Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too Funny....

I haven't laughed this hard in a while.... Thanks Erica for bringing Silly back.

People still care?

The show is no longer on NBC or ABC, sadly it is only seen on CMT. Do people still care about this. I am not sure why i ever cared. I mean i know I was young, and this show might have been one of the many factors that helped me to hate my body and my big nose and my gap tooth.

But it is still on. I watched 6 minutes of it at Jimmy and Tamara's house. I guss the biggest question is, if I wss 30 in 1989 would I be into this, or was I just into this because I was 11. I can't figure out what is the deal with beauty pagents... i try and I don't get it, but Mario always looks good and it is a treat to see him, post the work he did on SBTB.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love it....

I will finally have two roomates. I am excited. These are some of the pictures I took of my place to convince the Cali girl she wanted to live here, in my little slice of heaven.

First, I have an impressive aloe vera farm that I have started in my courtyard aka front porch. Does that seem sort of old ladyish to you? Well it should because I am a 30 year old lady.

I also love my couches. These couches used to be in my grandparents home in ephraim, now they are all mine. Ruby red with Gold flowers, very classy.

The three windows with the cute blinds, all my idea. If you can notice I have a little green down at the bottom. That is the Aloe farm creeping its way into my indoor living space.

BLOGS O the Past UpDATE...I didn't cry at Chiles today, my favorite home teacher gave me a cell phone circa 2003 and I couldn't find the fireside, so I just kept driving to churches in the vacinity, still couldn't find it, so I went back to my parents to watch LAw and Order Criminal Intent.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Free to do what I want any old time....

So i have looked at your blogs with the cute kiddos, hot or not so hot husbands. I have seen your Mormon dreams coming true in color and black and white. I have coveted the cute outfits you wear, as you are pregnant or loosing that baby fat, or looking good after the weight is lost. So now the tables have turned.... get ready to miss your single days and covet my life. REady?

I get to have hot hate makeouts (in 27 dresses it was sex, but we don't do that around these parts) with strangers (or men i meet at the institute, who take me on 3 dates and then we have a talk and cuddle while we are watching a movie, and then we decide to do back scratch traders and eventually one thing leads to a kiss... well you get the idea).

I get to teach or sub aka babysit the kids other people have had, I love getting disrespected by their spawn.

I can go on any trips I want (but then again, i don't really have the money, because I chose a career for the schedule aka it is in line with the kids school schedule, instead of for the financial benefits, so i don't really have any money to pay for trips...but i can go to payson or flagstaff and that is cool).

I get to meet interesting men all the time, and some are divorced with issues and/or with like 5 kids, and greasy, and intense, and if I am lucky they will consider wanting me, because lets be honest I am not getting any younger, and those recent high school graduates just stay the same age. I love the wishing and hoping part the best.

I can live any where I want, I don't have to worry what my better half wants. Ok this one is actually pretty sweet, if I had the balls to move anywhere cool and make it stick. However, i still have a life set up with friends and a social network, and it is hard to cut the chord.

Men compliment me all the time. But sometimes it is a mixed compliment. Like, "your long legs would look so great with a little more definition in them"...gee thanks.

I get to be an independent woman, and am free to do what i want any old time, it is seriously blissful 24/7, the mystery, the wonder, the fact that anything can happen (although it rarely does) keeps my spirits up.

So dont' go resenting me for my awesome lifestyle. I mean you made your choices now deal with em, while i am just over here loving, making all my Mormon dreams come true slowly. In all honesty I am in great spirits. Just a little sarcastic. I made a new resolution to not complain, i hope this didn't come across that way. I gotta go make it happen tonight so... Have a great weekend and Sabath and New Week.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I cried at Chilies

So, i guess the stress of being a waitress was too much for me to bare. First the table of Native American's didn't tip, and had me running like a fugitive(thanks bob marley, Iron Lion Zion) for Ranch and refills of Strawberry Lemonade. Then I forgot to put silverware on like 4 tables in a row, then I messed up the order and didn't order the boneless buffalo salad for a table of 8, causing the whole table to miss their movie. Then, i didn't know that you didn't get 2 side dishes with your half rack of ribs. Shoot. I wouldn't have cried, except a fellow co-worker was like, "what's wrong with you"... when he asked that question, in the heat of the kitchen, and deep into my stressful 3rd shift without a trainer, my head started spinning with responses. And the biggest kicker, I am 30 and I work at Chiles'. The funny part about it, is I felt fine before and after the mid-shift cry. Oh well, now i am the girl who cried at Chiles just adding to the many dimensions that make me, for better or worse, me. Where is your most embarassing cry? Come on make a girl feel better.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quiz time

Take this test!

Your color is red, the color of racy sportscars, blushing cheeks, and luscious roses. Red symbolizes passion, romance, and love. So, since you're ruled by red, you probably trust your feelings more than your brain and tend to act spontaneously. If you see something you want, you go for it without thinking twice — impulsive is your middle name. You don't wait around for people to make decisions, either; you dive right in. Quite the romantic, you pay close attention to your emotions. In fact, if your heart isn't in what you're doing, you won't be satisfied. Of course, even when you do pour all your energy into the projects you tackle, your impetuous nature means your passions can shift as frequently as the wind. That's why some reds have trouble with commitment. Our advice? Next time you're feeling fickle, think before you act, if possible. You might be surprised at the results. Overall, though, it's great to be red. No one lives life more completely than you do.

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Many Faces... One City. City of Mesa Parade with the parents.

Civil Rights have always been important to me. You want proof. Well there I was cheering for unity, and getting candy, and watching the jumprope club and Anonymous Dancers. I don't know what other proof you need. For some reason Dad, wanted to be a cowboy...we actually saw our old horse, Red in the parade. It was a good day, except when Sumo sent me a text that said, "Churches Chicken, watermelon, grape kool-aid at Candlelight Park at 12"... I knew there was a possibility he was messing with me, but that meal sounded too good. So there I was in the Element waiting for my Civil Rights Day feast, and yet it was a Joke. Blar, don't trick me with food. To another year of equality and making it count.

Monday, January 21, 2008

What would you Rather Eat.

The best thing to rather is food. Now I am going to be mild here with the rathers. I started out with two things I never want to eat ever. The first is stuffed olives with blue cheese. Hmm, the second is Vienna Sausages, now I went on a huge V.S. binge when I was 11. I couldn't get enough of those sausages and the juice they come packaged in Yummy.

The next choice is between Split Pea soup, my absolute favorite. I just adore the texture. And Menudo, which is a latain pop sensation and a soup they serve at Filibertos. In my mission we had a similar dish to Menudo. It was called, "potato soup with a part of a chicken's anatomy that you don't want to eat". You see every bowl the was on the table would have a different part of the chicken, and the thing was all the good parts were gone, so there I was knawing on a chicken head or foot. Menudo is cow stomach soup I think.

Help, I am poor and need to communicate...

Hey guys. I dropped my phone in water a few months ago, so I started using my old one. That lasted for one call when I realized that the people on the other end, cannot hear me. Then I used AK's phone, but it would only hold a charge for 2 hours max. Then 2 days ago my brother Van remembered he had an old phone with the screen broken, but it worked fine besides that. My mom just told me, Van broke both outside and inside screens of his phone today while he was snowboarding. He jacked his wrist too, but I don't really care about that. So he needs his phone back. Ok, so we already know that the love Gods conspire against me, but now I am pretty positive the cell phone Gods are conspiring. So the point is, if anyone has any old T-mobile phones with chargers lying around, that they need no more... I would love to have em. I just slide that sim card in and I got a phone. Seriously, and the more the better, because I gotta have backups. For reals. Just shoot me a comment or an email and if you want a finders fee, I guess I could handle that.

Please search your junk drawer and your heart. Jodi gots to communicate.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I love the game who would you rather. It changed my life. So I am giving the next 3 days of my blogging to who would you rather. The thing is you gotta comment, and tell me who you would rather. I promise it is gonna start out slow, and then get better and better. Now back in the day, we just kept it simple. Then, people wanted definitions, like someone would say, "who would you rather what". Baby, I am not about definitions, unless it is defining the relationship talk. Just let the rather be whatever you want it to be. And as always Suicide is not an option, you gotta answer. Love always, happy rathering Jodi.

So Today we have two games going. Kevin Costner has curb appeal...only because of his role in Dances With Wolves, hearing the word "Tatanca" aka Buffalo still gets me all naturalistic. He is in an intense battle for our vote against Steve Martan is he a Mormon, is it all just a publicity stunt... we don't know, and honestly we don't really care.

In our second game we have Lavar Burton who by the way was the first black man I was ever attracted to. He was the star of Reading Rainbow, and when he talked about books, Yowsers, i was in". He is facing David Spade, I am not sure if anyone remembers how funny this man was. But that 'Tommy Boy' was a good time.

PS... I am not even kidding, I am all adoring Lavar surrounded by books. What a HOTTIE

27 dresses, a free rootbeer, and something to blog about...

Am I allowed to go the the movies with my girlfriends, and laugh at all the funny stuff even the mildly inappropriate parts, even though my old bishop and his wife were sitting behind us, who incedently are the aunt and uncle of one of the afore mentioned girlfriends. Because I did laugh, loudly and lots.

Great movie, just what a bunch of chics need to see. Something about bridesmaid dresses, and your sister getting the man you want, and weddings that just lure us in like the flies on honey. Good job Katherine and the hot co-star...loved it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

One of those days...

When no one calls you, except Gunnel Tires to tell you your oil change is complete.

When you are feeling all Blar inside and then the cute old man making your Veggie Sub at Subway puts forth that little extra effort and suddenly everything feels OK.

When you go to LAST CHANCE, because let's be honest you can't drive to Payson like you used to when you need your cheap clothes shopping fix, and you get a couple new accessories, and you feel better.

When you decide to be hardcore but then you make a hamburger at your moms and then proceed to devour 12 super size gumballs.

When your mind keeps spinning about recent new developments in the lives of loved ones, and you realize, free agency is the best and worst.

When a girl in your ward says your blog is hysterical, and it almost brings a tear to your eye because it has been one of those days when you are dying for a complement.

When you realize your brother will be home in less than two weeks from his mission, and all of a sudden you are so grateful for families and the church.

When you smile, because you are wiped out and a bit down, but you know that maybe tomorrow won't be one of 'those' days :( but maybe it will be one of 'those' days :)

Tonight....All Truth Revealed, well a little truth that I sort of might be making up, maybe.

Tonight I was talking with a new friend of mine, and he asked a question that reminded me of old school ricks days. The days when you would give back scratchers to just about anyone and put your whole heart into it (now I am selective and I am sort of half assing it always), days when you had a new crush every week, and they were all meaningful... If I get a new crush this year, I will be surprised. Also, when you would ask each other meaningful questions, and philosophize and really think deeply about the answer.

Now, it was one of those moments when you are going over and sharing the past relationship wins and losses, in hopes of getting to know each other better (totally ricks college-esque). If we are being honest, I got the losses beating the wins. He asked me, "If you had to marry one of the ex boyfriends who would you marry?" Now being 30, and as undiscriminatory as, "let's be honest", I have been now and again, that leaves a lot of material to consider.

My mind raced. Who would it be, of the many, many men who have loved me for over 3 months in a row, who would be victorious in the game of WWYRM (a take of who would you rather, the original). Now all in all in fairness, I couldn't choose a married man, and they all married as far as I know. And that leads me to the next truth... which I believe all singles believe is unique to them alone. "I was put on this earth, to date people, and then inspire them to go marry someone else". I am instrument of persuasion. Of persuading many, many men... that they should be married. Quickly. Not to me.

Even though I am a powerful force of persuasion, my one hope is that there is one even more powerful than I, and she is out there, with my future man. And all the wheels are set in motion, the cards are stacked against her, and he is backing away from her, and coming my way.

I wish you luck oh, "Most Powerful Instrument of Persuasion Single Mormon Girl"... start working your magic and get that man over here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What I am rated.

Meet Ohio Singles

Karma is a bitch....

1. "Jodi, I have finally forgiven you, ________ told us how when you came to visit us, you told her we were fighting and it just sucked, why would you tell, ________ this?"

2. " A lot of people have been coming around asking me how it is to make out with so many people, they told me you told them, that I make out with a ton of people".

3. "Jodi, Why did you tell____________, that I didn't want him to call me anymore, even though I didn't want him to, that is my business and you should but out".

Welcome to my world. I speak and low friendships crumble. What happened to the art of gossiping, and not running to the person for a clarifyer. Damn it, why, why, why? Why is it that words spoken in context, in fun, in a jovial spirit, get turned around and get me in an awkward conversation, where I have to try to explain my actions, when honestly... I don't even remember saying it. Then my favorite is when I am severely punished for my folley...Can I please, just stop being quoted and misquoted. Seriously. I have been laying lower than I have in the history of my good old 30 years, but I must sure be saying alot, because the natives are not happy. BLAR.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

big belly?

Today when I was subbing there was a little guy that was especially huggy. He was a kinder kid. We were leaving the computer lab, and he patted my belly, and said, "you sure got a big belly" so today I worked out. Nothing like a 5 year old commenting on the mid section to make one be hardcore otra vez. PS I don't even think it's big. I think when your five everything looks big. Thank you for the extra motivation, I guess.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Full circle....

I wrote about Boy Jody below. Today I am substituting at my old Elementary. As I was walking to the classroom where I would be teaching the 5th graders, it all came rushing back to me. There was the spot, where Jody asked me out in 4th grade. A flood of memories... sort of. Talk about full circle.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Torpedo and Maximo...

I am giving you my predictions for this year in percents.

1. My two best friends will marry each other after 2+ years of dating (63 percent)

2. I will get into BYU Law School (19 percent)

3. Rita's baby will have tricked us all and be a boy (5 percent)

4. I will win the black out at Fort McDowell Bingo and win the 35,000 dollar Jackpot (.0004 percent)

5. Torpedo and Maximo(the two dogs I hope to adopt) will happen (13 percent)

I guess the marriage has the odds in it favor. Something gotta happen.

"I guess sometimes there just ins't enough rocks" -Forest "I guess sometimes there just isn't enough Kava" -Jodi

"Was it a bad day, or are you just having realizations" -Rita

Yep, it must have been written all over my face.... my sister wanted to go to lunch. I got in the car. The radio song annoyed me, my skin was itchy, I start training as a server soon and I am nervous. Shoot. The funny thing about life, is it always seems like I am at the crossroads, and yet I never seem to get anywhere. I try, I worry, I plan (everyone knows I plan), I try to keep that body tight, I occur debt to make those dreams come true, and yet here I am back at the beginning... trying to decide if I should ask MPS if I can drive for them in the mornings to make a few extra bucks (I drove school bus for 3 and a half years while I went through college). I am nervous about my Law School applications, I feel like I am way too idealistic with the schools I am applying to. I did great on the LSAT, yet that Ricks College year and a half of college madness did a number on my GPA. I am worrying about moving for school, or worse staying here. BLAR. I guess I am just having "realizations" Rita.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm in love with Goran from Law and Order CI.

Today we were watching tv at my parents house... and there he was, Jeff Goldblum from "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" and "The Big Chill", and Rita said, "Jodi, didn't you used to think that guy was sexy". Then she proceeded to laugh hysterically. She is definitely my sister, i laugh hysterically when ever i get a chance. Anyways, it got me thinking. I think strange men are attractive, if they play intelligent roles. For example, in my movie star "Who would you rather", guess who is at the top of the list, Goran from Law and Order CI and Elliot Stabler from SVU Law and Order. That is just how I roll. On the flip side, I think I have only dated a man older than me 3x. And have only dated one seriously. If Detective Goran was here, and wanted to hear the missionary discussions, I might fall for the older, older man. Shoot.

On the subject of older men... yesterday i was at my parents again, and the phone rang. I picked it up, and this man asked if "insert my dad's name" lived there. I wasn't born yesterday so I said, "maybe". Then he said, "this ________, would be about 55 years old, his dad was a baseball coach". I said, "keep going". Then he said, "he served his mission in Pennsylvania". At that point I was convinced. So I came clean, and said "yeah, you have found who you are looking for". He told me that his new years resolution is to remake connections. I sent him on his way with my dad's cell phone number.

Dinner tonight, I asked my dad if his mission friend had called him. He said, "yeah, he is going to come visit in a few months"... and all I can think of, is he wants to sell you Amway or Nuskin. Why do I think that, because when ever someone random comes out of the wood work, they have an agenda. I sure am cynical, huh? But my sister Rita, said "Is he single?" As she looked at me, and died laughing". Shoot. Then she said, "sorry Jo, i forgot your so old"... Shoot. She tried to fix it by saying, "I forgot dad was sooo old". Either way blar.

Jeff is sort of sexy....or maybe was. The pictures from the last 20 years, were not that great. Sorry Jeffy.

Friday, January 4, 2008

That'll never be me, that'll never be me, that'll never, ever, never, ever... don't you even think it!!!

Stop being naked in your link up pictures. Remember how i said, "an ex wants to hang out, but I don't think awkardness can ever really die"... well good thing I didn't go through with some reuniting. Because I just looked at his link up picture and there he is with his shirt off, the memo in red at the top of his page said, "new pictures". Nothing like a, "I have no problem posting my unprotected torso, for the web/world to see" mentality to get me all intrigued.

Problem is 2 more random men have sent me messages. One has a normal, "I am wearing a shirt and pants outfit because it is appropriate, yet further down the road there is a chance I might take my shirt off, if we ever are in the ocean or at Big Surf at the same time or I am doing outdoor construction" picture, aka he is fully clothed. Yet the other, has a rather attractive picture of him looking normal, and yet the other picture looks like he is having the time of his life (with his enormous enormous chest, and chiseled abbs) at a gay rave, he even has a yellow arm bracelet (on his bare naked arm to go with his bare naked upper body). Now this gay raver looks good enough to belong where he is, why oh why is he posting this pic on the lds linkup? Just wanted to throw that out.

Do I have issues? Why do I expect my linkster men to all think the way I do? For example, "clothes are important when you are on an lds dating/friendship site". I guess it all comes down to men being visual. Blar, blar we get it. Maybe they are getting confused with what they would want to see (no top) with what I want to see (you wearing a classy shirt, from Mervyns, or Ross, or Walmart). No me inporta, donde su compro tu camisa, pero compre un camisa por favor y hacelo.

Oh PS, my social life is more than what I blog about, in case you were feeling sorry for me. I just gotta protect the privacy of the number one key players. In other words, there is more to life than linkup (i get that) but some of the randomness is just too good to keep to myself.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolution Land....

i decided not to start my new years resolutions until Jan. 4th.. I guess that is just how I roll. So with out further delay, this is how the idealistic/realistic mind of Jodi wants her year to be....

1. Learn to dance 3 kinds of dances... Hip hop (like at a club or mormon party) , country swing and Belly (they teach it at the YMCA every Friday night).

2. Complete the P90X series (it's a work out series of tapes, you probably saw the infomercial) Thanks Jimmy for buying it.

3. Learn to kayak really good, sort of hard in Az, but I got dreams of greatness and snow storms in Northern AZ, so the dormant rivers come to life.

4. Build my testimony by increasing the quality of my scripture study.

5. Learn to cook dishes from many countries (this sort of is an anti-resolution to rawsomeness, notice I use the word cook).

6. Only go out to eat once a week, (it is an addiction of mine) unless I gotta date.

7. Run a 4:59 mile, a 2:59:00 marathon and a half iron man in under 5 hours. Woo Doggies, just call me Wonder Woman if I can make these babies happen. Considering the 2nd/3rd from last finish at tuesdays 10k. I gotta a lot of work to do.

8. Document the whole year with pictures and blogging.

9. Complete two book lists. One is by the late Arthur Henry King, called Reading for a Lifetime and the other is the 100 greatest books of the 20th century. Actually if I can just read the entire first list, I would be satisfied... but it is always cool to be an idealist.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What has happened in the last 36 hours.... Surreal.

1. I was given two rose plants from a good friend... it really made me feel special.

2. An ex who used to be super awkward wants to hang out again.... i am not convinced. Does awkwardness ever die?


4. I cleaned my condo, it looks great. Go organized 2008 Barbie(being born again is what it's about).

5. I dj'd last night for about 5 hours. It was sooo fun, because DJ Rome said, "play whatever you want Jodi, I don't even care anymore". You know exactly what that means. TECHNO and obscure 80's. Don't give me the freedom and expect me not to freestyle. I felt old, in a good way.


7. It is 2008 and I stayed up until 4 thirty to welcome it in. Yet that didn't stop me start the new year off right. I pulled my ace out of bed to run a 10k. I got 2nd to last and a guy dropped out (does that make me third from last?). But on a positive note, my friend Brendan set a course record. Also my discipline level is being revealed, you see the moment of truth arrived when I knew I could stay in bed and make the excuses or become a champion (one step at a time). I choose to be a champion.

8. I played rock band. I love it, I love it, I love it. I just want to be good, and be in some bands with other like minded, serious about music, folks. I love my friends who keep up on pop culture. I am cooler because you let me chill sometimes. Thanks.

9. Even though it is 2008 and I used this date as a rawsome jumping off point, Since midnight i have eaten 3 sugar cookies, pringles, Candy Cane Joe's( Oreo's with candy canes, i love you) and peanut m and m's . I am out of control.

10. I got resolutions all over the place. In all my planning books, so now I have to compile... you will be privy to the sacred grail soon.

11. Happy New years.... To the best year with friends, family, lovers, great movies we have seen the trailers for but will get to see this year, awesome music that we will love, adventures, babies (my first niece is coming and I can't wait to meet her and ask her about Ruby, Olive, Navy, Violet and Ivory (my future daughters that she has probably just been chilling with), amazing food that I will devour, weddings, missionaries coming home, awesome books to read, new places to visit and dealing with all the crap that will inevitably make the joys so much more sweeter.