Thursday, September 30, 2010

Over My Head.

I decided i was going to make up for lost opportunities in Law School.

This semester I am taking

Bankruptcy 3
Bankruptcy Clinic 1
Victims Rights Clinic 1
Legal Accounting 1
Environmental Law 3
Unfair Competition 2
International Public Law 3
Intellectual Property 3

I am also sitting in on 2 classes and not getting credit for Workplace and Securities

Clinic takes time, reading for class takes time, being social takes time, going to church takes time, blogging takes time (so i wasn't doing it).

I just wanted everyone to know I am busy, happy and feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy being stay at home moms. LOL. I would trade you in a second.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Success at the Gyno and I got a wart off my hand removed.

i am 33. i am in a college town. I have about 1000 friends on facebook. I think 118 wished me happy birthday. I had a goal of 100. If you know me well, that wouldnt surprise you. I am all about the benchmarks and numbers and percentages. That is another post.

Today I went for my yearly pap. Everything is normal. She said I have a very healthy cervix. Still don't know what a cervix is, but i think it is analogous to the back of the throat. When you open your mouth real big, you see the back on the throat... when you open your .... well you get the idea, you get to see the cervix.

I am proud of my healthy cervix. i guess sometimes you gotta be proud of the little things.

Today I was updating my facebook status. I wanted to say, "Success at the Gyno plus I got a wart on my hand removed". But I don't know if that would go well with my 1000 friends. I have hand picked you individuals to read this i thought I would update all of you on my Success. I hope you at least smiled by my post.

Here is the question, what would you update your status to if only a handful of friends could read it. I mean no one ever says, "Great Sex last night" or "getting too big for my size 14's time to upgrade" or "Been 3 days till I showered, and 24 hours since I brushed my teeth, gotta get better hygeine".

Am i the only one who thinks about this stuff. Hope not.