Monday, February 22, 2010

Daily Veggie Shake.

A normal day.

A veggie shake needed to be made.

Spinach base, radish sprouts, lentil sprouts, alphalpha sprouts, 4 stalks of celery, flax seed, chia seed, prunes, cranberries, apple, water, and carrots.

Usually i make this shake without sprouts

Brought two red cup fulls to school.

I guess they stunk....

What i heard from classmates.

1. "Jodi, that drink smells like a Fart, don't drink that, and get it away from me".
2. "Put a lid on that &%$@#".
3. "Jodi, we are all glad your getting skinnier, but that drink stinks".

I left the room, tried to force the rest down, gagged on it in the bathroom (these drinks need to be consumed slowly). I guess i will drinking veggie drinks at home.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Low Self Esteem at the Great Clips...

So I am now Coupon Girl, i think it all started when my mom was a bargain shopper and would by clearanced clearance items. Then I got a bit of my own money and realized that I was definitely following in my moms footsteps...I loved the bargain too. I actually chose my law school based on price. And here in Moscow it has culminated, as I use a coupon for almost everything. So when the seasonal student coupon book comes out, i am one happy girl. Besides restaurants, there are a few other deals, on oil changes, tans and hair cuts.

So here I am showing up at the Great Clips, coupon in hand. Right now my hair is basically the simplest style to cut. I have bangs, all one length, and the rest of it is one length blunt cut. Thats why I don't feel bad getting a 7 dollar's not that hard. Plus i am gonna tip a good 5 dollars, and it takes them 10 min. so i feel like it is a win/win for all involved.

That is until I say, "I want about an inch off the bottom, however, if it needs a little bit more so be it" and she says, "yeah, an inch will help a little, but there is damage and breakage all through your hair...You are gonna need to start repairing your hair to take care of all this damage" Who says that????

You see, at Great Clips, the cutters make 8 dollars an hour i think, but they get a commission off the products they sell you. So what better way to make me want to buy "Biolage Hair Strengthening Syrum" then by telling me how damaged and dry and broken my hair is. Honestly is a 7 dollar haircut worth that kind of abuse. I am not so sure. Right now my hair is the healthiest it has been in years....and I don't care what cut of the proceeds hair cutter gets, Please don't tell me how crappy my hair is...Blar.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Choices/Bad Choices.....lead to good result or bad result.

It was Thanksgiving break. I was flying home to AZ like I always do, whenever there is a break. On the first leg of the flight i sat by an interesting 15 year old, who i instantly liked. We talked about religion, misscariages (his mom had miscarried his sister when she was 6 months along) and saving sex for later (not marriage for him, he didn't want to get married, but just later) and not endulging in drugs or alcohol.

On the second leg of the flight from Portland to Phoenix, I sat my a man in his late 40's, who after a bit of pleasantries, I found out is a decision maker guru. In other words he goes around and teaches people (mostly high paid executives for corporations) how to make decisions, he basically gives one tools on how to make decisions.

We used the ever elusive decision of what type of law I want to practice, as the "example/proto-type" decision. He gave me many tools to use...which i am not going to talk about here. What I am going to talk about is the choice and the result connection. You see, my whole life I feel like I have been hitting a big brick wall. You see I was taught by my parents, by my church, basically by everything I ever believed in, if you make a good choice, you will get a good result (let's be honest I am talking about making my mormon dreams come true). However, he spoke of a concept that I had never had articulated either by someone else, or in my own mind. He said, "sometiems a good choice doesn't lead to a good result, and sometimes a bad choice will lead to a good result...but if you play the law of averages, the more good choices you make, the more good results you will reap, and the more bad choices you make, the more bad results you will reap.

Ok, so why am i talking about good and bad choices...well besides the obvious, that I am still trying to draw people to my life who will help me get to where I want to go. Recently, i applied to a Spring Break Exchange to South Korea. I jumped through all the hoops, wrote a little essay, sent in copies of my passport, had a professor write a letter of recomendation, etc. I was really excited for this program. I mean who doesn't want to go somewhere rad, for 10 days over spring break, for free. However, I just found out I didn't get accepted (i guess I am not the only one who wants to go somewhere rad, for 10 days, for free, over spring break). However, if I believe my traveleing companion...if i keep making good choices (applying for scholarship programs i think is a good choice), eventually I will get a good result, it's just the law of averages. So I guess, I am glad I made the choice to try to go on a little adventure, I guess i shouldn't count it as a total wash, becuase hopefully the next time I make a good will reap a good result. Oh yeah, and now I will probably go home for Spring Break, and thats gonna be good.