Thursday, October 30, 2008


I think I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I just got booked to do an Elementary School Dance/Party ages K-5 and I need help with the play list. If your kids are in this age realm, and there are super cool songs, that most kids in this age realm love (I don't know them), fill me in. All I can think of is The ChaCha Slide, girls just want to have fun, that Smash Mouth Song, "Hey there your an All-Star", Boot Scootin Boogie, and the soundtrack from Senior Year H.S. Musical, as you can tell I don't have much. So let me in on what the kids these days like. PLEASE, PLEASE!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So 8 or 9 weeks down, 6 weeks till finals and then home for Christmas in 8 weeks. I will be going home for Amy and Mitch's Wedding (cannot wait, thanks for making me the happiest girl, I get to keep my good guy friend, because he is marrying my best girl friend, usually when the dude gets married, he is gone forever), and then staying for Thanksgiving. So, here is whats up. I do study a lot, mixed in with a bit of checking the facebook, and on the weekends playing facebook poker, but that all has to cease. I am full speed ahead, 6 weeks to bust my ass, to make sure I do well on those final exams. So far so good I think. I have gained 10 pounds, but have new commitments to rawsome and fasting (we will see) and also I have given up TV for the next 8 weeks. You all know I am a girl with the plans, we just gotta work on the followthrough. NO Dates, and I have realized that I have become a hater. I hate on everything, constantly asking Pleasy or Beth, "who annoys you the most in our Prop. class" or I will say "that girl is too spiritual in church, and she talks with an arrogance". I got a serious attitude problem and I hate on almost everything. So that is my last virture i am trying to cub. The best part of this weekend. I got to baby sit for the married students parenting class. I am great with kids. 2nd best, so my house has a backyard hot tub, that is right, I can study then soak it up. And like always, the timing is off. Not a dude in sight to get cozy in the jaccuzzi with. So be it. One more thing. I have decided I am going to wear my glasses until my goal weight is achieved ( i can't afford contacts). So there you have it, all is well, I am still hoping, planning, studying, stressing and playing in the law school dodge ball tourney. WOO DOGGIES!!!

7 weird things about my body, a tag (Thanks Mellissa)

1. Jimmy and I , had 2 of the reported 3 cases of whooping cough in the Valley in 1992. I coughed/whooped all through my 9th grade year, sometimes i would cover my mouth, sometimes I wouldn't. 
2. I broke my finger in the Lehi Days Rodeo, Spiral Fracture...
3. I have had more boogies in Idaho than in my whole life, I think I am alergic to all the wheat they grow up here, or the dog in my house. 
4. I don't have a mustache like some other woman, not to say i am a hairless wonder or anything, just that the molester stache is not my problem. 
5. I used to have 2 hairs that would grow out of my chin, but i plucked them so many times, i got none. 
6. I do have the longest fingers of any woman on the planet, and longest toes...they have been compared to E.T.'s fingers. 
7. I got my first grey hair on my mission, it was a streak in the back of say 100 hairs, now it is disappeared, I think, but i can't be sure because I dye my hair. (So i guess it could still be there). 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Holding out for a hero

I am tired. It has been a long week, here in Law and Order Land. Pleasey (my new Best Pal) and I decided that we want to be smarter. So we attend all these extra speakers, conferences, meetings and other events, to learn as much as we can. I do get tired, a bit burned out and overwhelmed. But all in all things are going super well. I have so much to accomplish this weekend, papers to write, library research, cases to brief and textbooks to read. Time seems to be flying by. I have already been 31 for almost 20 days...Woo Doggies. Idaho is getting colder, and sometimes in the early morning their is even frost on my windshield. I am not looking forward to the long, cold, dark winter. I decided that choosing to come to Idaho (a decision i struggled with) was a great one. I have made friends, have learned alot, and am surprisingly happy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Super failed the "How to Read Rivers and Whitewater" Final. Shoot. It's not that the class was hard, i just was a dummy for signing up for something when I have no time. Oh well. 

Had a date, he took me to an orchestra concert and to the Pita Pit. I still got it. Got what you ask? The ability to only want what I can't have. Still got that. The ability to find things I don't like about someone before I even know them. Yeah still got that. The ability to wish I would have married Steve or Reggie or Daren or Johny or any of the "ones that got away." Always and forever I will have that. Yet on these dates I wish I could focus on the task at hand. It seemed like all through the Orchestra concert I would be thinking, "I wish I was studying right now, or I will never get married anyways...or why am i sitting here listening to orchestra music, that I HATE? 

The funny thing is I had wanted this person to ask me out. Had gotten a pit of jealousy in my stomach as he chatted with other women. Had looked in his eyes and thought, "yeah those are beautiful", had wanted his attention. Then... just like always. I didn't want it anymore. I mean it is OK for me to change my mind. Yet I suppose, I need to be grateful I do have dates once in awhile. I guess I need to be more gracious. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forever JOdi...

How to read Rivers and Whitewater or REC 233 is almost over.. I just have the final. We had a packet due which had some interesting assignments(143/160, one of the lowest grades in the class). I am going to post one of the assignments that was in the packet. It is our river story, a non-fiction piece explaining an adventure we had on the river. You know me, I couldn't just write about rivers, i had to throw in the human element. I hope you get the impression, that i worked on these very late at night. I had no intention of putting this on my blog, but I wrote it, and the blog needs some new life blood.

My River Story
By Jodiane Goodman
June 2007

My first kayak loving boyfriend, was determined I would be a kayaker. So I bought myself a boat, and set out to prove I had the makings of an amazing kayaker, the pressure was on. We headed to the upper Truckee, outside Reno. I had a couple of pool sesions, they had not been too promising. Yet the river was running low, and I had a desire to prove that I had the zeal and natural ability to be a great kayaker.

I wasn’t very good, and I got cold and my kayak kept scraping the rocks. Even though most of the time there was barely enough c.f.s to keep me moving forward, ever so often there would be a drop off. For some reason my kayak would get turned around, and I would go off the drop-offs backwards. He warned me about it, told me to stop it. I just thought it was funny.

Some of the parts of the river got a bit wilder, as it narrowed. I was a little nervous. My stomach jumped a few times as the river sent me flying ever which way. I would get too far ahead, and he would yell for me to slow down. I didn’t know about the eddy or how to use it. So I would just stop paddling and hope he would catch up. I didn't realize how dangerous rivers could be. I did realize that I surely did not have the grace or natural abilities that I had hoped for, but I had a lot of spunk and determination. He interpreted my zeal as carelessness. Ever so often there would be a new drop off. I kept going over them backwards.

Then I came upon a drop-off that was much steeper than the others. Immediately I was in a hole. The seconds drug on. I couldn’t breathe. I was upside down. I couldn’t role. My kayak was stuck between two rocks. I grabbed onto one, got a quick breath and was immediately under the water again. My fingers lost traction with the rock, more seconds slowly passed. I was gonna die. And then it hit me, the words of salvation, “WET EXIT”. I did it. The swim to the rocks was painful. My knees were rubbed raw from the rocks. He had to chase my kayak, chase my paddle. He even got out the yellow rescue rope. It was a bit dramatic. He was angry I hadn't listened. I didn’t like being wet, I didn't like kayaking that much, but i thought if this is what it takes to win his heart, I will do it. If this is what it takes to prove my devotion, I will be wet and cold and almost die.

We didn’t last too long. As I was leaving he said, “I can sell your kayak for you, send you the money”. I said “hell no”, I was going to be a kayaker for myself, not for him. I would learn to love it. I had spent over 2000 dollars on the gear and boat. So I did what any prideful, Arizona girl, with no running rivers for miles, who just got dumped by her kayak loving boyfriend and now had a bunch of kayaking stuff with nowhere to use it would do, I joined the ASU Kayak Club. I learned to roll. I learned to paddle. I learned a bow draw and I even look dang cute in my dry top and helmet and spary skirt. I can honestly say I enjoy kayaking, and because of my hard work (not natural ability) I am getting better at it. So bring on the adventures... bring on the wet, cold, body breaking, mind numbing, scary pain.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok, not that great of a blogger i know...i get it

12 great questions...
1. How can they kill off my favorite CSI... RIP. 
2. How come Nights of Rodanthe was painful to watch, was it the chemistry or lack of?
3. How come I get lazy on Sunday Nights and just want to blog stalk, check emails, read post secret and upload photos on facebook?
4. Why was the potluck at Break the fast the nastiest noodle dishes of all time?
5. Why am I thirty-one and still get to listen to the "no dates after midnight,no french kissing,no back rub, etc. sunday school lesson?
6. Why do I think, "yeah but I am the exception because i am 31 and then the paper with the "dating rules" says, "YOU ARE NOT THE EXCEPTION", like the paper read my mind?
7. Why did I wait till right now to finish my paper, and i still have no motivation to do it (hence the blog)?
8. When will the USA pay off their debt?
9. When will my mom have her own facebook account?
10. Who is going to be the next president? I got my hunches. 
11. Who is going to be in the top ten of my class? I got my hunches. 
12. Will I get Idaho residency? (I think I gotta marry an idaho man to make this one happen)

I know my blogs are lame right now. I am super tired, stressed, lazy, just insert an adjective and that is me right now. I don't want to date about my dating life, like i always used to b/c guess what, super non-existent. But somehow i have lost my creative mind, when it comes to blogging. Be patient, it will return, i just need a bit of inspiration or more time. Anyways, stand will get better i promise. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brilliant Disguise

He is one of my favorites. I am not sure if this was playing on pillow talk on my clock radio all those many years ago...but somehow this song got into my soul. Hope yours too

Hey Everyone, I promise this is the last list before I do a real post.. this weekend, full of pics and other goodnessess.

1. I am 31 now (like a fine whine, i just keep getting better with time)
2. found out my best friends are getting married (congrats AK and Mitch)
3.played Powder Puff, made 3 touchdowns, scraped my knees and elbows raw (astro turf)
4.saw Eagle Eye (with Plessy, after the bonfire, and the Law School Party) flowers from a man with a handle bar mustache (what a sweetie, it was for my BDAY)
6.watched a little CSI (and Law, and Without a Trace, but just a little)
7.took a Civil Procedure Midterm (it didn't count, but i have a long way to go)
 8.tried to be rawsome (but what does try mean anyways)
9.went to Gravity Group 3x (that is a workout class, it kicks my butt)
 10.ate french fries with fry sauce (and a steak sandwich...about 4990 calories)
11.watched a little Olivia TV(thanks Rita for sending the cell phone videos, thanks IChat for  keeping me connected (can't wait till Thanksgiving to chill with my niece for reas)
12. I took some more before pics (i got a whole set of those, and no afters...Damn)
 13.found a renter for my condo(thanks Angela and Lehi 4th ward group email) 9 new facebook friends(and each one is special to me...all 308 of my pals are, yes i know them all personally, i am just that cool)
15.made 48,ooo dollars at facebook poker, lost it all, got back 24,000 ( i am sort of addicted)
16.went to a meeting on imigration (i live in AZ, and vaca. in RockyPointe (this is my forte)
17.decided to audit all my non-law classes (what was I thinking anyways, this is law school)
18.listened to Bruce Springstein (he is the best, that brilliant disguise, oh the power)
19.decided to be friends with a girl i was close to despising (sometimes people are just long winded but you got to say, "i will be friends with you anyways")
20.had a heart to heart with my new friend, who was born and raised in REXBURG ID USA (we had a meeting of the minds, I love being big sister while my own brothers are far away) some legal advice on the current AZ Condo/leaking roof/Hoa situation i am dealing with (pray you don't have problems, where 3 entities are involved, and you are 1500 miles away, and it sucks)
22. watched the presidential debates (i am afraid)
23. wrote and rewrote a legal research paper(we all had to don't worry, i can write)
24. Ordered Pizza for my own birthday party (64.oo wow)
25. missed my family and friends (they are awesome, thanks parents for all your help)
26. listened to an alternative energy speech (decided i want to be smarter)

* I love being 31, everyone called and said, "are you Ok", like 31 is cancer or a broken heart. I said, 31 is easy... and I couldn't be happier. My thirties have been so good, so far. So thanks for your concern, but I am in good spirits, good health and have a good attitude. XOXO. 

**to all the haters I know the difference between whine and wine (number 1), If I spelled anything else wrong, yeah I didn't mean to.