Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is my new profile write up for LDS Planet. I only paid for a month.

Your Greeting is 100% complete
A little about me...
I have emailed about 10 men that I find attractive. I have sent flirts to about the last week. I've only paid for a month. And yet, even though these men are more or less just a little above average, rarely are any interested in me, or return my emails. Then I get smiles and emails, from men who look too old, have too many kids, or just seem not the right match for me. And then I don't email them back or accept the chat requests. Isn't that the truth of why we are all here. We think we are too attractive/good/established/much of a catch for the one's who want us.... and yet can't get the ones we think are closer to our "league" to give us the time of day. I have only found this problem in "mormon" dating. What a mess we are, getting older, a bit annoyed at all the wasted years having the exact same experiences with different people and never really finding someone great. I did the Planet thing when I was in my twenties, and i got twenty something men (I only like younger men, maybe a backlash for all the men who only like younger women...and the cycle repeats itself). Now they are all much older, which is fine that they think I am worth the time...I am flattered. Some of you must feel the same.
How I feel about the Church...
You get frustrated because nothing changes, and it's same old on "The planet" and cancel your subscriptions. But then there are some cute people with interesting profiles, who have been looking at your profile multiple times. So you give your money with the extra 3 dollar service fee (what is that) and maybe even think about paying the 5 dollar highlight your profile charge. And then those pop ups, so I can see who received my message. As if my online dating self esteem can take confirmed, bonafied evidence that I ain't getting a return email, from the cutie from Oregon. Guess what if you are over 30 and still in Provo...stop it.

Born and raised, being single in the church for all these years has been fun. Sort of feel like i missed the boat by putting some thought into who I wanted to spend eternity with (that seemed like a really long time, so I was going to make a good choice) and then everyone got married to someone they knew for a week. Now all my ex boyfriends have like 3 kids, I guess I could wait for their divorces but I don't want to raise someone elses kids (give me a few more years I am sure I will be foaming at the mouth for that honor).

Had a faith crisis, but I attend every week.
What I do for fun...
i shop for cute clothes, makeup and pushup bras to try and make me more attractive to the opposite sex...JK, I bike, run and am learning guitar. I watch conspiracy docs and food docs. I am trying to start up some side schemes to get out of debt quicker (recent law grad.) and I babysit my nieces sometimes. OH and I garden, grow wheat grass and make veggie shakes...regular foodie. I get the feeling everything I do, think, and say makes me less appealing to men, specifically the 30+ Mormon man. But we mormon's believe in miracles, so here's to all my "God send someone to marry me prayers."


Jaime S. said...

your posts never disappoint. thanks for sharing.

Nancy Pitney said...

You crack me up. Good luck with the honesty thing. Let's see if that works for you! :) (I'm just reading this thinking, if I had to do this, would I have so much candor? Probably not. I'd give BS answers that I would WANT to be true! LOL!) Best wishes in the dating scene.