Friday, October 30, 2009


So I was involved in a competition with 24 of my classmates. It was a brief writing competition and then we did something called oral arguments. Basically we discuss our side with 3 judges and then the opponent discusses their side. And we get scored by the judges. Anyways, 16 of the 24 move on. So that means I just had to be a better arguer than 1/3 of the participants...

I wasn't better than 1/3.

The thing is I really don't care about the competition. I mean it's always great to be better than other people, but I suppose arguing articulately is just something i am not used to, and something I need to work on. But my pride is a little hurt, I just think of human nature and all. When i hear someone else does good or doesn't make some team, i spend maybe 3 seconds thinking about it. So I know, nobody really cares or gives it a second thought that i didn't make it to the top 16. I am just happy it's over, now i can focus on the other aspects of school, that have been suffering.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Pleasy loves me, and knows i love Cheese Its.
This is my messy, messy carrel, I need to work on organization.

Ok i really wasn't crazy drunk. But people sure said i seemed to be saying funny stuff. And I would laugh out loud at my own jokes, or if i thought something funny. Why, all this no sleep maddness? Because I was doing the McNicols "in School Brief writing Competition". It was total stress. You have to research a problem, and I get a little obsessive when i am researching.

Then you have to turn all that research into a 25 page brief (well since I promised I would never lie to you, it was a 25 page limit, mine was 21 pages). Anyways, even up till the last night I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. But I actually turned in a product I am happy with. So thanks to Pleasy for the Cheese Its. Thanks to everyone else for leaving me alone when I said things like, "I can't work now" or "Don, what the hell are you talking about McNicols to me, for???". Yeah I said that. Well this weekend was super lazy. But I am refreshed and ready for a week.

Jodi's Lesson from today: don't take sleeping pills you bought at the dollar store, I slept right through Stake Conference.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keeping my Promises.

Well, i think it was on Facebook that i promised to do the invites to the newly prvatized blog. And because i am a promise-keeping woman, i decided I'd better do it. So here was the process. I went back through a few of my old email accounts and found people who i had (almost) forgotten about, and decided they needed an invite to my blog too. Now unlike facebook, where you can have as many, "friends" as you want (currently i am an "oh-so popular lady" with 730 friends, the People of Blogger just let you add 100. So you my readers are the top 100 people who i know (or have email addresses for). My blog has been a bit lacking since i am a 2nd year law student (for those i invited who have no idea what i am up to) and it is known as the hardest semester of an already grueling 3 years of studies. Oh K, onto the blogging...

Since i titled this "keeping my promises" here are some promises i will keep.

1. I will blog at least 3, not more then 7 posts every week, so if you check up every couple days/weeks there should be some new material.

2. I promise to not just talk about being single, trying to lose weight, or rawesomeness (those have typically been the hot topics around here) but i promise not to throw them out 100 percent.

3. I promise to be a little more "colorful" with my posts. Those of you who were here when i originally started blogging, might recall I used to rock it. And i promise to bring a little bit of that back.

4. I promise to never lie about anything.

5. I promise to not let blogging get in the way of my ever interesting social life/law school career, so sadly blogging will take a back seat(although a close back seat to those 2, hey i gotta prioritize).

Thanks for your patience waiting for the really was a "hell week" with me at the lawschool, crunched over my desk, listening to instrumental music on pandora, for 12-14 hour blocks. I finally got the appellate briefs in, and on Tuesday start the Oral Arguments. This is for a 2 credit, competition. Hopefully I pass. It's pass/fail.

Since going private is a new chapter. I thought i would repost my first blog post, which was on MYSPACE.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Current mood: contemplative
Today my fish died. It was the first time i have ever owned my own pet and it died. I had just filled the bowl up with water and i think i put too much in. Anyways, i found Rusty (my rust covered beta fish,) on the floor of my kitchen. I have no idea how long he had been there; but about a half hour later i heard some flopping around. It seems that Rusty still was twitching about. It freaked me out so i texted everyone i know and no one would come to my resque. My mom said to get a cardboard piece and sort of shimmy the fish on to that. I tried it 1 hour later, and yet again rusty moved. It was tramatic. Anyways, what makes this event so important to me (besides the fact that i killed the only animal i've ever been in charge of) is that my mom gave my boyfriend and I these beta fish. They were the center piece at my brothers luncheon. Well we broke up like 2 weeks ago. These fish were our last connection, in a way i thought, "hey at least we are fish owners together". Now being the ever, "hey what is the meaning of this...." mormon girl, i had to find symbolism or something in this fish death. And I think i was like Rusty sort of. Still flopping about trying to gasp for one more bit of life out of the relationship. Even though i was the one who chose to jump out of the bowl.Well. I went to swim at my best pals house and then went to the YMCA. Hoping that when i got back to my house Rusty would stop the flopping. And be completely dead. I guess this is a sign, to stop fighting the inevitable and give into the fact that hey jumping out of the bowl has consequences. Now i gotta go get Rusty off the floor. I sort of hope one of my roomates didn't stomp on him. That sort of sucks of me, leaving him there.

Note: If you ever want to find the blog, just google thebornagainbarbie or jodiane goodman, it should come up under both. And comment if i am especially creative. Thanks.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Going Private...

I am going to make my blog private on Tuesday the 13th. If you want an invite please send me your email address to or you can just leave it in the comment section. I am applying for lots of law jobs and internships and I decided that it is better to error on the side of caution. Thanks for reading... I feel like this is an end of an era, or just the beginning I guess.

Love Jodi

Thursday, October 8, 2009

new stuff.

I got new stuff for free.

1. A TV, i randomly asked "does anyone an extra tv?" and wouldn't you know it someone had an extra TV.

2. The same guy who had a TV knew someone who had a DVD player. Yay!!!

That is it. Now it is time to have an invited male guest over to watch a movie...who to pick, oh who to pick...there are so many eligible bachelors in this city. I am looking forward to entertaining with my new entertainment center.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yucky Bath.

So the Hot Water Heater at my place is full of minerals, which make my bath water this color. No I didn't pee in the bath 25 times and take a picture, no I didn't hike the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim and then take a bath...this is just how it is, every day. When I take a shower I can't tell, but there is no denying it when it's bath time. Luckily the Hot Water Heater tank is getting flushed out this week. So no more yellow yucky water. Just sharing the loveliness I am living in. Go Moscow Water.

Just like my mom.

I always wanted to be just like my mom. I don't think she knows this because I think when i was a teenager, we fought a tremendous amount. But even when we fought I still thought she was pretty great. This is what makes my mom the best and sort of similar to me.

1. Mom got to live in foreign countries and make out with foreign men (JK about the foreign men)
Me- I went on my mission to El Salvador, and went to Europe with Jeff my bus driver mate, and I kissed a boy who was half Vietnemese once.
2. Mom was a school teacher for 8 years until I was born.
Me- I drove a school bus for 4 years and taught school for 3 years (thats almost 8 years) plus I substituted at Taft Elementary, which is the school my mom taught at her last year of teaching and when I was in her womb.
3. Mom followed her heart and married a red headed, farmer who was 4 years her junior.
Me- I only like to date men that are at least 3 years yonger than me. Just like Mom I like to rob that cradle (although 32-3=29, not too close to the cradle).
4. Mom watched her 3 sisters, including three younger than her get married and have kids before she did.
Me- I have watched 2 of my younger siblings get married and have babies, and there 2 of my 3 brothers could be getting married any day now.
5. Mom says she has never gotten in an car accident or has ever gotten a speeding ticket.
Me- I have both gotten in an accident and gotten a speeding ticket, but I drive like an old lady now that i live in a small town, just like my mom.
6. Mom likes to shop at Ross and TJ Max and is constantly looking for bargains.
Me- I love, love, love a good bargain. But sometimes too much. I remember one time I bought over 50 pairs of tights from Last Chance because they were on sale for 10 cents each. Those purple, orange, and other strange colored tights lasted for years.
7. Mom loves being a grandma more than anything. Well almost as much as being a mom.
Me- I love being an aunt more than anything. Well almost as much as I will love being a mom (someday).
8. My mom was a looker...she is still very beautiful, but man as a young woman she was a knock out.
Me- it's obvious the connection.

I love my mom, she is a kind hearted, good natured, forgiving and hard working lady who laughs alot. She is the best!!! I hope I can continue to become more like my mom.