _ _ _ move in with her. Now to each their own, the problem was that there were two other girls living in the condo. Who the neighbor just informed me were alcoholics, who would giggle and awaken the neighbors with sayings like, "i am going to piss upon this door if you don't open it" and I suppose J + A would come and open it?. I just knew the recently revealed alcoholics as "the sister slobs who left a turkey carcas along with 5 unsealed trash cans crawling with bugs, and a layer of rotten food upon the counter tops and floor 2 weeks after Thanksgiving". The problem was I found all these girls at the institute. So I felt there was an expectation of normalcy. I guess I thought the natural consequence of institute roomates was no lame drama. WRONG!!!

Oh yeah I was called over as one of the sister slobs was in a heated battle with A _ _ _ over the temp. One had installed a plastic box ( it was A _ _ _) and Sister Slob Jr. had a knife to break open the tempeture gage. I was called to act as mediator, aka Baby Sitter. This was all happening in the 30 day notice period I gave to the "love birds".

Now I guess the action that I took which was followed by these natural consequences was not screening the girls better. Heck i was desperate, and being that i have lived with over 50 girls (mission comps, roomates, my sister and Mom) I didn't think anyone could bring the lameness that these girls did. Blar. I guess i should have realized it when J _ _ _ wanted to move in and said she had a pet rat. Yeah I only see the best in people, i keep missing those blazing red flags...

Point is renting/land lording is a bitch... can't I just find the 50 acres and build the dream solar/love powered farm house. Without the lameness of the modern day roomate drama. Probably but I am sure there are natural consequences to that, that will reveal their tricky selves. I can take it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reality Star?

So there is something I need to come clean about... I have always resented Julie the Mormon on Real World. I wanted to be the first Mormon on Real World. Ever since the first season when it was in New York. Plus Julie wasn't cool, well I guess that is open for interpretation, but I would have been much cooler and more interesting to watch. Maybe... I suppose we will never know.

Now people think they are reality stars in their own right... My favorite is the person who updates their status on facebook every hour or so. Now I am sure they have an agenda or an "audience" who needs to know that their nap went well. But is a public forem really the spot.

Now to my vice... the blog. I love it. I love that someone in China found it, and read it for 3 min and 37 seconds (thanks Stat Meter). I love that I get a comment or two. I love that my stories and reflections and even diets are out there for whoever googles the words born again and barbie, or any other combination that leads them my way.

So yeah Julie you suck and I could have done better at making Seattle convert, but sometimes on a lucky day, some mystery person in Kentucky reads my blog for 4 and a half minutes, and that is important too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My myspace is free....and all things Random.

1. I have been keeping my myspace private for quite sometime now. Actually it has been private for 2 and a half years. Yet due to some recent changes in my life, I and my myspace are free.... it feels so good to let loose and let the world endulge in the secrets of my myspace. Enjoy out there, my profile song is the best of all time, if you love technoish, European goodness.

2. Ever since i dropped my 5 week old phone in a glass of water in my car, I have been using AK's old ghetto 2002 cell phone (nothing but love Amy and thank you). Yesterday at church, after RS I got my phone out( yes i give mid church texters the stink eye...but if I had a dude to text i might mid-meeting it) to check my messages, my visit teacher (the one who asked if they were going to allow me to stay in the singles ward even though i am 30) said, "oh your phone is sooo cute, is it new... what??? Redemption for her, I was feeling all self conscious about the phone.

3. Pearce family white elephant party... Loved it, ate too much, bonded with all my first cousins once removed, ate gummy pizza, gummy hot-dogs and gummy hamburgers. Held babies, smelt stinky diapers, left the room when changing of the diapers insued, stayed away from the salad with the wet cheese (you know the white, wet cheese that shows it's ugly self and makes us glad we don't live in France). I love the White Elephant... I won Rook Cards (grandma Goodman would be proud, she taught me how to play when I was eight and am a card shark)

4. Thought about what to name this next year. You see once we named the summer, "summer of love 2000", and there was no love. So if I name this year, "Cold-fish 2008" maybe all my hot and heavy dreams will come true, i gotta do reverse psychology with the Universe.

5. Tonight, my Uncle is in the Elliot Groves Ward Bishopric (we whisper that name, you see Elliot groves is the 34-45 Singles Ward) said loudly at the family party, "I bet this is the year, Jodi gets' married"... I said, "I wouldn't bet on it, Grandma Van Epps said, "me neither... Than everyone gave their opinions. That's Funny.

6. Brought my juicer over from my parents, Hello carrot/tangerine juice and hello slightly orange skin....

7. Went to the Ward Party on Saturday Night. Actually rounded up a date too. Yep. We had the best time ever. The ward danced.... miracles do happen, and I was so proud of so many people for coming out. I feel very strongly that we need to support all the activities we can. The more people who participate, the more fun is had.

8. There is serious rain here in AZ... I love it. My cousin owns a ski rental shop and that means more snow and more business. I have dreams of Kayak greatness and more rain and snow means more river flows. Also it is just fun. I do miss the sunshine.

9. Thank you to all the friends out there, tonight especially to Tyler and Amelia. They are in town from Indiana. I am so proud of them and there little family. I love it when my favorite people end up with my next favorite people. You all have serious good taste in significant others.

10. Sumo (my only brother in law) is in the pic above. I am grateful that he loves my little sister so much. Also, loose some weight and win the weight loss challenge.. I saw him eating cauliflower chowder tonight? Is that Atkins?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Maybe this is why I have never felt at home in az... My accent is all Michigan!

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Northeast
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

I love how they say you use the word "pop"... I call my beverages that. This quiz is soooo true.

Friday, December 7, 2007


My Linkup Pics and my agenda with each one:

Pic 1- I call this all American girl. P.S. i need a man to protect me from myself or I am an independent woman living my dreams, I fear nothing, and we can go adventures together (you see i let men see what they want to see in this pic)

Pic 2- I love animals... which means, I am a kind, tender, nurturing, nature loving woman.

Pic 3- There is a hidden depth of emotion just waiting for one lucky man to discover and I am quiet (not really though, lol)

Tonight Jen and I had girls night out. Actually because she dates so much, I rarely get to see her. But tonight was an exception. We were going to go out to cousin Sterling's birthday bash but since we didn't get the memo in time, we went to Pei Wei. As we were standing there, ordering our food, i got a big embrace from behind... the touch felt familiar, it was Hanz. Jen said, "i thought about calling you, but we didn't. Are you here on a date"? (she must've noticed the blond woman looming behind us) Hanz said, "yep we met on the linksters". Actually we are going to my house to watch Kung Fu, and we only met on linksters 20 minutes ago. If anyone doesn't know what Linksters is, and i promise tonight was the first time i heard the term (but will probably be using it multiple times a day), it means LDS linkup. Now LDS linkup isn't a paying site, and the preface is keeping in touch with friends. But every now and again, someone will tell me, "your a babe", say "sweetie You can pick the temple" or use phrases like, "i'm in love with the broken handed teacher"

As much as I am flattered by the cop in Texas, the Nursing student in Scottsdale and the Immigration specialist in Tucson typing out sweet nothings and small talk all filtered through the site, I am a little apprehensive. Not that true love or at least something worthwhile for now, couldn't be found on the site. Obviously the temples are full of people who made it, who met on linksters. Yet, I realize the chances of that are pretty slim. You see the people who are saying, "hey, I'm in love with the broken handed teacher"... are probably saying similar crap to everyone. I guess i just have a hard time believing anyone on these Mormon friendship/dating sites can be legit. Heck I don't even know if i am legit half the time. As you can see even my picture choice is fueled by an agenda (not really they were just the most flattering, is there any other agenda, really?)

But, aside from all the cynicism, i do know that sometimes after a lame night of social blarness, i come home to check if Billy Bob has sent me a little nuget of goodness. And once in awhile... Billy Bob delivers.

A header...

I put a picture up of my self as a header, but it just looked too dang good. So instead i traded it out for a picture of my loot, all treasures that i once owned but were craigslisted away when i was downsizing. As i look at the Kenny Rogers on a wooden plaque i almost tear up. I stole it from the bus barn back in 2002. It was just chilling on a table, and no one was around. Also someone had stole an outfit i left in the bathroom a few weeks earlier. So i felt a little vengeful and had an impression that Kenny was the universe's way at paying me back. So i took all the stuff out of my backpack and stuffed Kenny in. Sneaked out to the Honda Accord(88) and let Kenny free in the trunk.

This Kenny Rogers thing, along with all these treasures meant a lot to me. I think it was just a phase where i needed to be free of possessions (lame and very unAmerican of me) that caused me to part with this loot. If anyone ever finds a 'Kenny Rogers, riding a horse, wooden plaque thing', send him my way, I promise to not be so careless. At any rate, enjoy the header.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Rule of not ragging on people on my blog is about to be put on the back burner... ready?

I am DJ Jodeci... I Dj weddings. A good friend of mine asked me to dj his wedding. On a side note, at one point in time we went on a few dates. Didn't work out. Ended up reuniting at the YMCA party. Shared love stories, he gave me advice before and after Reno 911 didn't work out. Anyways, of course I said, "Yes I would love to DJ your wedding", he must have asked a few times before we finalized it. Anyways I said I would do the whole thing for 250 dollars, he talked me down to 200. For 4 hours of work, that is a smoking deal and I was doing it as a favor. Then, about 4 weeks later, I get a text. "We don't need you to DJ, found someone else". Whatever.

Tonight at institute, I was catching up with DJ Rome. He said, "Jo, i might be in Europe and i have a wedding you can do, Do you remember ________?" I guess I was not hiding my annoyance, cause Rome was like, "What's up? Why are you bitter?" I explained the senario. Rome was like I am charging him 300 and you can have it. The funny thing is that ____________ has ripped on Rome more than once. However, Rome is a much more experienced DJ than me. I just wish the whole thing was prefaced like, "Jodi, if Rome can do it, than we won't need you" or "if I can't find someone else could you do us a huge favor", not a verbal contract and than a spineless text.

OK, i know this isn't the worst thing that could have happened and I myself have been super flaky once or twice.... I guess my pride was a bit hurt and because of that i won't go to the reception, even as a guest. Oh well.... I got better places to be where the music of a slightly less experienced dj is appriciated ( i guess that might be my house only).

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Driving is so much better than not Driving -Van Goodman

Yesterday was a milestone. My little brother got his drivers license. Yesterday he was in the Altima, driving around the neighborhood with a silly grin on his face. He still can't drive a car to school, so i had to pick him up. It was a joyful ride, we saw a man with a fuex-hawk in running gear by the canal, who was all soft looking but trying to look bad ass, and I said, "Yuckers"..... he laughed, which is so great, cause i forget that I am hilarious. Then he broke the silence a minute later by saying, "Driving is so much better than not driving". I continued the theme by saying, "Making out, is sooo much better than not making out". We went a little crazy with this theme. "Having money, is so much better than being broke"."Being smart is so much better than being stupid" , "Having a straight finger is so much better than a broken one" and my favorite, "Eating good food is so much better than being Rawsome".

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hippie Bus, American Traveler, Kayaking Every River in North America and doing Missionary work Dream

Everybody got a dream... mine was always, always, always to be as free as a bird. I thought the rainbow hippie bus was the greatest symbol, for that freedom. One that you could live out of, and travel the world in, and maybe discover the secrets of the universe in (what can I say I am an idealist).

Well, like most dreams, they are either forgotten, buried or pushed aside because "real life" just doesn't seem to have room for the dream. When ever I see a VW bus, or even a school bus that has been decorated, I wonder, "ARe those people happier than me, are they having more fun than me, with their life in the bus"... yes, yes they are.

I have been struggling with loving my job, my city and my circumstances. Yet, because I am a grown up, with a mortgage and a car payment, and a teaching contract and student loans, and a need to stay in the mecca where is an ample supply of mormon men, I just can't seem to live my "free as a bird in the rainbow colored bus" dream. I am usually alright with that, I get it, and obviously there is the side of me that wants and needs my comfort zone.

I guess, I just wish there wasn't such a battle between my ideals and my real life. Did that sound whiny. Sorry. I guess I am getting into the "NEW YEARS ANNALYZE YOUR LIFE MODE" early.