Saturday, August 30, 2008

Technology- A tribute.

This is the picture i took a year or so ago, on my mac for my one and only internet boyfriend. It doesn't even look like me.... sadly that is what he thought after meeting me in real life. LOL. 

Oh Technology. I am overwhelmed in a good way. I get to play facebook poker with old friends when i have nothing to do on my first weekend in Moscow(after the homework is done). I have people I haven't heard from in 10 years finding me via blog, and saying hello. I am having short conversations via facebook with chat with everyone from friends from the Single's Wards, to boys I liked in Jr. High, friends from Alaska, my mission, Ricks College, Teacher Pals, kids I ran CC with, etc. It really is a beautiful thing. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself we were not always so lucky to have such easy access to those we love, or may want to love someday (always gotta leave that door open). I love that I could be in some off the grid place in the middle of Alaska and if there was a break in the mountains I might just have service. I love that I can call anyone I love, at anytime and if they are not too busy or screening me, we can catch up. 

As we were going separate ways in SLC, my aunt (i had been carivanning with her and her family) gave me her Magellan GPS (not for keeps, but for awhile). Now I could navigate anywhere. It was such a huge help at getting me to Moscow. 

My best friend Paul and I were so excited about Napster, we would spend hours downloading free music. I remember how I used to donate plasma twice a week in Rexburg so that I could take that money and (after I had boughten Chinese food at Fong's for 4 dollars) go to Idaho Falls to buy 2 used CD's. I spent 2/3 of my plasma monies on music. Then in 2000 it just came alive to me. Music was free, we were all free, the world had never looked brighter. All of a sudden all those boot-leg PearJam downloads we had spent tons of money on, were now FREE. It simply blew our minds. Paul had a huge collection (Paul when i drive home for Christmas I am stopping in Twin to get some of that sweet music, i know you still must have) of Techno, Depeche Mode, and anything else that was Kick ASs. 

BLOGGING. Now it might be a fad, it might be a new way of life. But I like it. And I think just as I shouldn't be comparing my nose, or my chest size or my love life (or lack of sometimes) to what other woman have, I should not compare my blog either. It is what it is. Take it or leave it, read it or block it, comment or just shy away like you were never there. But my site meter shows me that I have a few readers daily... so if you don't give up on me, I won't give up on blogging about my never ending single hood, about the adventures I claim help me make my dreams come true, and I will keep out all the stuff I really want to say, but won't because I just might want to be a Politician or Judge someday. It could happen. 

Blog ON. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Super Excited.

Sarah Pallin was chosen by John McCain to be his running mate, as Vice-President candidate. I am super excited for this choice. Sarah is the Gov. of Alaska and has really cleaned up the corruption that was there for many years, also she has been very good with the budget and has tried to come up with solutions for the cost of energy crisis that Alaskan's are facing. On a personal note, she was a Vandal. That means she went to University of Idaho (where I am going). Good choice McCain. I feel very connected to this election, for the fact that John is from AZ, Sarah went to my school and is now gov. of my favorite bus driving state AK. McCain I feel like this choice might just give you a chance for presidential success.

Can't wait to see what happens.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obselete too quickly. Overwhelmed to Easily.

I never go to my myspace anymore.

I used to send out mass texts on a regular basis. It has been years except the most recent that said, "I am in agony, I am at the National Lentil Festival and I have cramps".

I am already tiring of blogs. Now I know you mothers and wives feel pressure to 'show off' how cute/great/fantastic/amazing/perfect your kids and husbands are. But I feel pressure to live my life to the fullest because I don't have what you have. I have this pressure to 'prove' that my life and the way I spend my time is valid/contributing/great stuff I can tell my kids and grandkids about/etc. Don't you all get tired of it. I know it is a great outlet, and it is fun to see where everyone is. But sometimes I just feel overwhelmed. I don't know if it is healthy to connect to a blog and instantly get a pretty painted picture of somebodies life, anybody.

I think facebook is gonna cause affairs. Or at least facilitate them. Mark my words something needs to be said(and it most likely will be in church). All of a sudden my whole graduating class is all on facebook and we are all of a sudden instantly connected to one another. I have heard that some of the people are messaging their ex boyfriends and girlfriends even though everyone is still married. Blar. I have to admit there are a few ex boyfriends that I am still in contact with, even if it is a harmless im ing once in awhile. I just am starting to feel overwhelmed with all the technology. At one point I decided to look online for friends/loves. Not the answer. I have so many passwords (for all my school, social, monies, payments accounts) and I keep getting pissed off when they don't work, and I got to admit, I forget them. And I am terrified of using the same one, so i always mix em up. I am addicted to facebook poker. It is an Alaskan adiction that I did when I was lonely. Facebook Poker and Zingers (a hostess snack). I try not to care about the Movie Stars, but Yahoo is my homepage and today there was a huge story on "Why Brittney Spears won't attend MTV's Music Awards" and "Madonna shows a video of McCain and Hitler in her recent concert and sings a song in the back ground". BLAR. And then my best friend Cameo read something online, about asking movie stars "Do you think the government should regulate how many kids people have?" And the whole article was movie stars' opinions. And this is the crap we are bombarded with. And it distracts me, it lures me in and it sickens me (both of the system and myself for being lured in).

There is this song from Pulp it is called 'Smile Like a Friend' and it says, "you take up my time, like some cheap magazine, when I could have been learnin something...oh well you know what I mean". And obviously he is talking about a woman. But here I am, at the crossroads... about to learn something but addicted to my time being taken up by distractions. Blar.

I hate it when stuff like this happens. I checked the button for expidited shipping and one out of the seven books I ordered has not arrived. 3 days after all the others. And all I want to do is give a negative review to that person. I am upset.

I hate (once again) that LDS Mingles, LDS singles, LDS linkup and an ex of mine (who is married, don't worry we are not talking on IM or facebook) started something called LDSzilla exist. I hate em. They bring no joy into my life and i have spent 105 dollars in my life time paying for that. 50 of it were from when I was having a fake profile picture and the rest for the real thing. What a waste of time and energy and self esteem (nothing like 49 year old men leaving you a smile and saying, "surprises come in unexpected packages, maybe we can discover each other" to make you want to throw up, and date 26 year olds you meet in real life).

But I do love pictures of Olivia, and I do like staying connected and I do like Facebook Poker, and I do like Wikepedia, and Woot, and Post Secret, and Amazon (when they send my books in a timely manner) and LDS meeting house locator.

Everything is gonna be OK.

2 Days and Going Strong

I have now attended all my classes. Anyways, after a rocky start (toying with the idea of packing it all up and heading out of town, basically calling it quits) I have now come to terms with my new status of law student.

I do need to get used to studying. But if i can put in the time, and get used to small town life everything will be good. I am hopeful that this will be a great fit for me. So far everyone has been very nice, including professors and other students. My house is nice. I get my own room and bathroom. The downside is that we have cable and I am still not strong enough to keep CSI and Law and Order off. We will see if I can get more disciplined.

I will post more sooner than later. Good Luck to Everyone as fall is coming with all her traditions. To all the long time mothers, I hope your kids had great first weeks of school, and that you are enjoying the more open days. To all the new mothers, I guess it is all the same to you, only now it won't be so hot. And To all of us barren for the time being, shoot.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here i am in Idaho. Again. You know, sometimes things sound cooler in theory than in real life. I am lonely. I think everyone in AZ (and the rest of the world) who stays put has something going. I mean they get it. Starting over is super hard. Now the advice that i have been given (to deal with the getting used to a new place) is to count my many blessings. Now you might think that i am over this boo hoo it sucks to move somewhere new (without a spouse-I believe with a significant other in place all things in life become easier, especially moving somewhere new). 

First things i want to tell you. I think I cheated at getting used to Alaska. And I know everyone was proud of me not coming home. You see I met my crush 3 hours after arriving there. It was a huge help and was almost not enough to keep me in place. If anyone knows me, they know that a crush is about the only thing that will get me over the somewhere new thing (think Steve Bigelow at Ricks, i cried everyday until we met after 10 days in Rexburg, that crush kept me tear free for months). I have been here in Idaho for 7 days, one whole week and i have 0 percent crushes. 

Next thing you need to know about Moscow. Today at church they had the best ice cream sundays ever. I was trying to fast so that I could learn to feel peace at being here, but the sundays looked too good. The best part was all the toppings were in glass food storage jars. Yes. There were more mens than women at the Singles Ward. And that is always good. But every Idaho cliche was in full force. In fact seeing 3 of the first year law students getting swarmed by 18 year old girls was classic. Was I a bit jealous the ward boys didn't swarm around me? Just a little. 

I play a lot of Facebook Poker now. In fact, I am on Facebook all the time, wanting to chat with my AZ and Alaska friends. Hence my loneliness/new place syndrome has lead me back online. I miss the one on ones i used to have with my pals. Someday soon, I will love this place. I will have crushes, or be too busy studying to care. I just wonder, 'couldn't I have squared a job as a teacher again?' 'Could I have gone the long haul as a seasonal employee, driving busses, giving tours, being a server in resorts?' and 'what the hell am I doing if my mormon dream is to be a mom, aren't i postponing any chances of that?' I guess sometimes we just get tired of the Big Mecca(about 24 singles wards) and head for the little mecca (3 singles wards that are about 100 people each). I guess sometimes we just do what sounds like a good idea at the time. I guess sometimes Moscow Idaho sounds good, although right now, the night before school starts, I do have my doubts. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm 30

I have found myself silently repeating these words "i'm thirty", as I walk through campus and am surrounded by Freshmen girls and boys. Being 30 in a small campus is not that bad. But let's all be honest. I entered the MTC almost 10 years ago. I attended Ricks the 2 years before that. And let's be honest and thank goodness a lot of things have changed. I am definitely nervous being here in school again. I have had 3 days of orientation and tomorrow I am a witness in a mock trial for the 3Ls I am the coroner. It should be interesting. In a few minutes I am getting prepped for my testimony. And so it begins. Being 30 will hopefully make me a better student. Hopefully a student that can be patient with the 18 year olds.

I wish I could be like Jenifer Garners character and repeat, "Thirty, Flirty and Thriving"... I tried to flirt with an attractive law student named Gavin, but he asked me how old I was immediately and then sort of began to ignore me. Is 5 years too much of an age gap. I suppose one man's 'goddess', is another man's 'those freshman girls are looking alot better than you right now'. Oh to be the 'goddess O' 30'

The Day After the above post-After speaking to my mom, she wanted me to clarify that there are no 18 year olds in law school. They are only found around the campus. Also, we all know that after the men i once loved married younger woman, i once found myself a bit bitter about it, and yes sadly would work that angst into the blog. Alas, those days are gone. I have come to terms with all of that. Also, i myself seem to be drawn to men 4 to 2 years younger than me, so honestly, who am i to judge? The purpose of this blog was simply to state that being on campus at 30 is a new experience.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello Mesa!!! Goodbye Mesa!!! I had a hello/goodbye party and it was great thanks to friends and family that I adore. I miss everyone.

Jeremy, Brad, AK, Mitch and Tamara enjoying the BBQ
Rita and Baby Olivia looking good
Brad and Jamie are expecting and Jodi is just happy they came to the fiesta
Olivia just chillin in her baby car seat/carrier and Jodi before tearing up when it was time for baby to go
The two most single ladies in Mesa. Jen you gotta go it alone now. Good luck finding something good here in the Southwest. I am off to check out the possiblilities in the Northwest. Anything can happen. 

Jimmy, Cousin Matt and Sumo taking charge of the BBQ. Thanks Guys the food was great!!

Anna and Scotty. Keep the loves going guys, you give us hope. 
Jill, Baby Jace and Monique. Momo you will be a law student soon, enjoy your freedom
Dave and Arianne enjoying the goodness of the party. These two make me happy, just look at them, they are having a good time. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing the Princess Life

But I guess I can be a princess anywhere in my heart. In the pics below, I am at the McClaren Summit, the Pipeline and in the Pipeline Parking lot. 

I am getting a little Alaska sick. I miss my Alaska scenery, especially the Denali Highway, the Pipeline and how good all of the drivers looked in their black slacks, blue shirts, grey vest and princess name tag. Honestly, I wasn't planning on missing my Alaskan Life. But I do. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meeting Olivia

Baby O just streching out and showing her belly.
"Who is this crazy lady?" We have just met and are getting aquainted
So Serious. But she was all smiles until the camera came out. what a beauty.

I have been an Aunt now for 3 months today. I have enjoyed all the texts and emailed pictures of baby Olivia. And yet, they could not do her justice. She is beautiful. She is an angel. I love my baby niece. She is so tiny and I love it when she cries, her little mouth will quiver and her huge eyes will well up and her whole body will turn bright red. I love it when she coos or tries to talk. It is the sweetest sound as baby is trying to tell us all the things she knows. I love it when she smiles. Simply perfect. Rita is so cute with her, and Sumo could not be prouder. I love there little family and am just regretful I will not be here to see Olivia change a bit every day. Just know Baby O, that Aunt Jodi loves you.

I am going to miss you Montley Crew

Karen (the fun driver who lives in the cabin hood that Ash and Joe live in), Jodi and Valerie (the sassy Virginia Tech. Student) hanging out in Talkeetna
Brody and Ashley. This is the night we used the coupons for the free dinners. Thanks Princess, you are so good to us. We get cruise pins, good free eats in Denali and Copper, good deals on hotels, and free eats at 3 of your lodges.
Dan gets rather serious at free dinner night. We had the worst server of all time. As you can tell this boy is not happy about it.
Ashley and her husband Jo. These two are my favorites. They live life to the fullest, hiking, getting tips, and just living life on their own terms (no full time, 9 to 5 employment. They gotta be free of the man). Very Fun Couple, good luck on Peace Corp Dreams.
We ran into Valerie and Karen at McKinley Lodge. We are having a fine dinner in Talketna. Very fun night with good friends.

My Summer.

Jenny Pear and I had an idea that if we named a summer, actually gave it a title, then it would live up to that name. If truth be told, that SUMMER OF LOVE 2000 brought me no loves. Not even a hand holding. Not withstanding the lack of fruitation of that summers title, and the fact that I am naming my summer once it is over... I would call this the 2008's Summer, The 'Summer of love, getting fatter, eating salmon, having no roof, reading Alaskan literature, listening to podcasts, getting shafted on tips, freezing in the cold, and hanging out with the Motley Crew.'

I am going to miss you Motley Crew. In fact I miss you already. Good Luck to everyone on all our post Princess/Alaska Hopes and Dreams.

Forty-Six Below Zero and still looking good.

Brody, Gene and Robert... getting ready for the cold
Jodi and Gene, getting close in the forty-below zero chamber
Brody and Jodi with the proofs showing 49 below zero... WOO DOGGIES
Looking Good with my bushy brown locks and the proofs it is 50 below zero.
Brody looking good, notice the bare arms... getting ready for Provo has never been sweeter

FYI... the tourism industry is in full effect in our own Fairbanks AK. If you don't believe me all i have to say is go there and there are old people everywhere... It sort of feels like a visit to Arizona's Sun City West. The thing we have in Fairbanks that they don't have in AZ is a forty-below zero chamber (oh yes it has a copy right). In order to keep the tourism monies flowing strong, they sent all of the bus drivers on a trip to Pioneer Park to check out the chamber.

For your money, 8 dollars exactly, you get unlimited (as long as you can stand it) time in the chamber. You get a cup of hot water you throw up in the air, and it turns to ice before it hits the ground. You get a banana that freezes and you can hammer a nail into wood using a banana as the hammer. You get bragging rights that you survived the chamber, etc. Basically if you don't get locked in there and die, it is a good deal. Even better cause it was free for me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On this Tuesday Night of August.

Why i loved today...

I got to drive the shuttle for 6 loops around Copper Center, got tipped 2 dollars and endulged in some salmon chowder (boughten by some guests for yours truly).

In one week i will home in AZ, in the hot desert sun, chilling with my family.

It was rainy and cold and then the sun came out (hopefully a metaphor for my love life).

I met some awesome travelers, who are all lovely in their own ways.

A little third grader, who is a bit special needs, keeps saying he needs my number so that I can be his lawyer someday (i love when the networking begins early or the

Tonight i watch Law and Order, Cold Case and Without a Trace.

In two days I will see X-Files the movie (yes, I have waited a long time for this).

Hanging out in the EDR with Bill (the 73 year old security guy who used to be a cop) I ended up making some life decisions (yes, I want to build a cabin in the Idaho Wilderness and I need to get a gun).

I had french toast, sausage, and a blueberry bagel for breakfast.... FANTASTIC.

I am sitting by the fire, surrounded by the tourists, and thinking it is time for law and order... also feeling a bit smug that i almost completed my summer in AK. I honestly cannot believe I made it (neither can Mitch, Sumo, Amy, Dan, my family or anyone who knows me well and my track record can believe i stuck it out Alaska, i am proud about that) for 3 and a half months.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Life of a Driver... Part 3 or 3

Driving a coach is just hard work, plain and simple. However, my time here in AK is winding down. I am here in Denali tonight. Tomorrow I start my final highway tour. I cannot wait to get out of this rainy state. It has been hard work, washing coaches, learning about Alaska, driving miles and hours on end, making small talk with tourists who want to ask me questions about wild flowers, wild life, and what is the weather gonna be like tomorrow. 

Hard Work I tell you.

11 days till I am home with my family, friends and internet boyfriends (Just kidding, I finally gave up on trying to find loves on ldsmingles and lds planet ... thanks to all my friends in AK who kept me busy here). I have a whole list of activities i need to get done in AZ. That includes restaurants, Last Chance visits and of course spending every spare moment with Olivia. 

It is gonna be Awesome (almost awesomer than being a driver in 'square'banks AK.