Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have made some good friends here in Moscow already. Some of my favorites are Dru and Melissa. Dru is my law school mate, and Melissa is his wife. Anyways, Melissa tagged me in her blog, and I need to reveal 6 quirks.... Ready

1. I am an obsessive, compulsive planner. I have everything planned out in notebooks. I have my days, weeks, years, 10 years, and the next 90 years planned out. I plan on living to 120, and I need to make all the time matter. I am constantly redoing my plans and adding more to them. I have financial plans, travel plans, naming my kids plans, work out plans, rawsome plans, novels i will write plans, etc.

2. I will say "shhh" to people like I am the boss of them or something. It was the worst when I was a teacher, because in class I got to be in control. So I would say "shhh" or "simmer" when ever i wanted, this doesn't go over when it's my dad I am shushing. 

3. I have always bad posture, so to counteract it I do this both hand behind my back, lock fingers stretch. If you have been in my presence you have seen it. I also, crack my neck, my fingers and do other stretches in public (nothing too odd, i hope). 

4. I love, love, love Law and Order. I sometimes think I have an advantage over the other law students because I have watched soooo much L and O. Maybe. 

5. I have a sexy look, I do whenever i put on makeup or am getting my hair done. My hair girl Vanessa will always say, "ok Jodi, go ahead and do your sexy look, i know you are going to anyways". LOL. This took a lot of practice staring at the mirror when I was in my pre-teen and teen years. I also remember doing this look, when I had gotten braids in my hair, and Jamie was driving the bus, and I was the passenger, and she totally called me out on the sexy look. It probably isn't even sexy. 

6. I laugh loud in public places. If something is funny I will laugh. This is most obvious in movies, where I sometimes am the only one laughing and I am not shy about it. I have myself been shushed because of loud laughter, I hate being shushed, it makes me laugh louder. 

I tag Jamie, Jill, Krystal and Cousin. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tonight I was young again....

Moscow, Pullman and Lewiston Institutes threw a big party tonight. It was called 'Singles Fest', and it was nothing short of amazing. Well I wish I would have taken lots of pics but I didn't. Here is what happened. Plessy (my new best friend) and I pull up to the church building. We make our way to the back of the parking lot and realize that a talent show/kareoke sing along is in full effect. We get some food, burgers, cheeto's and slushes (they had a slush machine like 7-11 used to). The entertainment was awesome, some creative song writing and expression was in full effect. Later the dance started, and i got a bit critical with the DJ. He was playing Country, Sheryl Crow, and unedited rap (yikes). Somehow I managed to make it through 3/4 of the 'Boot Scootin Boogie Ultimate Extended Remix (only in ID)', at some point in my life I learned that line dance, and then here in Idaho I finally felt inclined to use it. But the best part was awaiting me. About 20 minutes of techno....I found the weird eccentric circle, the boys who you are sure are gay, are the funnest to dance with to Techno. It was awesome, i think my law school posse was a little confused to see me let loose with the dancing kids, but hey it is who I am. Then we went to watch a movie. I felt young because a) I was dancing with young kids, and was vibing off their love of life. B) I laughed alot and made old school jokes, like I used to, it was fun. C) I flirted with reckless abandon with the Elders Quarum President (ok, i guess i have never done that before).

**I know on my last post I got a comment about forgetting about boys, and just focus on school. I suppose I opened myself up to it, if I sounded a little discouraged, those are simply the growing pains as I get used to my new life in MOSCOW, not the mecca of Mesa that I am used to). Of course I am focusing on school . The blog is what I do to express funny things that happen or the little things that are on my mind, when I don't have to think about school. I am studying the law more than I ever thought I could. For all my people out there, don't worry, I really do want a law degree, and am loving learning so much. If I wanted to only meet men(which I admit I do focus on, and maybe shoudn't so much, i get it), I would have stayed in Alaska, they are oh so plentiful there.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like an Old Lady....

Recently I noticed how many times people i randomly meet at or around the university ask, "Are you a student?" Like they are surprised. I was flirting with some guys at the gym and I thought things were going pretty dang good. I acted like I did not know how to use the machines, and they would come over and help me (isn't that what you are supposed to do if you are playing the damsel in distress role, hell at this point i'll try anything). After a couple of times, small talk insued and then they asked, with that inflection in their voice, "so you go to U of I?" and then when i answered in the affirmative I got, "really?" this is going to be a long 3 years, and I don't think that any amount or quality of anti-aging creme can make it any less painful.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love Rita...

here i am at one am in the law building, tired as a law student (who doesn't study in the day but runs around to change her address at the local bank, because she accidently mixed it up, so now a debit, credit and checks are heading to the wrong place. BLAR, who also has to orchestrate the viewing of her condo for someone who is 0ver 1000 miles away, and who needs someone to let her in, give her directions etc. etc) with other things on her plate should be. But on the good side, things are looking up for me... I am here, and I need to be here studying. 

But, i just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend and my only biological sister (didn't want to throw you under the bus Tamara). If you read my last post, I have to admit it is sort of creepy, but being that I wrote it at such a late hour, blog readers you cut me some slack. But Rita made one very short comment after that post. She said, "Please don't do a blog series about your loves". I couldn't stop laughing, I felt covered with sense and sensibility. My little sister always the logical voice cutting through my emotional ramblings. Her comment was short and simple, yet to the point. Which is the essence of Rita, she might not talk as much as me (or Sumo) but what she says is right on point. Her watchful eye has been helpful. Notice this time I did filter. The crazy idea to do a "jodi's past love blog series" was there, and yet I squashed it. So don't be a hater, be proud that your big sister is all grown up, and has learned to sensor, sometimes, maybe...well more than before. a roomate in the master of my AZ condo, done and done. The worst is using student loan monies for things you just don't want to use them for and paying part of the mortgage is not something I want to happen 3 weeks into the school year. 

PPS... I love law school, we had the 9th Circuit Court here yesterday, hearing oral arguments for 4 cases. It was awesome, and a first for U of I. Can I tell you, the judges were funny, and witty and knew the law backwards and forwards. I got a lot of work to do, but it is amazing to see the process of our legal system. Loved the whole day. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bittersweet - Big Head Todd and the Monsters

I love this song. This song reminds me of my first love. The one (of many) that got away. I was going to do this blog series, where I pick the great loves of my life and write a little synopsis about each chapter, and then put a YouTube song up, of the songs that are the soundtrack of that time period. As i got mid way through writing the post, I realized I couldn't tell the whole truth, and to me the whole truth is the most important part. Also, no one would love these but my friends, and they would probably be embarrassed for me, for posting things from so long ago. Also, if by chance the dude (or heaven help me, his wife) found the post, that wouldn't be too great/and i would probably get called out, and i hate that. Also, now that i am a law student, i gotta be careful about my blog (at least that sounds like a good idea). So if you have a few minutes, enjoy this song. I love it. And I promise no tributes. At least not tonight. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am missing my Rita, Sumo and Olivia. 
*I decided i have gained weight since quitting boxing (april) and eating so good in Alaska. So the before pics have been taken. Yeah not posting those. Sorry. 
*I went kayaking today with a school mate, he was a good teacher, and I did my first roll in a river. 
*I ate at my first Turkish food. I made lot's of friends from Turkey this summer, and as I was eating the spicy, garlic goodness, i thought of them. 
*I have started being really funny again. I might always be funny, but sometimes I am funnier than others. Something has changed and I am cracking myself up again. Thank Goodness. 
*People's relationships are on the fritz... and I am sort of glad I am not in a relationship right now (you read it correctly, I jodi am sort of OK with not having something going on in the loves department, it only took almost 31 years of life, a lot of books to read, and Idaho to get me here, we will see how long this feeling will last). 
*I went to the county fair up here, and saw some farm animals of different varieties. Interesting. 
*I saw the movie 'The Woman", YUCKERS.... i hated it with all my heart and soul. IT is painful to watch on so many levels, had poor acting, and was full of contradictory messages. 
*I am excited to donate plasma this week, let the 30 dollars per donation begin, returning to my roots I tell you. 
**Still Ok with not having a love interest right now... 

For Now. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

phill collins againts all odds

When I was 11 all my pre-teen dreams came true. I got a clock radio. Anyways, it was sweet. The best part was the radio station that played adult contemporary. The day jams were sweet. But when the sun went down, things really heated up. Adults would make dedications to their lovers. I couldn't wait till i had a lover to dedicate sweet 'slow dancing' songs to. Songs that my 11 year mind thought were the best were "Making Love out of Nothing at All" by Air Supply (the best love ballad of all time), "Hello" by Lionel Richie (Ruffus and I just called him L.R.), "Lady" by Kenny Rogers, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler and "Islands in the Stream" a duet by Kenny and Dolly. Those are just a few of the great ones that turned this gal into a sappy and idealistic romantic.

I recently realized I need to buy a clock radio, the cell phone just doesn't give me the assurance that I get from a clock radio. There is something comforting about the red numbers, telling you "girl 3 more hours till you gotta get your ace up for studies". This comfort is always there, but i think i just want a clock radio because it reminds me of a great time of life with a great soundtrack. Plus the music just sounds better coming from the wooden box (aka clock radio). I miss you late 80's and the love songs you gave me.

I have left a gift for all you love ballad junkies out there.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Called out....

I know i don't watch spelling on my blog, that is what makes me the sparkling success of a Jr. High English Teacher that I am (was if we're getting technical, i mean just taking a law school hiatus, then going right back to spreading my love of the English). Please everyone read the comments on my last post. I would never call someone out on their blog. But I wonder what you think? Is it alright to point out spelling mistakes? Hell, maybe you have all been holding out for someone to correct me. Just tell me your thoughts. I mean maybe we need a manual for blog manners, who knows? Maybe a blog manual wouldn't be needed if I used a dictionary. But I like saying 'damn' more than 'dam', i just don't like to be called out. Now back to my law studies. God Bless.

A damn picture and good news.

A Damn Picture
A few weeks ago i got to caravan with my cousins and their parents(aka my aunt and uncle) to SLC. Then I headed up to Idaho as a lone wolf. Here is Jodi, Logan and Talmadge at the Glenn Canyon Damn. I like this picture, i guess cause i love this marker. It always meant i was half way to Utah or half way home. Oh yeah, this is my favorite outfit and thanks for the purse Monique. I feel like a classy lady whenever I sport it.

Good News....
1. I like reading cases, i feel like my days are filled with mini Law and Order (my favorite show) drama's. Everycase has something interesting going on.

2. My Roof has a leak in it, in my AZ condo. But the good news is the HOA is going to cover the damage or get the Roofing company to fix it (it was reroofed two weeks ago). I am trying to be positive and I hope that it will all be taken care of. It is scary when I am so far away and I cannot be there. But i have a very helpful family, especially mom who is helping tons. Thanks.

3. I got into the kayaking class and am taking "How to Read Rivers and WhiteWater Safety". They are both one credit. So I can finally make my kayaking dreams come true.

4. My Amazon books are all ariving, I have bought so many books but I need to use all the resources.

5. There is a plasma center here, and Moscow Public Schools is hiring part-time substitute bus drivers...looks like my destiny to drive and donate will never let me looose. I am waiting it out, but plasma donation did help make my Idaho Financial Freedom Dreams Come True 11 years ago at Ricks, maybe they can help me now. I'll blog it, if monies get too tight.

Thats the good (and sort of bad) news. I got an institue social on Friday, I have a sprint triathlon on Saturday and I only have 1000 days till the Bar Exam. Good Luck to all of us, keep trying to make your dreams come true.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day of Fun/Day of Agony...

What are 4 things you don't want to talk about, no I take that back.... listen to. Well I will tell you my top 4, ready as I set the stage.

The first thing I don't want to listen to, is two people discussing the ward members of a small town. I will say a combined total of 2.2 hours was spent of things like, "what is Jimmy Craiger up to? Is his daughter still smoking pot with the hockey team"? or "Old Man Bronson, did he ever get that matter with the tractors fixed, or did the Miller's get the best of him", how bout a little, "Margo Stevens, oh man she made the best fried chicken, maybe not the best in my whole mission, but definitely the best in eastern Spokane, wait Marie Taylor, now she could cook, the missionaries used to go crazy, if Marrie signed up, and her garden man it would grow some crazy corn on the cobs"... You think I am kidding. But alas, this type of conversations were mixed with Hunting Talk.

I don't get hunting. I don't get why killing things for sport is awesome. I don't get why you could just see something and want to shoot it. I mean sometimes when I was younger I used to see a hot guy and want to make out with him, but that is as far as my animal insticts took me. Hunting boggles my mind. I know it is sort of the cave man instict that has carried over, and that is fine, and I am not really judgemental, it's just 1.9 hours were spent talking about hunting. Hunting deer, moose, elk, etc.

Now I know better than everyone else that obsessiveness runs deep. I have been obsessed with my body (wanted it to be little, thats all), I have been obsessed with my singleness (wanted, still do a guarentee, that he will be cool and my fertility will still be intact when he shows up), my future (notebooks filled with 'plans'). I get it people, we are all obsessed with something, and yet I had to listen to someone elses obsessiveness creep into every conversation. This was a big kid mind you, 320 but solid and tall and not unattractive (when we met at church my mind did the questioning it always does when i meet someone new...."well jo (what i call myself) he is not your type at all, and yet there is a bit of possibility there, he is wearing cowboy boots, is that good or bad, wait, how old do you think he is, and oh yeah not your type at all, remeber you want someone who will go running with you, and this kid doesn't look like he likes to run. But he does have a cute gap tooth smile, and remember how we are trying to think outside the box, and not go with our insticts anymore, because all our insticts lead us to were the wrong men, so maybe we should start wanting what sort of isn't what we want, maybe?" Ok back to big kid, he talked about being bigger than everyone else all day long, and the big talk would get worked into the mission and hunting conversations, like "That guy the bishop's daughter in 3rd ward was dating, did he get bigger, because I was twice his size Jr. Year, but he was playing Lineback.... or "Yeah, I am the biggest guy from my hometown, the colleges recruited me, but I lost interest".

The last thing I had to listen to was non-stop country. Now i love me some country but non-stop please.

Besides the four things I didn't enjoy listening to, Hunting, Mission talk, Country Music, and talk about being big, I did catch 2 fishes and I was greatful to my Idaho cliche for taking me out with him and his friends for an adventure. I was also grateful to go pick a bunch of huckleberries and I was grateful that there are different types of people in the world.