Monday, June 22, 2009

Rawsome attempt 468...

I will never give up on my rawsome instead of 100 percent (which i am bound to fail at) here are the ground rules.

1. this is only for 30 days starting today June 22nd
2. try to eat as much raw food as possible
3. work out alot
4. drink lots of water
5. don't go out to eat, eat candy or sugar

Hopefully posting this will give me a little pressure to stick with it (never worked in the past- but i will just keep trying)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ode to a Goodman

Happy Fathers Day Dad. I love my dad alot. Did you know that when i didn't get asked to one of the "important" school dances, my dad went on a 30 mile (thats how far i remember it) run with me along the canal. The night turned out awesome because i was out busy, training, and doing "family bonding" with my dad. He has run with me, juiced up veggies for me, given me advice, listened to me vent, called me out, given me a job, taught me how to make dilly bars and ice cream sandwiches, how to milk a cow, ride a horse, mow a yard, juice carrots and grass. Additionally, he has taught me about risk taking by being a good business man. He has taught me about loyalty and being quiet when nothing needs to be said. He has taught me to be honest and to love the Lord. I love my Dad. Thanks Dad.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frustration on the Palouse.

Today was a little frustrating. First i go to plasma, and after a 30 min. wait, they call me in the back to say they can't find my file. A few moments later they call me in, to tell me they found it, and i don't have enough protein in my blood (from tests run in texas) and so i can't donate for awhile, just a little frustration.

Then I go down to the DMV to get my car registered in Idaho (for Residency purposes). I had spoken to Honda about a week ago and they said they could only send a copy, not the original title (my financing is through Honda). Anyways, the ladies at the DMV were insistent they needed the original title, and i told them, Honda was insistent that they would never let the original title out of their hands. So now what is a girl to do, i guess i will keep trying??

Then I got a headache, and back ache and eye ache all at the same time.

oh well. Can't have beautiful, lovely days all the time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Two jobs.

I have 2 jobs this summer, besides redeem myself and gpa by doing well in summer school. My two jobs are working out (hence flexing my guns) and donating plasma (hence the bandage around my arm). Today these two jobs were conflicted. I had worked out for a few hours and then had a quick lunch...then headed over to the plasma center. Everything was going good until my pulse was one point too high. I had to wait 15 minutes, where i practiced slow, calm breathing. It worked and I donated.

Isn't one mark of a healthy, in shape individual, if their pulse comes down quickly... I guess I gotta get more in shape so the conflict doesn't happen again (or I could just wait 2 hours next time). Either way I love my jobs and I am not giving them up.

Have fun at your summer jobs, whatever they may be.
*after looking at these pictures I think I need another job, getting tan.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1 Goal.

When i decided to go to law school the biggest concern for me was the cost. Already with a bit of debt (floating a mortgage with no renters, moving to Reno, my love of last chance, etc.). So when most of the schools i got into cost about 30K per year for tuition and the cost of living would be about 15K... I got a little nervous.

I narrowed my choices down to two. And I had fasted to know if I should go to Temple in Philly or University of Oregon in Eugene. I never felt right about either, which had left me feeling unsure about the whole process.

Then in late May I got a very generous scholarship offer, from the already affordable University of Idaho. And it was almost a no brainer. I called my parents (who I consult with on most big decisions) and they were all for it. These are my parents after all, the most frugal, bargain shopping (especially my mom) people I know. So if they raised me to shop for bargains in every other area of my life, why would law school be any different.

I accepted the offer to come to U of I, in a small, liberal, northern town, 1 mile from the Washington border, 1 and a half hours south of Spokane and in the middle of something called the Palouse. I had one goal...keep my scholarship. The problem is that to keep it I had to be in the top third of my 104 people class. With attrition at this point my class is 100 people. Which meant i had to be top 33 when the gpa's of both semesters were combined.

Sounds easier than it is. My classmates are smart, and for all their partying, they work super hard. My class is smarter than past classes have been here (thats what I have heard from some teachers) and I didn't really succeed at undergrad...getting into school with a 2.59. Also grading seems arbitrary, so even though students know the law, sometimes they don't put it down on exams the way the teacher wants it, and come up with a lower than expected/deserved grade. But for all the excuses of why I wouldn't be in the top third, there was hope. I am sort of scrappy and can work really hard, and can be super obsessive, which leads to great work product, so i knew I had at least a fighting chance to be successful.

I have said the word "scholarship" more times, to many more people then i should have. Yet i know we talk about what we think about. Keeping my scholarship has been my one and only goal since i accepted their offer to attend school here. I hate that I think about my scholarship and keeping it to the point that it has caused more anxiety in my life then any other thing has. *those who know me, had to listen to me talk about it in almost every conversation, the last month at least. Thanks and I am sorry for that. And so i am making a commitment to never say the "S" word again after this post of course.

I am happy to say, even after getting my first C this semester, not to be confused with the C+ i got last semester, and watching my gpa plummet after the grades came in this time...I will be keeping my scholarship. Thanks Goodnesss. It feels so good to have completed my one goal. But i have learned that it is not always the best for the mental sanity to have only one goal. Best to be balanced. And i am enjoying a little more balance this summer, and look forward to being more balanced both my 2nd and 3rd years of law school.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bugged by blog stalking.

this morning i went around looking at all the girls i went to highschool with blogs. You know the drill. You pick someone sort of popular who has a ton of people on their blog role. Then you just click on each "couple" (because lets be honest 99 percent of bloggers are woman in marriages with kids) and see who shows up.

I get bugged by one thing during this process. I am not talking about the whole everyone looks super happy and in love, and i'm not...blar blar. I don't want to talk about that today. What bugs me is when there is a cute couple named, like Liz and Rob. I have known 5 Roberts, 8 Bobs,7 Robs. And I have known 6 Elizabeths, 9 Lizs and 1 Lizzie. Especially if the last name isn't there, or even if it is, and I might know this Liz person... But then how will I know, she took her husbands name I don't know who she married, or if i did, i might have forgotten. So here I am with a hunch I might know "Rob and Liz". How will I find out. A picture of course. There is an expectation that a clear picture of the blog author and her husband ( i know i am generalizing here) right at the top of the blog will be available. You see when i am stalking, i don't want to have to scroll down through kid pic after kid pic if i don't know who you are. It's annoying. Either chose to be a private blog, a bold statement saying "yeah I don't want blog stalkers". Or put your picture right at the top. I don't care if your fat now...even better to see a little realism. I don't care that your husband is ugly...even better make me feel like i am glad I am not in your shoes. I dont' care that you got gray hair, or not cute clothes, or not a professional picture... just put your mug on the top of that blog. And let the process of blog stalking continue in a steady flow. A few times I have scrolled through over 8 pages of blog searching, hoping to find an image of who the author of the blog is, but alas...all i get is little kid after little kid (news flash, i sort of don't care about the kid, unless i love the parent, is that so wrong??) that just wasted my time. fix it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So i went to Salt Lake City to see my best friend (well my law school in Moscow best friend, not to make Rita, AK, my cousin Karrie, Jen Williams, Jenny Pear, Jamie, my mom, or Oliva get jealous, there is enough of me to go around) get married. And it was a long drive. REally Long. I think it takes longer to get to Salt Lake from Moscow then from Mesa. But I did have a (mom-imposed because it was getting too dark to drive) layover in Boise, where I went to the Big Lots and stayed the night at my Rick's College Friend Samantha's house. Then I was on the road. I had a long list of people to see, and I was bound and determine to see them all..of course it did not happen.

I did see Sommer and Anna (pals from Highschool), Shelly (a pal from Alaska), my cousins (who i stayed with, Pals from pre-existence???), Don, John, Chris, other John and Pleasy of course (pals from Law school), my brother Willy and Eric and his wife Andrea on the way back to Boise. It may not sound like that many, but it took a long time seeing everyone.

I also talked to Rusty and my cousin Whitney on the phone.

I just wanted to say thanks to the Welkers for letting me stay, even though i keep such late hours. Thanks to Samantha, Nate and Dana for letting me stay and cooking me such yummy food. Sour Dough French toast, with Vermont syrup is my favorite now. I wanted to say thanks to Willy for being my date to the reception. And I wanted to appologize to Pleasy for getting seconds of the Hawaian buffet at the reception, she told me to "save some for everyone else"...but you know how much I love a buffet. Anyways, it was a good weekend. Salt Lake City has big Mountains, while I am now use to being surrounded by the little hills of the Palouse. So i just thought the whole place was beautiful..but i am not used to the traffic (yuck).

Oh and the highlight I bought 2 pairs of cowboy(girl??) boots at a thriftstore. I can't wait to rock them. I think church will be the first place.