Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who I love in Mesa

my family, my friends, my singles ward, my home ward, the girls i grew up with, everyone from H.S., the whole damn singles scene, all my co-workers from Chili's, bus driving, teaching, Anasazi and Dairy Queen, all my old roomates, my schoolmates from MCC, ASU and Ottawa, my Sole group, my boxing trainer, the kayak club, my old soccer teams, every man I have ever dated, wanted to or rejected, and my dog heru.

It takes a village.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tonight we Daub like Lloyd Daubler.

I suppose it has been 5 years since we were gamblers.... Bingo at Casino Arizona and the Fort McDowell. Anyways, Mary and Tanner took up my suggestion that we head down there for Midnight Madness. AK decided she wanted in on the fun. So at 11:30 I left the YSA House Party to meet everyone so we could head out to the Res together. Now bingo can be as cheap as 5 dollars, but you miss out on some games and if you win, you only get 300$. I ended up paying 16 dollars, so that i could play every game and if I won it would be 600$, also I could win big (even though it was a million to one shot), like 24,000 bucks.

We fell into old habits. AK and I enjoyed the electronic bingo machine where you just input the numbers and then have the machine show you your best cars. Tanner and Mary duabed with their duabers (more time consuming and more intense). Anyways, we also went to the hamburger joint in the casino and ate fries and O-rings. Nobody in our posse won anything. It was sort of fun, but I was useless the next day. My last shift at Chile's will not be remembered as my best. I was moody and droopy.

Bingo brings out two sides of me. First the side that wants to win, and is a bit annoyed whenever I hear the words bingo, coming from someone else. Also I start to believe that my mind is powerful enough to will the bingo balls into popping up if I tell them to. I will focus on a number. I will think "61...61....61". Then the man will maybe call "61". If he does I will believe in my power, I will try it again, "14, 14....14...14" will run through my thoughts. And then the man will call "58". Then I will just wait it out for someone else to call "Bingo". So Bingo brings out the covetess who wants other peoples Bingo Loot, and the clarvoyant goddess that i am, or wish I was.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Packing it Up, Painting an Old Barn.

I refuse to count how many times I have moved. I think that is just the world we live in, people are traveling lighter, and moving about the country, or world. With just about everything in my life, I underestimate how much time it will take to get a job done. I seriously thought it would take maybe 4 hours to pack up my house, clean the dang thing, get it all touched up and the handy work done with enough time to spare to go to take Brendan (my friend and handy man) to dinner, all on Friday. Needless to say, I grossly underestimated the work that needed to be done, (how much crap I have, how flawed the condo was etc. )

Brendan was a champ. He is a perfectionist, so he kept seeing new projects. I would hear him say, "jodi if I had more time, there is just so much I could do to this place", or "we could just re-paint the whole thing, if you want". But ultimately, I don't have the time. One girl (the one moving into the master) moved in last night. And I finally got a renter for the third room yesterday, who will move in today. What a relief to know that if all goes according to plan (aka everyone pays their rent) I can pay both my mortgage and hoa. Honestly, it is such a blessing.

Cleaning up my stuff is always interesting. I got rid of soo much crap last year about this time when I was getting ready to move to Reno. I am talking hordes of my hippy, thrift store stash, it was very emotional last year to part with everything. However this time the purge was less, including LSAT prep books, magazines, clothes and shoes all found a new home at the Desert Industries. I had a massive Aloe Vera Plant Garden that will be hard to leave. All in all, it's good to be forced to purge. Otherwise we carry around too much baggage (another profound metaphor for life).

I will miss living in my condo. I love it there.

Goodbye Willy.... out side the road house.

When one of the Goodman's leaves the nest or graduates from something, or has a birthday we go out. Not to the club, I can't even imagine my parents at a Scottsdale club (but it's funny to try). We go to dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse because it was Luke's Birthday, and the night before Willy headed out to BYU. This is why I hate the Roadhouse.

A) The wait is always so long, this time was the worst. It was a Wednesday night. Jimmy and Tamra got their 30 min. early. The hostess told them, it would be 30-45 minutes. 90 minutes later we got in (hence all the pics of us outside the roadhouse, we gotta do something to pass the time).

B) Conversation with our server.
Jodi: Hey can people over 12 get kids' meals
Server: No, sorry.
Jodi: (in a kind voice)Oh cause at Chili's where I work that's not a big deal.
Server: (in a bitchy, voice) This is the Roadhouse, and that's the rules.
Jodi: Alright.

I didn't order anything. If your not that hungry, and you can't get your kids meal. Then what's a girl to do? Yep, share it up with your family. We all know there is always a ton of extra food anyways. I just don't get why you couldn't give me a kids meal. Seriously. I could have just gotten it to go for my 10 year old (made-up of course) daughter, and then ate it myself. Seriously, I just want it how I want it.

C) Besides the No-Kid-Meal for the old girl sactions, our server sucked. I expect alot from servers because I am one now, however I am forgiving if they try at all. BLAR.

But family time is always good. It was good to be together one last time before Thanksgiving or Christmas. And by then, baby Olivia will be here (notice how big Rita's belly is getting).

Good luck Willy, get yourself a cougar wife (that can be interpreted in diverse ways).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chili....what it means to me.

When I was 4 i first realized I liked Chili. Mom would cook up a pot of 'food storage pinto beans', some hamburger from one of the cows we took to the butcher (that I used to milk, that was my job, maybe not at 4, at 4 I think I had to hold a bottle of milk to feed the calves, yes I was a farm girl) and some chili powder.

Then when I was 6 my grandparents got called to a mission in Chile. I remember it being a long time, and then they came back and I got a butterfly purse and a blue necklace pendant. I thought it was funny that place was called Chile where they were going, cause all I knew about was the pinto bean/dead pet cow chili.

Now I work at Chili's. Well I do for one more shift. Chili's is a place where I drank a ton of strawberry lemonades, where I mingles with the younger, wilder, dare I say 'less inhibited'. I definitely needed to supplement the substituting and DJing. Also, I realized I like serving people, as long as they tip 20 percent.

I am sentimental about my 3 Chili's/Chile for a few reasons.

1. I am trying out vegetarianism again (just let me say it, even if you don't believe Mitch, Sumo and you all) and there be meats in the chili.
2. My grandparents are getting old, and I am going to miss them when I go.
3. Saturday is my last shift at Chili's forever.... (well we have used that word before and I always come back here, so we will say for now). Chili's you have been good to me, and the friends I met there were awesome. PeaCe.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

6th grade vs. Hell

When I was in 6th grade I was a bitch. Honestly. I know that is hard for all to believe because I am just so freaking cool now. But I made life hard for Mr. Montoya. I was in the cool class, and was the class clown. I had no respect for him, I complained, I was loud, etc. I even made him cry once. I bragged about it until 9th grade (I have always been a bit on the immature side). He just tried to use that teacher (appeal to the human decency/kind/good hearted/human part of the student) mumbo/jumbo on me. I simply ignored his attempts and later, bragged about being the only girl who could make my teacher cry. I must've been quite the bitch/pill/annoyance or in other words 6th grader.

Today while subbing the 6th graders (and it wasn't even that bad, they had all their specials, including an hour with the counselor and they switched classes in the PM, so I had them for say 2 hours overall) it all came back to me. How utterly horrible I was to the teacher who cared the most and put forth so much effort to reach and reaffirm me (he was such a better teacher than I could dream of being). I was Horrible. I am emailing Mr. Montoya (I found him through Google today while the kids were at recess). I am apologizing to him and letting him know how great he was, I mean I remember details.

On another note, I am staying away from students in their adolescent stage...I have learned 6th grade is hell, 7th grade is never ending torture and 8th grade, now thats where things get really ugly. I just need to be reminded sometimes.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crossroads...and things that happend this weekend

1. I went out to dinner with Anna at Pita Jungle, Jennea at Hachi Baba's, Sean at Mackey's and Yoko's. Basically this weekend, I ate at my favorite places, and I am happy.

2. I went with my friend Sean to his bike race and decided not to participate for a few reasons, I don't really no how to shift my bike that well, I just barely got my pedal clips and shoes and I don't have insurance, so if I get hurt it will be bad.

3. I went to a co-worker from Chili's Birthday Party. I learned what Beer-pong is (by observation only) and I got to hang out with out repeating the words, "I don't drink, I'm Mormon" like I used to. NO body asks me at those parties cause they know the answer.

4. I went to Stake Conference with my family, there was no room in the inn, so I sat out in the foyer with Monique. Honestly, nothing like the foyer at Stake Conference to help you be really glad you don't have kids, can't anyone keep them quiet, sheesh...it's not that hard.

5. Found out I was accepted to a few more Schools, Maine and University of Oregon. This just complicates things....in a good way.

6. Went to the first 30-39 year old fireside. It was interesting. My friend Anna used the phrase "fermenting hormones and broken dreams" to describe the feel of the night *her link is Anna's Adventures in my blog role. She said, it better than i could. Brownies and Ice-cream, looks when ever someone new came in, jodi making pro and con lists for her future (just figuring it out)....you gotta love a firesides.

7. Visited with my grandparents, my grandma showed me all her stretching exercises so that she keeps her circulation up... It was the cutest thing I have seen in a while. She told me she doesn't stretch in public, "so people won't think I am a nut". I laughed, because it's true, and I stretch all the time in public.

8. I got visit taught. One of the girls had just gotten back from an energy seminar and had some very interesting insights. I spoke about a movie I just saw called "Expelled". It is about Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism. It was OK, the other girls (I have three visiting teachers) gave lessons about Marriage. Good Job.

9. I got mad at Willy (my brother) because he brought up a dent that I noticed in the Element. Basically on our way out to Conference I noticed my car had a light dent. I think I bumped my kayak into the car while I was carrying it last weekend. Anyways, I got very upset, but finally forgot about it, then Willy reminded me of the dent. I hate that. My mind gets fixated on things, and it is hard for it to change the subject. Anyways, after 2 and 1/2 months of Willy being home, we had our first minor squabble. It was minor, but I felt bad for being so sensitive about the dent in my Element, I just love my car so much.

10. I love my sister Rita, and her cute belly. Baby Olivia will be here so soon, and I will be sad I won't be here to welcome her in. Especially since she is my first niece (and I have no nephews). Also, I want to see how Sumo is at being a dad before he gets used to it. Also, it will just be way cool to have a little baby around the Goodman home. It is definitely needed.

That is the breakdown. Tomorrow I sub, and serve. I got a lot to do this week. Have fun, be productive and enjoy your significant others or your freedom. Go Ducks.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I don't care how long it takes... i am making my mormon dreams come true.

So random things are happening. I do have some pretty cool adventures planned for the next 2 weeks. Including a bike race this weekend, a Grand Canyon trip ( i hope i get someone to go with me) and a triathlon next Saturday. The theme for this year is I do what I have always wanted to do. That includes yes, becoming a server, applying (and unless there is divine intervention) and going to law school, and completing P90x, my dream of kissing a boy (now man I guess) from every state has not yet come true, but I might just tack that on the list too. Cause this year, everything great is happening, and all because I am 30 and I ain't getting younger. It took turning 30 to realize that time fly's by. No Pals, I did not add getting married to the list, but I am hoping for 2009. It just feels like the time is not yet. Oh yeah 2 weeks till I go on the Ultimate Jodi Adventure, more details to come.

Off to institute, even though it is what it is, I still love it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Deeds...

After 30 years together...I know myself pretty well. And this I know, I am a bit selfish. I keep thinking when i have a husband and my 10 kids (six of my own womb and 4 of others' wombs, yes i want to adopt) I will no longer be selfish because I will be caring about others too much, i will be too busy to be selfish. Still I am not sure if I am selfish because I think that no one else is looking out for me, so I gotta put myself first (a very feminist/independent woman move). And yet, there is a constant battle between embracing the "putting the comforts/wants/needs of Jodi first" mentality and the more Christian, "putting the comforts/wants/needs of others first" mentality. Anyways here of some high lights from the battle front.

1. I was subbing at a High School. It was 4th hour. A girl complemented me on my gold head band. And asked me where I got it from. With out a moments hesitation I asked her if she wanted it. Her eyes lit up and she said, "absolutely", explaining it was the missing piece to her prom night ensemble. Then she asked me if I had lice (you can just never be too careful when the sub is handing out head bands). You might think, "good job jodi", but what you didn't know is I got that headband for the high price of 5/1.00 dollar and it had been giving me a head ache all day. Still win for the "other's first" side.

2. At Chili's we all help running food for our fellow servers. They might bring a tray of goodness out to my table, and a little bit later they will be busy and I will take a tray of food out to their table. Now that is all fine and good. But what I hate is when it's not your people (aka the people who will be tipping you) and they got requests for example. "Hey, we need our drinks refilled, 3 sides of ranch, 2 sides of rancho bar-b-que sauce and more chips and salsa". It's a pain in the ace. I will help these people and yet my heart is murmurring the whole time. I develop a deep anger towards all those who are not in my section who want more Straw-berry lemonades. In fact once anyone needs their 6th refill of diet coke, they are officially "the worst person to walk this planet". And then my mind starts reeling and thinks things like this, "diet coke is bad for you, worse than regular coke, everyone knows that, who do you think you are, ordering so many diet cokes, they are just going to destroy your body, and look at you baby boomer, you are going to take all our monies for your social security checks, and my monies are gonna have to pay for your medications because your jacking up your body on diet coke. (then the name calling in my mind begins, I will keep it PG) Crazy Hag, look at you CHEAP ACE, you only tipped me 2 dollars and i got you nine diet cokes and 3 sides of Ranch................... BURN IN HELL. I obviously got problems, because sometimes good deeds, if done too much lead to selfish anger. This is a win for Selfishness.

3. I want to be happy for other people's success. And sometimes I am so overjoyed for other's good fortunes. But sometimes in life, I feel the same way I do at the Fort McDowell Casino Bingo Room, pissed off when I don't win. I put the same amount of work in as the other bingo players. I stamped my dauber, I was attentive, I listened, I was quiet during the games to not interrupt others. I did exactly what every one else was doing, and even beyond that, my heart was in it. So why don't I ever win at Bingo. Is it because I want to win too bad. Is it because I don't believe I will win and I am experiencing a Bingo Self-full-filling Prophecy? I do not know why I do what I am supposed to do, and yet the odds never tip in my favor, the Gods of Luck do not shine down upon me in Casino Halls. I remember for my 25th birthday I went to play Bingo with all my palls. Wouldn't you know it, Joanne hit the jackpot (well she won 350 bones) on my birthday. I couldn't be happy for her. I smiled, but it was fake. I wanted to win. Everyone else was congradulating Joanne. Were they really happy for her? Really? Was I the only one who could not be happy for a friends good fortune? I don't know. Selfishness wins again.

After those three examples, I think I need to work more on Christian love. Well at least counting my blessings, and serving others. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I loathe you.

I just had the best weekend. Can I tell you how much fun it was. Catching up with Arianne, dinner with Rita and Sumo, movie with Monique and Amy, volunteering at the practice swims on Friday and Saturday mornings, Djing Justin's Wedding Reception, hanging out with Starr, getting together with my favorite people cause Cameo and Lynn are moving their family to Denver for nursing school, and we all won't be together for a long time, laughing harder than I have in quite sometime (with fore mentioned favorite people), being a volunteer at the real iron man (i will write a detailed post soon), and then going to church, hanging out with my family. Yet, after all this happiness and goodness in my life. Tis time for lameness to enter, the house party.

Sunday Night Pazzooki (cookie dough in mini pans with ice-cream on the top) Party. I loathe these people. I loathe their overly sweet minty fresh breath, I loathe their over done up makeup, I loathe their over expressive faces, I loathe the dudes watching the door hoping something hot walks in, I loathe this scene. I do.

I know I am stressed, thank goodness this last year of my life taught me about stress cause I am deep in it. And yes, it could be possible I am taking out my anxiety and stress out, on the Single Scene, especially as it unfolded at the party. I guess I just for this moment, hate every single, single person at that party. I even hate myself for still having the gall to show up, and expecting a good time (well 6 out of 7x it is good on some level just not tonight). I know there will be some moment, or many when i am far away from the mecca and I will look back with fondness and longing for the days of "Pazzooki Parties". I know that day will come when there is not a chance in hell, that any of the men in the greater Philly area will be my EC and I will be stuck there for a lifetime, and I will long for the never-ending-buffet style of men I am used to here in the Mesa Mecca and yet.... I loathe this scene. Maybe just for tonight.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jodi and the Tempe Firemen on a boat.

Today was a practice swim. The Ironman race is on Sunday, and any and all participants have a few slots of time on the days leading up to it, where they can practice swimming in crystal clear waters (aka Tempe town lake). Now don't get all excited and think i overcame my wet suit fears, that is just not the case. What is the case is that as a member (not a dues paying but a member none-the-less) of the Sun Devil Kayak Club, I am encouraged to help volunteer in my boat during the race and practice sessions.

For some reason today, i decided it would be a good idea to wear shoes, tennis shoes if you will, in my kayak. Now that felt fine for the first 3 minutes, when i was paddling out to the middle of lake. But soon my ankles, and tops of feet an shins began to burn, then throb, then ache, and then they really started to hurt. You see just like my 2 sizes too small wet suit gave my body clostraphobia, my kayak squished my size 11 tenny-clad feet into a tightly confined space. I tried things to relieve the pressure in my legs. First, I focused on paddling with focus, then speed, and then precision. The pain did not leave me, it was steadfast. Next, I chatted with anything that passed me. Fellow boaters and swimmers all got an overly friendly impression of the gal in the blue boat. Ouch still hurting, but I smile and try to not show my agony. I tried stretching exercises, hoping to find a bit more space for my feet. The pain did not subside, it simply grew with intensity. Enough was enough. My body must be free, and that included my feet and freakishly long toes.

I glanced around... where is relief, where is solace for my aches, my burns, my throbs. I see a dock where freedom lies. I have thought about the doc before. And yet, abandoning my post, seems wussy-like. Weighing my options, I decide it is time to paddle as fast as I can to the doc, then I will quickly remove my shoes, and get back in the boat, returning quickly to my post.

I paddle, I paddle, I paddle. I pass a boat full of attractive and middle aged mildly attractive fire men. They ask me if i want to come ashore. I smile awkwardly. Strangely I feel like when you are on a road trip and you have to go to the bathroom, and you see the sign for the rest stop is 40 miles away, and you can contain your bowels. And yet, as the signs get closer, you have to go a bit more. Once the rest stop is in your view, you feel like you are holding back Niagra Falls. This is how the pain is. I know I am so close to the doc, and yet as I get closer the pain increases. I share with the fire men my plight. They ask me if I would like to get on their boat, and are willing to balance me in the water while I step out of my kayak... and into their boat. I am no dummy this will never work. I am far too unstable when it comes to dismounting out of the boat. I bid farewells, they tell me I can bring my shoes back and they can watch them for me.

I paddle, paddle, paddle. All the while my ankles are buring, my calves are throbbing, and my shins are stretched to their maximum. I reach the shore. I ease out of my boat. My feet are practically cemented into their position. Finally they are dislodged and I can remove my shoes. I paddle over and drop off my New Balances to the firemen's boat. They have graciously agreed to keep watch over them, while I finish helping out. It takes the rest of the practice for my feets and attachments to feel semi-normal. All the while I am stretching, wiggling, flexing, circling and spelling the alphabet (all tricks learned from 30 years on this earth) with my feet.

All because I have a crush on the President of the Kayak Club. Well I didn't wear shoes for that reason, but he keeps me volenteering at all these triathlons.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Annoyed. Like Never Before, Like Always

Why do you have to be so lame. I post my condo on the institute, with one room to rent. The girls call me and we set up a time for them to look at the open room. Case in point, it was only one and a half hours ago, that I returned the message that Sara left on my phone. I was happy to oblige even though I need to go put some finishing touches on baby Olivia's present (Rita's shower is tonight). I told the girl, you can come RIGHT NOW, or at 4 forty-five. She said, my friend and I will be right over. F-ing 90 minutes later, no Sara, no friend. only Jodi annoyed. Now, you may say, "jodi, calm down, everything gonna be alright". Problem is, this is the third time that I make plans to show the room, rearrange my schedule and then get flaked out on.

PS. can't wait till I'm a lawyer and I can charge people for their flakiness, right now all I got is the tool to blog it, and be annoyed in my heart. BLAR to flakey 19 year olds who can't keep their word. Now I guess I am going to give you a funny analogy. It is like when the dude you like, is flakey, or emotionally barren, or in love with /cheated on you with your best friend. I know the right answer is, "Gee you are lucky finding it out now, you didn't want him anyway". So this is like finding out about the flakes before you make the commitment aka letting them move into your space.... I always hated that saying, "you didn't want him anyway", because yeah, yeah i sort of did. God Bless Everyone. Even the unreliable, flaky pieces of crap who steal our time and sanity (did I used to be one?)

10 minutes later, i just realized i flaked on my lds mingles boyfriends. Oh i am sorry for being so insensitive and flakey, my blog helped me realize your pain/annoyance was real. But business flakiness is like 10x worse than social, or the other way around. Whatever.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tis a Conference Miracle.

"Jodi, are you going to Utah for Conference, cause I am", Willy (my 21 year old brother, The kid who took the Moroni Challenge at 17 because he wasn't gonna live the gospel if he didn't know it was true, the return missionary who returned from the Brazil Menaus mission aka Amazon River, the Valedictorian of our very competitive high school, the kid who wasn't built like a cross country God, but made us all proud, and most importantly he's cool and intense and quick to anger(but has come a long way), who say's "what's up beautiful" when ever I walk into my parent's house) asked about 2 months ago. "Well if it's cheap I'll go" I responded. Sure enough the Southwest Ding fare special that I installed awhile ago, came through. 3 minutes later and 137 dollars poorer, I was on my way to Salt Lake City. And as in most holidays, I am doing it spontaneously, meaning with out plan.

Well actually I did have a plan, I had a few LDS Linkup (that's the free site) Mens who I made very, loose, tentative plans to see. I had cousins in West Jordan (we all got cousins in West Jordan), my MTC companion had recently, after 8+ years in Boston, returned to her homeland and was living in down town SLC. My good pal Sommer was there in Lehi. Lori my Ricks College "randomest friend ever" was there in P-town....I had options. And if there is one thing you need to know about me, I love options. Ok here is a breakdown of my weekend. I think it is sort of funny, so enjoy.

Friday. After staying up too late, I awake at 4:30 am. Tis time to catch my plane. I sleep all the way to SLC. Cousin Whitt, picks me up. We eat Carl's Jr. at 9 am because all I want is a Western Burger. I sleep in her basement for 5 hours while she is a Nanny to 2 blond rich kids. We visit Jamie's house, she is gone on date night. My cousin Tyson is babysitting. Chase poops his pants, he offers Whitt money to change the diaper. I show Tyson my boxing moves, he laughs and says, "at least it is good exercise". Carrie comes and picks me up.

We head to her mission reunion (not mine, I was EL Salvador, she was Guate). It is boring. We go to a house party. Where this guy I recognize immediately is playing the piano and singing music he wrote. I know this man from Lazona Ward 2002. He is the guy who Eloped and then sent out invitations after for a celebration. Sorry kid, you elope, no presents (it's the rules). I remember the invitation to the "we eloped but please give us a present party". They are sitting on a piano. Oh how life goes full circle. Speaking of full circle.

My ex boyfriend, the one who made me stop using the word soulmates (how could I use such a word if our love could never be, soul mates are a lie -voice of 25 year old jodi) shows up, intruding on a conversation I am having with a BYU Law Student named Joel, he was on the BYU wait list too. My ex is just as I remember him, well we hang out whenever we are in the same city, since he has been divorced it has been 4x (that we have hung out, not that he's been divorced). I love him so much, as a friend. And now, Garth Brooks words stream into my head, "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers", I am so glad we didn't work out, we have morphed into a 'brother/sister' vibe... oh life your funny.

We leave the party. Leaving said ex, to continue his pilgrimages to the kitchen where the chips, oreos and pizza are plentiful (he's a freegan, aka living life as cheap as possible). We head over to where the above mentioned law student lives. Carrie is convinced he is into me (he showed signs of sadness when our conversation was interrupted by ex-boyfriend). I am not against someday being half of a Law defending/money making power couple. We sit on opposite sides of the room, as we watch TV. The Universe decides we would be just too powerful.

Saturday. Gretchen shows up, off we go to the Conference Center. We don't have tickets, she suggests approaching random people and asking them for tickets. We spread out, Gretchen and Carrie are asking the multitude, "do you have an extra ticket?" I simply stand alone and raise one finger up, sure enough a middle age man, gives me a ticket in the Plaza, not the balcony, not the terrace but the plaza. Conference is awesome. I see my pal Summer in the stair well after conference. I've missed her, but she is making her Mormon Dreams come true in Lehi.

I eat at a German Deli, I eat at a lame frozen soy yogurt joint called Spoon Me, I went to a comedy club, called, Wise Guys and laughed a lot. I upset one of my 'tentative lds linkup boyfriends'. He was angry because I ditched him and he wanted me to tell him face to face, that I didn't want to see him. I sent him a text. I am American after all. He called me a dork and said, 'you are missing out' and other cliches. Tis the internet, and the hearts if facilitates breaking... HATE IT OR LOVE IT.

Sunday. Conference again (Gretchen got us great seats this time, and I didn't have to hold up one finger outside the conference center) minimal sleeping, maximum spiritual inspiration. Willy sends me a text, he has tickets to the PM session. Up to Carrie's super close house for peanut butter and jelly then back for session #3. Pretty good for showing up with no tickets. Carrie has cooked an amazing Indian Food dinner. She has a small dinner party, and it is one of those moments that, I feel like a grown up and I like it. We watch Mean Girls and laugh. But I gotta sleep 4 thirty rise time.

Monday. A little teeth brushing, a little hot water to warm my insides and I am out the door. The drive is short and I realize my flight is not at 6 but at 6 forty. We could have slept for 4o more minutes. It is cool though. As I am walking through the airport I randomly run into a woman who inadvertently impacted my life immensely, simply from the advice she gave a mutual friend over a year ago. It was way cool to actually meet a person whose blogs I read religiously. It always amazes me how small the world (or at least the mormon world is). I know about 10 people on my flight. I sleep, I drink cranberry juice, I find a Glamour and I sleep some more.

That was the Vacation, Obviously it was a bit wordy of a post. But it was such a great weekend, i was sort of writing it for my records. If you read it you are a trooper, if you just enjoyed the hot pics, that is cool too. LOL. Thanks Willy for getting me to General Conference, I needed it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Definition of BLAR (adjective, interjection)

I got one comment on last post. The person, who will not be named asked what BLAr meant.

Origin: Well Blar is a word one of my favorite people used on a regular basis (he might have made it up), after our mission service. It is a combination of Blah and Argh. Even though I know Argh is not a word (spell check just taught me). I still love the idea of making a new word out of a real word and a made up word. I guess that is the creative genius + the English Teacher in me.

Location: Blar has caught on in many circles. I know it has a following in Utah around SLC. It is also used randomly in the second little mecca known as Mesa.

Usage: Blar can be used in many different ways. However, as an adjective is it's most popular and correct usage. For example," I feel so blar today". Blar can also be used as an interjection, meaning a spontaneous outburst. For example, You twist your ankle playing softball with team Chili's. As the pain engulfs you, you scream out, "Blar that hurts". Or if someone asks how you day is going, you can just say, "Blar". I personally like to use blar only for special occasions and blogging.

Thanks for asking about my favorite word, "blar". Thank you Willy Kent for being my zone leader, my friend, my one of many one's who got away, and the man who introduced me to the word Blar.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hello Blog readers, which most of you are friends, families or people who google certain images and find the image on my blog. Hmm. I don't really have any enemies as far as I know. I think enemies always come about from drug trafficking, owing people large sums of money or having them owe you the money or mostly getting with someone else's dude, aka stealing him from his not-so-happy home. And since I am drug free, in fact when offered alcoholic beverages at the Chili Parties, I always respond with a cool, "I'm Mormon" (so suave and unpretentious am I), which is followed by a "so what". I am also sort of in the lower middle class as far as monies so I don't owe any mob bosses( I guess that is up for debate, depending on who owns the credit card companies) large sums of money, no one owes me anything. And when it comes to "getting with" some other woman's man, yeah that is just not the case... point is, I am enemy free. 

All that being said, things have been happening. First I am currently on the BYU wait list for law school. Team Chili's Mesa played in an all day Softball Tourney against all other Chili's of AZ. We got 2nd in our division. I am sunburned, and sore. I got shin splints from running the bases so intensely. Let's just say, I still got it fans. All those years of city softball, followed by time as a Colt and a Toro really payed off. I got denied to University of Northern Kentucky. The girls of the Lehi 4th Ward got together last night for a reunion which was fun, and I made 25 dollars at Chili's yesterday for lunch shift. BLAR. I felt baby Olivia kick, only 6 more weeks till she is here and I get to be Aunt Jojo. Amy april fooled me, by sending an 'i am finally getting married text' on April Fools Day, and yet because I want their love to be sealed up forever, I believed her. We also watched the Biggest Looser while I ate Jelly Beans and Twix. I guess all in all things are definitely back to normal. Here are a little more details an a PLEA...

When I got sunburned all I was thinking of is "dang it, now I am going to age a bit more", I came home and applied an ample amount of syrums and moisturizers to try to hydrate the burt areas. You see I have been enjoying all the "you don't look 30, you look a sweet 26". and I do not want time to catch up with me. So if anyone out there knows of some effective anti-aging syrums or moisturizers that counter wrinks, by all means do not hold out. I am still in competition mode. You have all won the prize, but I gotta look good out there, for the law mans and dentists and Chili Server/plasma donators I am going to meet out there... Help a Classy Lady out.