Saturday, November 28, 2009

The best 3 weeks of my life.

So it's on. Studying. every free minute is filled with listening to law on tape, looking at flashcards or meeting with study groups...this is the world series of law school. We gotta show off what we have been training to do all semester. May i thrive. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Love being an aunt.

I don't know about you...but i love being an aunt. Livy can now say lots of things including "dodie" and "jojo". It is so much fun to be home and get to spend time with them. I do get to do ichat with Livy and it is always so much fun. More fun in real life.

Gibson is the cutest little guy. He is so smilie, squealie and just pure awesomeness. Already is cute personality is coming through. I also get to do Ichat with Gibby and i love that he laughs and smiles almost the whole way through.

It is fitting that i would use my mac to take pics with my niece and nephew... because that is our main connection to each other when i am away.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A random mix of pictures from the last 2 and half years. I love it.

So i can't sleep... so i decided to upload some of my favorite pictures. Some you have seen and some you haven't. But they are all a good time. Tell me which picture is your favorite.

Jenifer (the only one who truly understands me, or close to it)

Tonight i was talking to Jen and we laugh at our situations. Here we are both going back to school, but the similarities don't end there.

1. Jen and I ran CC and Track in HighSchool.

2. We were in the MTC at the same time.

3. Our Moms lived in the same city and attended the same Branch in Iran when there dads were college professors over there. Jen's mom was in college. My mom was in highschool

4. We have both made out with Ken CHECKETTS (yeah K.C you are back on the blog...side note, when Ken was persistently persuing my other best friend Amy, i posted his name on our 'Not private' blog site, stating that it would be so awesome for my best friend Amy and i to kiss the same dude.... he googled his name and said we had to remove it... he told amy that my posting his name on the blog bordered on defamation, well Ken Checketts I am in Law School and i learned about defamation and you would not have a case).

5. We lived in the same blue condos by ASU.

6. We both taught for Higley, well Jen is a counselor at Gateway Elementary and I was an English Teacher at Gateway.

7. We are both going back to school. Jen to be a nurse, and me obviously to become a district attorney (i think Gateway Elementary is the gateway to our leaving the education system and living our other dreams). I think the similarity is that we both want more from this life, and are not standing still.

8. We were in both in 3rd ward together and loved it. Jen was in University 7th until she got kicked out for being too old. I left to Moscow, where you can never get kicked out for being too old...but i lived vicariously thorugh Jen's pain of being kicked out.

9. We have both have made out with a lot of men (i am not sure who wins as far as numbers, but does it really matter at 32, everyone knows you've been around awhile).....and both didn't get our first kisses until Ricks College. Oh yeah, we both went to Ricks after H.S.

10. We both don't have long term relationships....but realize those are the key. Mine was 6 months with Reggie (Bless his soul, he didn't die, i just hold a special place in my heart for him loving me all those long months, those extra 2 months that other men have not been able to endure...) and Jen's is with her current on again/off again man right now.

11. We both bought condos during the peak of the market. Her's has retained it's value because the condo was new when she bought it. My condo was like 31 years old when i bought it. So not so much value is retained.

12. We both love to talk about how it really is a miracle that we are still on the singles scene. Nobody is as great at pondering the improbability of the two classiest ladies Mesa has ever seen...settleing into their mid -30's alone.

As everyone else has taken the plunge and left me out here to endure the singles alone...Jen is my go to girl who knows how I feel, who refuses to give up, and makes me remember when.... and how great life is now. I love her like a sister and am grateful that she's her.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


this is hot, stylie, steal the show Rita. Who is cuter than big, loooooser, non-cute, no fashion sense, missed the boat on marriage, old jodi. (maybe it was the green flower earrings that were the kiss of death or that big glittery 30 on the top of my head...maybe it is time i stop rocking that, and then all my mormon dreams will come true??)

1. i didn't get kicked off LDS Planet yet... When the kid told me he was turning me in, i decided to send them a message as well. It said, "hey i know i swore 1x but please recognize that he was completely inappropriate as well, so if i get kicked off, you better kick him off too." I guess law school has taught me about justice.

2. My best friend up here has a subscription to LDS Planet as well. We pulled up his photos to look at him, he is the worst dresser, even was wearing Lucky Charms scrubs, and we looked at my pictures and I am stylie. So I felt better about that.

3. Best friend, who is a scriptorian, sent him a bunch of scriptures about marriage and divorce and how Jesus said, "tis better to be unmarried than to ever divorce..." or something like that. He really railed into him by using the scriptures. He won't share with me what he said, and because my best friend is a feminist, he is actually a little embarrassed that he had to protect my honor, by sending a scriptural bomb...but I love it.

4. My other best friend accidently sent the email i sent him with "the dialogue" to all these random people at the law school...which is just funny, because people are coming up and saying i am a really nice person, and dress cute.

5. it was the funniest thing that has happened on the planet for awhile. Now I just gotta study for 5 weeks and then i will be free.

Much love...thanks for the comments and responses. You guys are the best private blog readers.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Overreacting.( I use 2 profane words, and if you believe in online love...this might break your heart)

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From: BABYBUBBA09 Block this User NEW Printable View
Subject: hi
Date: 2009-11-08 / 11:56 PM
okay so i hope you dont think this is really rude but I saw your pictures and noticed ur sister? is she single? I know that is really bad but I thought ur sister was really cute...if she's not its fine or if you are mad then I understand...If you are mad I do apologize in advance.

so i got this....and i said this...

From: STILLRUNNING Printable View
Subject: No Subject
Date: 2009-11-09 / 01:04 AM
Great News! This message is an ECHO!
You have contacted this member recently.

You are an asshole, and an unattractive one at that. And you have kids aka baggage, you wouldn't have a chance with me, or my little, beautiful amazing sister. Please don't ever be so insulting to any woman on this thing ever again. I see lots of super hot guys in pictures of not so hot ones, but i would never have the balls to do what you just did, and ask about fact sometimes older man will send me a flirt or something and i look at the pictures and he has a super hot son....i would love to say, "hey pass me onto your son" but there is a thing called manners and tact. Hopefully your wife was the one who left your arrogant, horrible skin, not attractive self....just saying.

Yes Rita you are beautiful. And Aaron if you ever read this post, yes i am back on LDS Planet, if you don't succeed at first, and are stuck in the middle of Northern Idaho, try, try again.

So what do you think did i overreact??

oh and he said this back...

okay so first off your being reported to the adminstrator for abuse using profanity is strictly prohibited....secondly i am very good having a son is not a bad thing. Atleast I've been married. Do u think there is a reason why your 31 and never married...lets really think about who the looser is. You don't know dont know what an amazing person I am. It's not my fault that I thought ur sister was cute but your not. I mean if you actually had a clue about fashion or how to dress maybe guys would actually talk to you. As the church says if your over the age of 25 and never married your just a nuisance to society....hmmm i think someone missed the boat. Don't even think that you know me or my son. I am the most humble person when it comes to dating. I dont think i'm too good for anyone, and maybe instead of being a judgemental like prick maybe you should be a lady and use some soap in that nasty mouth of yours. Grow up...your not that cute. Just cause ur sister is dont get all mad about it. I apologized ahead of time if you got u think an ignorant guy would apologize ahead of time if you got mad...really you are the reason why older women have a bad name. i hope that you get married to this guy and he treats you like a biggest piece of crap and you end up getting divorced cause he left you for his secretary...then you will know how you treat others.

My favorite part is he blocked me, after this...sorry i said asshole and balls everyone. I guess if i dressed better... all my mormon dreams would come true. Shoot now i know the secret.

much love...jodi

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So i didn't dress up. But i went to Wingers with friends, had a date to San Miguels(was it a date, either way thanks Brandon), watched sports with some law students, went to a house party, walked around down town and went dancing at the Alley. All in all it was a good time.