Saturday, November 8, 2008

All torn up and the pain lives on....

I played powder puff with the law school. I gotta say, I love football. I had never played it and it is an awesome game. My team was not the best, and even though I made some touchdowns I wasn't the best...but I do win for skidding my knees and elbows on the fake grass aka astro-turf, more times than anyone else. I suppose, it is all my training in Volleyball and Softball. I believe you slide, you dive, you sacrifice your body. Well I did sacrifice, and the pain is living on, some 5 weeks later.

I am going to be an old woman now, and tell you about my hurts. Oh yeah, this was all on my 31st birthday, so I had to give it my all, and show the world, I still had it.

1. my thumb got jammed, and still hurts all the time.
2. my knees are still sore, more than that dreadfully painfully sore when ever I put pressure on them.
3. I cannot lift one arm all the way up, with out pain shooting through it.
4. I got some blisters(but those are gone though, i just wanted to complain more).

So here is the evidence....

Johnatons Birthday Dinner...

Dru and Melissa have had me over to dinner more than a few times. It is always wonderful(I would say that even if Melissa didn't read my blog-but thanks girl). And so I decided to cook them dinner. When I invited Pleasy, she said, "Oh that is Johns Birthday, we were gonna maybe take him out to dinner". So I said, "How bout we have John over for Birthday dinner, and invite all our friends too". This was all discussed at a meeting in the law school for who knows what (we go to so many), I asked John, if he had plans, if he wanted to come, etc. He said, sure. I decided after much soul searching, I would cook Chili, cornbread and have a potato bar with all the fixings. I invited all our friends, John started invited people too and soon enough we had a pretty good sized guest list... So without further ado, I am using this post to introduce you to our law school posse more or less...

John, Pleasy and Michelle... see how happy everyone looks eating the chili

This is me cooking onions for the chili, for some reason because I wasn't wearing my contacts, my eyes were super sensitive and I couldn't stop crying.
Don, John, Chase, Bonnie and Amanda... enjoying the chili.
Dru and Melissa...the only married people cool enough to hang out with us.
Katie and Gavin.... ( I had a crush on this boy for the first few weeks, it died but the friendship lives on).

Friday, November 7, 2008

How it went down....

About 3 months ago, i met Ron, he was attractive, and quickly he let me know he was married... Ron was the DJ at the law school opening social. I made small talk, like i do with all DJ's I meet, basically i wanted to find out about the market here, if he ever couldn't do a job, if he would send it my way, etc. Ron and I exchanged info. and sure enough a few weeks ago it finally paid off. Ron had referred me to a Elementary PTO, for the family fun night.

There was only ONE problem (so I thought), I didn't have lighting and a disco ball, they wanted those. So Ron, being super cool, let me borrow his. After trying to arrange a time, and having the school PTO president and I, exchange about 15 emails pressuring me to get the lighting, it was secured.

Then, a few nights before the dance I was setting up my equipment, and realized that i was missing an amplifier, a 900 dollar, 50 pound amplifier. I was screwed. I am in the middle of nowhere Idaho. I had promised to do this job on the cheap, renting would be expensive, if even possible. I sent an email to the PTO pres. explaining the senario, that I would try to secure a new amp. but it might be a impossible. A few hours later, after emailing Ron (the light and refrence man) Ron responded saying he had an amp I could use. Thanks to him, i could email the PTO and not be so stressed.

Flash to Tonight, today at 4 i showed up to the school, set up all my equipment, everything was going great. Except the amp. I got was making a buzzing noise, and the cooling fan in the amp. wasn't spinning. Needless to say, the amp. heated up, the music stopped. I called Ron, thank goodness he answered and told me what to do. The amp. cooled down, it worked for 2 more songs then shut off. At this point imagine my position. I have PTO woman coming up, asking me what is wrong, I have a PTO pres. come with an ipod and a doc. to play a bit of music. Ron is called again. He shows up with another amp. IT doesn't work. He has brought some power speakers, basically they don't need an amp.... they work.

For the first 30 minutes, we had music. For the next 35 Ipod and a bit of mine when the amp. would cool. 1 hour and 55 minutes, power speaker... All i had was 2 CD's of music, my friend Kellle (a fifth grade teacher, who is a friend of mine, and was so great to send me this music). My computer wouldn't work, so I had to just work with the music on these CDs and guess what the kids loved the music.

My best friend Pleasy showed up, and was super supportive, she is always so positive and full of good ideas. So she was like, go out and dance with the kids, so I taught them the electric slide. I made up competitions, like "for this dance, all you can do is move your arms and head" or when I played a happy feat song, "dance liek a penguin".It was hillarious.

The PTO said, all the parents were really happy because the kids had so much fun, being was a good time, and turned out awesome. They even said that they wanted me to do some other upcoming events in the Spring. It really could have been sooo much worse.

So thanks Ron, thanks Pleasy, thanks Sunny Side Elementary, and thanks PTO for your forgiveness and understanding.

and that is how it all went down.


it is friday again...
Here is what I got
1. a study group after class
2. setting up my dj stuff (and lights I borrowed) at the Pullman Elementary School.
3. DJing for 3 hours...Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide, etc.
4. Dinner with Pals
5. Don and Nicoles Birthday Party
6. Writing my Final Paper all day Saturday.
7. Babysitting Mellissa and Dru's kids so they can go out Sat. Night.
8. cleaning my room.
9. Finish Listening to the CDs about how to take the law essay exam
10. Wash the Element(it's been months)
11. write 5 super cool blogs...from now (this one doesn't count, untill Sunday at 11:59 pm).

and as always, the revolving someone special, win lots on Facebook Poker, be rawsome...etc. etc.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

MOSCOW...not the best place for a littel human contact.

I got a massage at the massage school, and it wasn't that great. I guess i have been spoiled by all the great therapists i have had in my life. And I consider myself quite an expert, i myself being a massage school dropout. I honed my skills at ricks college, added upon them all through 10+ years in single ward sacraments, etc. etc. So I have become an angel of death for the Moscow Massage School, telling everyone, "don't go, they can't even touch your neck cause they don't know how yet, and there is no really working out the knotts and kinks in the shoulders, just fluffy, granny stuff".