Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just like this picture.

Yeah, those are my aunts...and my mom. She is the shady one who isn't looking at the camera.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Long ago.... my friend Jamie Caldwell and I spoke about being the "mother hen" to all our friends. Jamie said she felt like she was meant to be the last of her friends to get married. Well I think Mrs. Jamie Caldwell Shelton has been married for four years or so. And obviously she was not the ultimate mother hen.

Everyone got married. Everyone. The Leland Gang (Trisha, Michelle, Holly, Stacy, Melanie, Jenny, Lindsay,) who were all Lehi 5th Ward girls, were all married by the time I went into the MTC. At 21 I was the oldest of the crew. Then my friends from Ricks Collge (Nikki, Val, Starr, Cameo, Sara, Kristy, Kristal, Cousin Brian, Steve, Jared...even Monique got married, and Mary and Lisa...and finally AK my best friend got married). Then everyone from singles ward got married, every "Shirt Girl" got married, every boy I had ever dated got married, some got divorced and some got remarried...but they all got their day. Every cousin older than me and most cousins younger than me were wed. Kids I used to baby sit got married, and their kids should be getting married soon. Even my little brother and little sister got married. Everyone.

Everyone except my dear friend Jen Williams. My friendship with Jen started long ago... before we were born. Our moms were daughters of university profs. and lived in Iran at the same time. Then Jen and I were Cross Country runners at Mountain View. Then we attended Ricks, The MTC, ASU, University 3rd Ward, all at the same time. We weren't super close untill after our missions.

Jen is 4 months older than me, and out of everyone in the inner circle of this lonely girl's life... Jen is the lone hold out. She is the only one who understands me, and my plight. She is the one I can count on for pep talks, the one I can give advice to...about all the lessons and defense mechanisms, of still searching for 'The ONE' in our mid 30s. She is somebody I can share hilarious stories with, that only someone in "our plight" can understand. We have gone on ward camp-outs, have attended institute dances, have gone to new years parties (that we were far too old to be at), we have dated the same men--5 years apart, We checked each other for information if when we have met a "new" dude, that hopefully the other had inside information about. I thought this "single alliance" would never end. And although I knew someday it would...I have relished in having a single friend who has known me since we were 16, and has known me well since we were 23.

Alas, she got engaged two days ago. I'm nervous. I am nervous for her leaving the single scene; It's all she has ever known. And as she embarks on this very important adventure, I hope the 18 years she has been able to date has prepared her for this. Also, I am nervous for me. As the only one left still single...after making countless new groups of friends, I just don't know how I feel about being the ULTIMATE mother hen. I have taken the position of being the lone holdout, ensuring that all those I love would not have to be out here in single land alone. I guess I always knew this was my calling. I was just sort of hoping Jen would be the mother hen. shoot. She totally wins.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

6 weeks.

I graduate from Law School in six weeks. I am EXCITED! It has been a long three years, that has flown by. I love my Moscow, Idaho. I love University of Idaho. I love the inland Northwest. I am going to miss everyone so much, and at the same time I am happy to never see most of these people ever again. So much to do to get ready for the end of this final semester.

I have to finish my upper division writing paper on Genetically Modified Foods and International Treaties.

I need to do about 20 more hours in the Victims Right's Clinic.

I have to do a huge research assignment called a pathfinder. Basically I have to use as many resources in the law library and online data bases and then document my findings.

I must complete a bunch of assignments for Law Practice Management (this is my goal for tomorrow).

I need to learn and read much more for my Copyrights and Property Security classes...

And if there is anytime left over, I must work out (to look good for when i come home), hang out with all my friends and start bar preparation. The bar exam prep. time will probably be the most intense, handworking time of my life and it will go from May 15-July 26.

So I have 6 weeks left in Moscow. I am going to be a busy, social, hardworking, muscle building gal.