Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last night was interesting. I thought I would just kick it with my family but towards late afternoon I started hankering to go out...which meant call my only single friend in AZ Jen Williams.

Jen and I have gone through a lot together. Here are the parallels:
1. We both went to Mt. View HS and ran CC
2. We both went to Ricks College
3. We were in the MTC at the same time
4. We lived in the same condos by ASU and attended the same singles ward
5. We both kissed Ken Checketts
6. We are both 33 and Single and Mormon
7. She was a counselor at Gateway Pointe a school in Higley and the year before I was a teacher there.
8 But most interesting is that our moms both lived in Iran for 3 years in their teens at the same time because their dads(our grandpas) were college professors there.

We went to Cheesecake Factory and had a group of more than 20 people, which meant a long wait. I am rawsome again (only eating raw uncooked food) so once we finally got seated (an hour and a half later) I just drank water. I sat next to my friends Kenny and Karla who are awesome and a 6'10 man named Chris and we basically talked the whole dinner about my favorite things, ie raw food, government conspiracies, being single, and student loan debt. He was sort of attractive.

Next we went to Gameworks, but only Jen, a girl named Sara and I, everyone else went out somewhere else. At Gameworks(which had been rented out by the Mormon Church for the single adults) I was probably 10-12 years older than the average age of everyone there...but it was still fun to see a few people i knew and see all kids having good wholesome fun.

Next off to Kenny's house for the countdown where we watched MTV, played with fireworks and I didn't get kissed. I did eat an old banana and orange since I hadn't eaten much at dinner except some leftover spinach leaves and a few bean sprouts.

Then we went to a waffle party, I made some waffles for friends (I didn't eat them), talked to a man I had gone on a date with 10 months ago, ate some raw pecans, and then we left.

Point is, not that fun. But at least I got out there and didn't hermit myself up and stayed RAW!!!!

Happy New Years.