Friday, February 27, 2009

OH Blogosphere....

Here I am in my first 10 minutes of sitting at the landlord/tenant table. My meager attempt to get pro bono hours (did i spell that right??), learn a little bit about landlord and tenant rights, and just be apart of the law school community. Hmmm. Well it is field trip day or something, I am in the commons and surrounded by Jr. High and High School kids. It makes me miss teaching. I do miss the personalities of the kids. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of personalities at law school, but somehow I don't appriciate them as much as I did the kids of Brimhall. Now about the weekend.

So tonight is the ward talent show. I am not participating, but i will go and support. I have an outline due at 4 thirty. So that will be it that i haven't started on it. We are going to Thai food tomorrow, can't wait. I can't find my phone anywhere. I had it with me on Wednesday night. And now, it is lost. So hopefully that will turn up. I have hit the point in the semester where i gotta turn it on. I worked so hard last semester,(and experienced sucess) so now it is just recreating that momentum and getting it going. The point is most of the time for this weekend, and all the weekends to come will be spent studying. Alright, pics to come. and Yes...the blog will be more exciting. Maybe. I think i am just not as exciting as i used to be. All that will change.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Up too Late...

I have found the solution to all my problems. All the complaints about the Dog's squeaky toy, and the whiny goings on, out side my window, and just the dog sounds in general that seem to put me in a bad mood for hours/dare I say days...have now found a solution. EAR the law school we get them to use while we are studying (it seems that the library is really code for loud discussions about anything Law or not so law related) So you need them there. Finally today, after 1 and a half hours of that dog whining outside my window (the door he gets let in at, is right next to my window) I thought F this, and there, they sweet, lovely, like mana from heaven ear plugs. I love you guys...thanks for the sweet salvation. Suddenly my seasonal depression ( i call it that, because I don't like being cold or having it be dark and i sort of hate on everyone and everything in my life) seems conquerable. Yay, Earplugs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Oh the adventures I have had...
Monday-Friday(of last week)
I stayed up till at least 3 am working on my paper, with a little face booking mixed in. And I am still having trouble sleeping because of it.

1. Donating Plasma Rexburg I worked at the plasma center and donated, here I am just going to be a donator. Anyways, it is hard to beleive it has been over 10 years since I got my first college job at Bio-Medics. I passed the interview process, NO sex with men, who have had sex with other men for money or drugs... I am a sucess!!!

2. Baby-sitting for Mellissa and Dru on Valentines Eve. We watched Monsters Inc. I tried to be a good sitter first and read them some stories. I even changed a diaper, (it's been years). I was surprised at how un-natural it was for me to be alone with the kids, I mean I helped raise my 5 younger siblings, but I haven't changed a diaper since Van was 2 and he is 17 now....15 years people. YIKES.

3. I spent Valentines Day with 4 of my favorite men in Moscow. Don- He is my workout buddy, has lost more weight than me at the Weight Loss Challenge, and is the gossip King! Adam-engaged to a wonderful woman from AZ (break my heart), helps me with my bike, and makes me laugh. John (Auburn) A little on the wild side, Loves to gamble, plays guitar with soul and is funny. Sean-a little cynical, lots of sex appeal, he's funny too. And ME!!! If I can't be with one special man, it's great to be with 4 of them. We went to a Thai restaurant for dinners, came home while John played guitar and I sang (treats for all) and just hung out. I think they invited me, so it wouldn't look like a homosexual double date...but i didn't care. At the Thai restaurant I ordered the best goodness, Yellow Curry. Which inspired Saturdays Adventures.

4. After Valentines with the boys, I headed home...and my roomates were throwing a party. It was the same old folks, then much to my only crush showed up. That was nice.

5. Monday (president's day) We headed out for a bike ride. Adam said he wanted to go back to Pullman to eat the Thai food again, but this time he was going to get the Yellow Cury and we were gonna ride our bikes there. I have an amazing bike, that i had only ridden about 1 mile since i bought it. So this was a 18 mile round tripper. My clip on peddals and shoes were a disaster and i fell over twice. So i had to wear my tennies and deal with them slipping off the pedals. Point of the story. I got bruises on my arms and legs from falling off the bike, my back is sore and my privates hurt because even though i wore the padded bike shorts. that bike seat was not made for a woman. But I liked riding my bike. And I am a speed demon.

Super tired..from all my adventures. Missed you All. Hope your adventures are sweet.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I will not be blogging for the next week. Just giving a heads up. Have fun everyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

UPDATE (G rated)

So I am not going to swear on my blog ever again. Well i think i might say, one time a month...if i really need to. My aunt and i just talked on facebook chat, and she said "it made me seem less classy." You all know the aim of my life (besides the elephant in the room) is to be classy. So if it takes not swearing, than so be it. That is going to apply to my word choice in real speech as well.

I started swearing in 5th grade, when i moved schools to Ishikowa Elementary. I sort of made friends with the wrong crowd. They were wild. They swore. They talked about sex, i think.....(or maybe they just knew the slang names for private parts) In any event they were bad, bad kids. And I had to be cool, i had to fit in. So I started swearing too (and maybe calling private parts by their slang names).

Basically since 5th grade, I have loved swearing (i think i am over using slang for privates) and don't find anything wrong or offensive about it, if it is used in moderation and for emphasis. But, alas if it is getting in the way of my classiness, even in one persons perpective, it has to be abolished....As i am writing this all i want to do is write and say swear words out loud. (Like the moment I started this weight loss challenge all i wanted to do was eat Salt and Vinegar chips and oreos and cheese burgers with bacon and blue cheese....and fry sauce for those awesome thick cut french fries) Shoot.

Speaking of Blog resolutions. I am going to try to spell better and care about punctuation.

In addition to those things, I purchased a new camera on Woot so it should be arriving soon. That means more pictures on the blog. It seems that I left my camera at my parents house over Thanksgiving, but it is nowhere to be found. These law school experiences (of loneliness and pain) need to be documented and shared.

Summary- Not going to swear, going to try to spell and punctuate and pictures are on the way.
(NOTE TO SELF: Being Classy is worth any sacrifice... no matter how tough)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bugged and no place to vent...

So over the weekend i got two different calls from two different girls looking for a room to rent in the condo. Now that should be good news but.... They both have similar problems. They both are in situations where they can't work, so the bishops of their wards will be paying the rent. That means if either of them get the room, I will get a check from a bishop. Does that sound strange to you. And would normally be a red flag, but hey the economy is bad and i got a mortgage.

So one of them called my mom last night and set up a time to check out the condo. My mom, what a trooper agreed to meet her tonight. I was busy at school all day, and my mom never told me she was showing the condo to one of the girls, untill the girl didn't show up. My mom waited a half hour, since the time SHE requested to meet, then she called me. I was so annoyed, who does that? I told my mom to call her and find out what was up, then leave. So my mom calls her the girl (who doesn't have a car) says that she is out with a friend looking at other places, and she is on her way. My annoyance turned to full on "being pissed off" and I told my mom just to forget it and go home. I hate flakes like this, who set up a time, late at night for someone to meet them (who they don't know) and then inconvenience them like that. My mom was gonna wait, she said the girl said, "they were on their way", but in the Valley, who knows where they are. BLAR and BLAR...

Mom, people are soooooooooooooo interesting. God bless them.