Thursday, August 27, 2009

back to school.

School started on monday the 24th. Very overwhelming, after my lazy lazy summer. But it is good to feel productive and to get back into my "law school life". I guess I didn't realize how much i loved hanging out with my family because when i got here, i was a little lonely, and honestly still am. Same old story, everyone seems to be in couples, including my law school best friend who got married over the summer. All my good friends are far away, and obviously I miss my little niece and nephew a whole lot.

But on the bright side, I have so much to do so I guess "lonliness" is a blessing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Hunger Games.

So I just read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins and really liked it. I started reading it last night about 10:30 and just finished it. In fact I hate to admit this but after going to three hours of church with my family, and then being asked by my cousin to go with him to Singles Ward, I took the book with me and read it during both speakers. I have never ever brought a non church book to church, so if that tells you how good it is, then take that as my recommendation. Also it is pretty action packed, keeps the reader interested and there is great character development so the reader cares about the fate of Katniss, Peeta, Rue, Thresh and the other characters. Also, the action starts right away, it isn't a boring wait for the hook. So read it. Read it for your book club, if you are going on a vaca. Get it on tape and listen in the car. It's worth it. The only problem is it is part of a three-quel so we have to wait. But the next book in the series comes out Sept. 1, so the wait will not be too long.

PS My cousin Owen read this thing through the whole family reunion. And my family is so awesome, that it must be good to keep him from all the socializing, game playing, and all around just hanging out together that reunions are famous for. So I think he is with me and approves of this review (maybe just not of throwing him under the bus for his reunion behaviors).

PPS My best Pal AK's book club read this. And the very educated woman which are members of the book club found this book very political and made some analogies to the current status of our government and the direction they are heading which is if you like that kind of stuff you could probably draw some parallels. And if you don't it's just a good read with out all the deep thinking.

Discipline and Socialness.

I love to see old friends, new friends. I love to hang out with my brothers and sisters and their spouses. But it seems that chilling at someones house, watching LA INK or DATING IN THE DARK (recent favorites) just don't quench our social/love of eating out thirst. Basically what i am saying, is I have friends who love to eat out, as much as I do. So when they offer, i am weak, almost spineless at declining the invitation. And I can't blame them...I might say, "Red Robin, sounds amazing...and I got a coupon". The thing is when I go to AZ I know I will eating out alot.

As much as I love to eat out, my goals of rawsomeness, weight loss and money saving are thrown out the window. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. In Moscow I know the temptations will be real, they come in the form of China Buffet and Dairy Queen. But I know I can overcome.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girls Night Out

We had such a good time going to see Julie and Julia, eating at Paradise Bakery and loving each others' company. I sure am surrounded by beautiful, classy ladies. Who make sure that I keep it classy.

About the movie: It definitely is on the long side. And although there are a few funny moments, it wasn't a comedy per se. Also movies are pretty expensive these days, so just wait for the Red Box.

Baby Gibson & Jodi & a Mac

He's so little, but still is like a tank. I love this little guy. The picture doesn't do him justice, he is simply adorable and awesome. I love it when he smiles and it's even cuter when he frowns. I LOVE BEING AN AUNT.

Alaska v. Arizona

I went to lunch yesterday with a friend of mine. We met because we were co-workers for Princess in Alaska. Her husband is in the military and they are now going to be in Arizona for the next few years. After over 3 years in Alaska she is definitely having a hard time adjusting. Besides the bonus of losing her "Alaska Weight" she has noticed some things she doesn't seem to love about being here. The heat, the materialism of people and just how dang spread out everything is. But she did admit there were lots of things she didn't appreciate about Alaska until they had been there for awhile.

So I decided to weigh in my Arizona vs. my Idaho.

Everyone drives fast here, really fast. All the girls are really skinny here. Really skinny. There are lots of shops, so many that i find myself wanting to go shopping. Ok thats not really true, all i want to do is go to Last Chance. And it's Hot here, really, really Hot. Also when i took the MPRE last week, which is an exam every law student has to pass. The Arizona Law kids seemed alot more arrogant than the Idaho law kids. But that could just be because i know the Idaho Law Kids. Also there are so many good restaurants here, that i find myself eating out more than usual.

But Arizona has all the people I love the most. All the friends I have known for along time and have a great time with. All of my family is here.

The point is, I love both my homes, my AZ home and my Idaho home.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

JODI and OLIVA and a MAC


The recent Runners World(my favorite runners magazine) has a whole section of articles of running in the heat. With all sorts of tips like, "run in the middle of the day" and "bring water with you", or "alternate running and walking". First of all for those people not in AZ, it's hot here. But just like Northern Idaho in the winter time, you just deal with it by staying in doors almost all of the time. But some of us are not satisfied with spending all our times in doors, we must be free to run. So here is my take on 3 of the Runner's World, "running in heat(no pun intended)" tips.

Most of my daily runs start at about 7 thirty. I set my alarm for 5, then when it beeps i decide i will just turn off the alarm and rest my eyes a little longer. That little longer turns into over 2 hours. It doesn't matter how many pep talks i have given myself the night before about getting up at 5 and then maybe having a nap later in the day. I know that i will run better, faster, farther at 5, instead of 7:30, I know I will not have to put on gobs of sunscreen, but my 5 am brain refuses to be logical.

I carried water once on a run, and drank it all up the first 2 miles of 5 miles and then had water log cramps, so i am sort of gun shy about the water.

The whole idea of walk/running sort of just happens naturally. You run till you want to walk, then you walk until you realize that it's just getting exponentially hotter so you better get you run, until you want to walk...and the process repeats itself.

So thanks Runners World for the tips. But i sort of think someone has to be an idiot if they didn't think of those tips themselves. Just saying.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Starts Today...

For my 30th Birthday my students through me a birthday was a surprise. it was the nicest thing Jr. High Kids had ever done. But the good days were outnumbered by the Jr. High Maddness.

What if? What if I had been totally satisfied with being a teacher. What if Gateway Elementary (K-8) had been a great fit, and i loved it there, and i had moved out to Higley to be closer to my school, etc. etc.

Well life sends you in different directions than you originally set out in. I thought I would get a job at Mesa Public Schools as a Highschool English Teacher, CC and Track Coach and maybe have my Wedding DJ Business up and running for Friday and Saturday Nights. That sure sounds like a good plan looking back.

But....I got stuck at the Jr. High, the coaching jobs were always occupied and the Dj ing, well yeah that was good, but not as steady as i would have liked. Also I never felt that satisfaction i thought i would as an 8th grade English teacher.

My good friend Jen is now the counselor at Gateway. Today is her first day back. I remember feeling that nervousness of the new school year and hoping i liked my students, the parents were supportive and it would be a great year. Now I have the same nervousness with a new school year, but i am the student. Will I do well in the classes, find the teachers interesting, etc. etc.

Honestly, as I think back I guess I could have stuck out teaching, and all is not lost, i still have a teaching certificate, and if i can't find a law job i am sure i will go back to teaching... but I am happy where i am at. And I suppose getting stuck in the jr. high was a good thing, it sent me in a completely different direction. I can't wait to get back in school, hopfully find a law job in town and learn the law.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Reunion....

I just returned from a family reunion. I love being with my aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, niece and nephew and my sweet grandparents. We ate great food, made a boxcar, played some dominoes, spread around some family gossip, and let everyone know how law school is going. The thing is at least when one single lady is in law school, people don't have to ask about one single ladies dating life, and simply ask about her studies. Thanks Law School. Much thanks to everyone who made it happen. I come from a great family.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick of the last post.

I know how it goes, you have your 10 favorite people in the world, but that doesn't mean they are your favorite bloggers. Sometimes blogs are boring, not frequent and without pictures...which is what mine is like now. So i appologize, but maybe this lame post will buy me a few days. Please keep me as one of your top 10's of people, even if my blog is lame.