Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am in the midst of studying for finals. And man am i tired. I will be back in effect on the 16th of May. Until then, blogging is on hold for the greater good aka "keep my scholarship". I love you guys, be good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

School Days

Some of my classmates during a 4 min. break in Criminal Law.
Here are most of the people in my section. Professor Williams wanted a picture of us, and so did I. We have a good time, sort of. This is outside the law building.

This is my carol. It is all mine. and I sort of camp out here. I have my cheese its, pics of Olivia, all my books (and cheaters aka commercial supplements), my assortment of head bands, my cooler (the cheese its are on top of the cooler), lots of loose paper, and a big bag of almonds. I spend about 40 hours at least hunched over this desk...but about 10 percent of it is spent on facebook (i just had to be honest).

The Negotiators. These are some of my classmates. Adam, Don, John and me wearing some weird pants... we were not good at the negotiation competition, no positive affirmations. Oh well.

I decided to take a few pics of my life at school. I do like being here at U of I, don't get me wrong I like to complain about eveything, from professors to the weather (which is finally nice), but i sure do like my classmates. There are some great people here. I am a lucky lady.

School Bus Memories

Oh this is the house I live in for the next 6 weeks...pretty cute huh? Except for the whiny dog who lives here and squeaks with it's stupid toy all day's ok.
That is the element and the bus... I think the Element looks like a little short bus, I kind of want to paint it school bus yellow (orange). Maybe.

I loved being a school bus driver...

I would have a 14 hour feild trip at Mt. View H.S. and instead of keeping the bus at Mt. View the entire time, I would drive home for a few hours (whats a few anyways) and keep the bus at my parents. What to my surprise yesterday, but a big orange bus in front of the next door neighbors house. I feel all connected to the bus people next door, who do they know who was on a feild trip? What a small world.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Negotiation Champion...

I am the vice president of a club. The LSADR club. That stands for Law School Alternative Dispute Resolution ( i think). Tomorrow is the negotiation competition. In addition to being the V.P (in charge of food-which i am sort of slacking on-we are getting Pizza, salad, bread sticks, cookies and apple juice, instead of homeade chilli), Adam Warr and I are going to be competing in the competition. I will post pics the event, including us negotiating. Now that is something to look foreward to.

PS...Pizza is better than homeade chilli, right? Plus last time i burned the chili and had to pic out the burned pieces one by one, but brought it to break the fast...I feel like the negotiators are lucky they are getting Pizza instead of hand picked out semi-burned chilli chunks.

Bugged...but i am not that person.

So lately, and i am not sure when it started, but it was definitely enhanced this semester. In every class at least 5 people will show up late. Some will show up 1 or 2 min. late, then one will come in 3 min. late, then someone at 3.5 min., then at 6 min. The thing is, this is lawschool, not Brimhall Jr. High. And the teacher in me is so bugged by it. on time. that's all.

Home Stretch...

Well, it is almost over. I have about 1 month left, including finals until the hell of first year law is over. It has gone by far too fast. I have to chuckle, that i wanted to quit so bad the first few weeks (in true Jodi fashion). And now I am just chugging right along. I just finished an editing exercise. As much as Jr. High English teachers are supposed to be experts at editing, law is a bit different than 2 page creative stories and the exercise took me about 12 hours. It is to try to write on for law review. I think most people spent more time than i did on this. The write on is 30 percent editing exercise and 70 a memo. I guess if I make it onto law review then my chances of getting a clerkship will go way up. But i will have to edit like crazy. Hopefully my memo will be good.

People always seem to be curious about my love here it is.

1. i still have a crush on Louie but nothing ever happens because i am too shy to talk to him.
2. my good friend gives me back rubs every couple of days at school (we do traders-in true jodi fashion)
3. I cancelled my LDS mingles account after a 1 month renewal (I only renewed for 15.00 because I had a lot of emails I couldn't read)...

So basically, 100 percent lameness. My dream was that i would meet my man and would keep it all secret from everyone and then surprise the family/friends/blog world, when my secret love and i eloped, etc. etc. I promise that dream of being all stealthy in love, is not happening at all (see list above). Shoot.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easters.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter Sunday. I am looking forward to worshiping at 11. After the Sacrament Service, I am teaching a lesson on Baptism in my Gospel Essentials Class. Later my Law School Friends (Family really) will be having an Easter Dinner at Pleasy's.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bi Polar

Not really Bi-polar, but i have been in the worst mood today. I am all sorts of getting pissed off at everything. I laugh at the grateful list of the last post, and think "Blar, Blar...oh the optimism". At this moment, on Easter Eve, i am being a selfish, prideful little girl (who is not little anymore). I just feel overwhelmed, ineffective, isolated, old, tired, unappriciated by anyone. I want to blame the cycle...but honestly I have given into the bitterness tonight. Additionally, I am having a hard time being nice to others and happy for their good fortune(at least in my heart). It has been a rough week for all the first year law students, so i won't read too much into my stress, anger, bitterness, etc. But just not feeling the spirit of Easters. Hopefully when i wake up, i will be better.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Grateful list...

Sometimes when i am having a hard time i need to just write a gratitude goes.

At this moment on a cold, friday night in moscow, I am grateful for....

1. the 22 year old plasma worker who flirts with me every time... he knows how much i weigh and how old i am (that info. is on are charts, along with my temp. and protein count) and he flirts with me
2. friends who call for me to come over for dinner, and let me talk with my hands, and as loud as I want, and let me gossip like crazy, and keep inviting me over. YOU are the best to me
3. A blog that lets me say almost anything (even i have limits) and a blogosphere that gives me insight into all the woman i love lives (you too brody)
4.the awesome opportunity i have to go to lawschool, this is a dream come true for me, thank you everyone for being so supportive, and listening as all i want to talk about is law school, or refuse to answer anything that has to do with law school
5.facebook, i love having all my friends in one place (even if it is in cyberspace)
6. Parents I respect, although i haven't been perfect, their examples, love and insight has kept me near

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Jerry, Jamie, Aubrey, A.K. and my dear sister Rita.
Classy Ladies; Ak, Rita and Jodi... yeah for a closeup or YIKES!
Jamie just bout ready to Pop, love that you are having your first at 30, good job!
Rita looks great, and i think i am fantastic too, pulling down my shirt so my g's won't show, it's a signature move.

One of the funnest things about being in AZ is girl's night out. When i was in my thriving 20's i thought girl's night was just something girl's did who didn't have dudes to hang out with did. I would never (by choice) pass up a night with a dude to be with only girls. I was in my prime.

Now I am not conceding that I am no longer in my prime (that is up for debate, see pic with back chubs) but somehow I super enjoy a girl's night (and I don't have a dude, so i guess my 20's theory is correct, but even if i did, i think i have matured enough to appreciate the girl's night). This time it was with half the shirt girls. And I must say it is the half that i know better, and the best part was my little sis came too.

We had a hillarious Thanksgiving in March dinner, talked about marriage, child birth, singles, ex boyfriends choosing to marry insta-families, the economy, and then my favorite is to reminise about times of the seems I was quite the feisty one, "i didn't like my brother in laws girlfriend at the time my sister "now his wife" was on a mission, and so I was very, very cold to her, but made it up by appoligizing about 1o times....always saying " i didn't like you, but now i do." Also we talked about the dudes that we were into at 22 who said, "i am gonna be a Dr. someday" and now are 34 and still aren't (to your credit D.F. you are finally going to Med. school so good for you man, so proud). Basically girls nights are hillarious. And I love the people who, "knew you when.". Ok i gotta go watch some LOST ( i can't believe Sied killed pre-teen Ben, what? )