Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lonely, oh so Lonely Sunday Nights in the Perkins Parking Lot.

Last Sunday Night in Boise. I needed to document me in the Perkins parking lot. Doing all my online business. Which we all know what that is. Blogging, Facebooking, checking emails, Lds planet sort of, looking on Steep and Cheap and Woot and Slick Deals.... you know just hanging out with all my online favorite cites. I have a huge Community Property Test...

Community Property is the way 9 states, including AZ and Idaho divide property after a divorce. It basically holds that any property acquired during the marriage is community, not separate property, unless it was a gift to a separate spouse or was devised to them (someone dies and they get something). Anyways, just a little humor... I posted on FB, "does anyone have a community property outline, much appreciated" (we use outlines to study, they basically put all information of the whole course in one condensed (60-100 page document).

I got a few takers who sent me an outline or two, but my friend Rusty posted "just a copy of my divorce papers". Ok thats hillarios, but whats even funnier is my response, "Thank you Meadow". For those of you who don't know. Meadow is my 3rd cousin, who married Rusty, and I was not happy about it. So even now years later, it is still fun to give him a hard time.

So I hope that last post about being poor and not having all my dreams come true didn't get anyone down (besides my mom). I definately don't like to filter the emotions. But things are really good. Good friends, good food, good life, and just a bit more excitement for things. In a way I am all pro my singlehood again, what can i say this pendulum keeps swinging back and forth. Anyways, who knows where these content feelings are coming from, I just have a feeling it's going to get radder and I have no idea where that is coming from. Maybe it's because I get to go to Rexburg in 3 days. Maybe it's because i get to meet Sophie in 7 days. Maybe it's because my days in Boise are almost through.... but anyways, i am pretty psyced about the next bit... so endulge me the down times, when I can't shake the "supposed to's and not fair's". I mean blogging is such a great forum, especially when one's is private, and the only readers are the people I love. So hope this summer is being good to you.