Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have a huge outline due, I don't want to do it, but i have to, so I am going to stay up all night, maybe. What a pain....the dog is whining outside my window (BLAR). It is freezing cold out there, and Why did I want to do this again? I swear I could have been out of debt if I had just taught one more year...and maybe served too. Now it seems like there is never gonna be an end to it. DAMN it, i hate regrets/grass is greeners etc. I really just don't want to do this outline, so i am trying to make excuses. And that is the DAMN truth.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This was posted on my MYSPACE blog...I think I documented my late 20's pretty good with this post. It's fun to read again.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ode to the (480) and the Singles who keep it Real...aka born before 1980
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Alright, so I've only been gone 2 weeks. And yes there is a chance I might puss out and come home. But in my moment of glory, the fact that i finally cut the chord with the 85203, I gotta relish in my victory. And tell all of you what I miss the most about the Mormon Mesa Single Social Scene ( YOU KNOW IT IS THE VERY LIFE BLOOD, THE ONLY THING WE LIVE FOR).

1. Game Night. Granted I hadn't gone to one since before the weekly bonfires(2003), but it is a simple pleasure, on the sabath which makes you feel like your social, even if it's just playing games with weirdo's.

2. Wild West Wednesdays/Clean Parties....Guess what DJ Rome you are Genius. Those Wild West Wednesdays filled up the only day that we didn't have something going on. I mean granted, what other group of twenty somethings would pay 5 dollars on a Wednesday, just to be together at the Boys and Girls Club....oh just the mormons of mesa, that's who. We will do anything to fill the void, of an empty night.

3. BINGO at the Fort. You know that free soda is hard to find, and I found it on the res.

4. The University Ward Campout. In my younger days, the single ward campout was a sure thing. I knew I was hooking up, for sure. Now i just like to sit by the fire and chill. However, I still love to see some horny 24 year olds sneak off into the woods. Brings a little joy to my heart that the younger generation knows about the goodnessess of the Ward Campout too.

5. The house party (especially if there is a cover charge). Cannot believe we actually pay 3-5 bucks to get into a house party. Usually the house of girls doesn't even turn up the AC. So you have this sickly hot and sweaty/musty air.... and I just paid 4 bucks, and if I am lucky I get an otter pop...what the hell? But if DJ Rome is there......it is all worth it.

6. The YMCA Dance Party night. Now i have been a loyal patron of the YMCA for quite sometime....since I was on the Goodman Family Pass. So it is always a good time working out Friday afternoon, only to return 5 hours later, to dance my ace off. Yet, if someone sends you a text message over the overhead screen, it's a great night.

7. Interstake Center Dance....back in the day, freaking that was the place to be. I mean when i was fourteen.... that was the place to be. I still hang my head in defeat, when it's ThanksGiving and I am 29, and I am back at the interstake center...doing YMCA, Safety Dance, and Electric Slide. Well, I dont' do those anymore, I watch others do them though.

8. WARD HOPPING....with so much inventory, that is ever changing how can i stick to just one ward?

9. OL SCHOOL INSTITUTE...you know for 24 and older. It really is a sight to behold. I have weathered the storms with you Old School, from when your numbers were low, to when parking was impossible, I have been there(Granted that I might have only come for the social and treats, skipping the class, but that is besides the point) That place.....is magical yet terrifying. And so worthi it.

10. Rosa's/Tia Rosa's......That Salsa is good, and I believe Rosa's is to the 20 somethings, what SomethingBERTO'S was to us in highschool. Wait SomethingBERTO'S still has a place in all of our hearts. I mean we gotta consume our calories, being social 7 days a week is hard work. Plus all those BERTO's are opened 24 hours... we need that sort of flexibility

11. The Wedding Reception.... I almost didn't add this. Yet how could I not, this is a hot spot.... we get to congradulate, yet feel abit sorry for the bride and groom. After all... they are trading 7 nights of Mesa, Single, Social, Mormon Bliss..............for SEX. Idiots.

Alright, that is my ode to my life of being Single Social and Mormon in Mesa...what have I missed? What other main staples, are apart of the single, social, mormon's life? What other events...make it oh so worth it, and make Mesa or the East Valley, be the third best place to be Mormon and Single? Let me know.

Little Debbie is a bitch.

Dear Little Debbie,

So I am all sick, I think it has something to do with all the Oatmeal Creme Pies and Swiss Rolls I ate, (8) within a 24 hour period (call it lack of discipline or just a love for sweet goodnesses) but I am sick as a dog and it is all your fault. Stop having such a cheap product on the market that is so good but so bad. I blame you for the big belly I had in Jr. High thanks to the sweet poison that is your 'Nutty Bars', which they sold at the Kino Jr. High Snack Bar. Always 40 cents...just what i had left. I blame you for losing all my money in Elementary School, it was always you or Brach's candy by the pound which was in my price range. Sometimes I got the Zebra Cakes for 99 cents, sometimes I sucummed to Brach's carmels, cinimon bears and orange slices, but all that allowence/rubbing-my-mom's-feet-for-cash-money was exchanged at the Smitty's for your sweet goodnessess. Since Yesteryear Brach's has been hit by inflation. But you miss Deb, you hold strong at 1.19 a box and usually at my market you are on sale for 99 cents. It's the same old song and dance, your sweet goodness at such a sweet price draws me in like a moth to a flame. I am an older lady now, with my own problems...I eat my feelings, I eat when i am stressed, and since I try to keep my grocery bill low, you are there once again calling my name. I blame you Deb, for so many problems in my life. You are a bitch.

I can't say I am leaving you, but I am gonna try.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thats me in the spotlight, losing my Religion...

Nah, still Mormon. But I did lose my Arizona Drivers License. I take that back I didn't lose it, I gave it up. I passed the 40 question Idaho Drivers test...And that my friends is why I am a champion test taker. Whether it's the many drug tests that I passed when I was a Mesa School Bus Driver (funny I got drug tested more than anyone else) or the LSAT, or the Law Tests here at the U of I, or E-Harmony find my matches tests (jokes, jokes that is reserved for turning 34) or my Professional Conduct Test for Teaching...(trying to think of more tests right now, can't really do it) I am a FANTASTIC TEST TAKER, already contemplating the Bar EXAM, and I am gonna Rock It, i mean if I know what to do at a stop sign (come to a complete stop, and proceed when it is safe to do so) I am gonna kill the bar...

Just Saying

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GEtting it together....

So i have been far too lazy, i think it just comes with the 3 weeks off, after long stressful finals. Really I am not that lazy. Just compared to how hard I worked the last month of school, I feel like I am taking the easy road. Also I have been sick and depressed (just a little). I am going to claim it is lack of vitamin D, that the sunshine in AZ gave me, or missing my niece Olivia, or lack of attention from the guy I really want attention from. Sheesh. I sound like a crazy Jr. High kid...

So no more laziness, I am going to get it together. I am going to organize my cases for my brief on sentencing guidelines for Legal Research and Writing, I found my vandal card, so now I can go work out again, I am getting Idaho Insurance, and an Idaho License. I am getting it all together. This blog is the transition, before I wrote it LAZY, now that I wrote it, I have to follow through. So I have a few cases to read for Torts....Good Luck to everyone getting over the post holiday funks we are all in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Nice...

So today in Torts we were focusing on Economic Loss. Basically if you die, they use statistics to figure out how much you were worth to a spouse, or your family. Some people are not assets but liabilities. I was trying to apply this to my life.

I rose my hand and said, "does that mean that a lawyer would argue the value of a 1L at Harvard, in the top of the class is worth alot more money than someone in the bottom of the class here at University of Idaho?" Then I said, 'no offense'. Basically I was saying that lives are of more value if we do better, can make more money, go to a higher ranked school, or simply perform better on tests.

I am sort of bitch. I want to claim it was unintentional or said for humor purposes. But i think i am a product of this stressful situation, and am buying into the lie. Anyways, I guess I need to not just get smarter...but gain some tact and some filter too. Shoot there is always so much growing of character to be done.

PS when i asked two of the people in the class if they thought it came across "bitchy" they said, "Yeah, a little". I do appreciate the honesty. Their responses affirmed what I already knew. I gotta keep my mouth shut. I guess if interesting things were happening I wouldn't have to over analyze a comment made for whatever reason. And I know there are thousands of inappropriate phrases I have uttered that kept ringing in my head after they were said, which quickly were replaced by other inappropriate phrases I said. Point is I still say things I probably shouldn't...just in case you were curious.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lameness at FHE.

So this might be the most revealing blog about me yet....or the most obvious depending on who you are.

I have ADD, ADD at church, ADD at school, ADD at life. I even have realization ADD, meaning I have a realization, basically a life altering truth will be revealed to me, something I could live for years on and then I will be bored with it, and want some new more exciting realizations. But the most ADD I have is being in Idaho ADD. I have handled it for a little while, but man I need something to happen. In other words I think I am addicted to the drama. And the thing about Idaho, or at least my little corner of it...Nothing new ever happens. Nothing. And I am getting stir crazy. I want something cool to happen, just anything.

So today at FHE, nothing happened. But then again...does anything cool ever happen (only at Lehi 4th, or should I say after, Sonic nights were the best).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The thing is....

Last night we were driving, and it occurred to me, a revalation, a realization. My whole life I have just wanted to be hotter, I wanted to have no wrinks, dress better, be cuter, rounder butt, tighter abbs, etc. etc. etc. Now for the first time in my life since probably age 13, I (mostly)just want to be smarter. I wish I could have a pie chart here or some sort of graph, to show how much more important it is to me to be smarter, than to just look good. What the Hell is happening to me?


So i lost my phone, i thought it was in Pleasy's car (she drove to the casino and all last night), and i had it with me in the car on the way home. I thought i won't worry about it, and just get it from Pleasy later. Turns out I lost it as the rest stop, by the PORT-A-POTTY. How do i know this, because the people that found it, called my mom, who left me an email and a facebook message (my mom knows i love to check my facebook) and gave me the number of Bonnie and Andy the couple from Moscow who is on a road trip, who found my phone at 3:00 AM.

Lucky little phone, on a road trip, with a nice couple. I am just glad they found it...I am a lucky lady. First respectable grades, now my phone found...I guess my luck is just crap in the casino and love but when it comes to lost and found...I got it my luck locked in.

Last Night...

The 1L's decided that we wanted to go to the Ceour d' Lane Casino to play a little Bingo, hit the tables and eat the 20 dollar buffet. First of all the drive there is about 80 minutes, but this time it took a bit longer because it was so foggy. 11 of us headed out. Sean and John played the tables, Pleasy and I hit the bingo. Adam and Suzzanna headed to the Lobby to just be together. Then I went and lost 10 bucks in a lame slot.....Basically I lost 20 bucks to the gambleing and 20 bucks to a yucky, nasty, worst-I-have-ever-had crab buffet. I think they had the lowest quality crab legs, (as if I am a crab leg expert) and they simply grossed me out. That was it, a bit of salmon that I think had swum up the river too long before it was caught (now I feel like I am expert on salmon because I saw a lot of them, and talked about them on the bus in Alaska). Then there was a bit of desert. All in all the funnest part the drive home, where we played a provacative game of "Who would you rather?" All in all in was nice to get out of Moscow, be with some friends, and obviously talk about our classmates, professors and grades (the beauty of being with all law students).

All in all what stood out to me being back in the casino is how many people are losing alot of money. Maybe they are alot more successful than me...but if how fast I lost 20 bucks is any indicator....I better specialize in Indian Law, those Casino's can help pay back my student loans. Just saying.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So they torture us, making us start the new semester without knowing how we did. And you know what the psychological mind games worked. I couldn't study, i just wanted to watch LOST and eat Cheeze Its. The pressure, the stress was getting to me and I didn't know what to do with it.

Today we got our grades. My first semester law school grades were actutally not the worst case, 2nd worst case or 3rd worse case senario. Now dont' get me wrong, they aren't the best things ever....but heaven helped me and I did quite a respecatable job. So leave me a comment and tell me that you are proud of me because HOLY CRAP, I am a bonefide law student now!!! WOO Doggies.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The best part of AZ is my niece Olivia

So I love being an aunt to this sweet girl. I love stacking the blocks so she can knock them down, giving her drinks out of my cup, singing songs to her, playing with her mounds of toys and just trying to spend as much time with her as I can. It was awesome to be home. I can't wait till the nephew comes in June....Gotta love awesome babies.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Marriages and Pals.

This was my first New Years in Years that I didn't go out. Well i went to Oregeno's with my sister Rita, her man Sumo, My brother Jimmy his wife Tamra and My brother Luke and his girlfriend Katie. Then I watched a made for TV on Lifetime with my mom. It was about a Dr. who's wife delivered twins and then he gave away the girl baby who had downsyndrome to the nurse. But he wanted the nurse to take the baby to the center to live, but the nurse kept it. He told his wife the other baby had died, and then they had a funeral. It was a really sad movie. But the best part was the down syndrome girl grew up fantastically.

So here I am on new years, crying my eyes out while watching lifetime, with my mom. I think she might have fallen asleep. Then at 11:20 I went over to Rita's but they were watching TV. So I spent my 31st new years with my siblings and their spouses watching Dick Clark New Years Eve Special. Anyways, I am lame. But maybe, just maybe the year you don't hook up with one, two, (hell who wants to count anyways) dudes at new years...which is never as great as you pretend it is,(well most of the time is not that great, but once in awhile, it is great like in 2003 and 2006...those were really great years) is the year that the magic is gonna happen.

OK i don't really believe in this superstition crap, just trying to make my blog and my life sound interesting. But I am holding to my previous statement. I am LAME, but it's recoverable, I hope.

***this blog has been edited by request. Some of the details have been changed to protect privacy.