Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodbye FB

My best friend in lawschool just chewed me out for all things related to Facebook (FB). She said I was posting too much, spending too much time on there, posting weird links and music, but mostly was making a mockery of the process of studying for the bar.

In my defense...I study a lot, and don't go out too much, and when I take a break instead of calling someone I get on FB for a few minutes. Now these breaks happen probably 15-20 times a day, but who is aggregating (a fancy law word for counting). Anyways, couple my hankering for my Idaho friends, my constant stimulated state as I drink my Yerba Mate (which makes me feel a little silly/lovey and social= posting a lot of crap on FB and commenting on other people's crap) and my love for FB in general... I guess my fb presence was getting a bit intense.

Now, what pissed her off the most i my new positive take on bar study. One of the professors in the Prep Course (BARBRI = $3500 = giving me tips on how to pass the bar, daily hw assignments and lectures) said that there are two things in life our brain recognizes and treats differently, things we get to do and things we have to do, and that if we think of Bar prep. as a privilege, and something that will bless our lives and the lives of will greatly enhance the experience for us, and possibly help in passing the dang thing. This "pep talk" was pivotal for me to up the intensity of my studying. Anyways so on FB I would comment, "I love learning about the Tort of Battery, such a privilege, especially the AZ distinctions of the law"...I would post that on another law students wall, to let them know we are all in this crazy state together. Anyways, she thought I was mocking the seriousness of the Professional Right of Passage which is the bar exam.

Also, I think people were not taking my "hey i gotta study so we can't hang out" excuses seriously...because they would see me on FB 15-20x a day. I have to be a woman who can be all her FB friends.

Anyways, I guess what had to be done, and my newly trained logical mind aptly concluded, twas time to cut the chord with my fb account for the next six weeks. It was sucking up my down time (which should be used to exercise and make more veggie shakes with food from the organic compound (my parents yard)and I was being misinterpreted on FB at least by one stressed out law student, what I found was humorous and ironic in ways (BAR prep. fun and interesting--I sort of do think it is) she found to be obnoxious and mocking.

So as you all, (maybe 5 readers) are my witness. I Jodiane Goodman, solemnly promise to not log onto my deactivated FB account for 6 weeks and one day... July 27, if I do I have to make everyone of you a special veggie shake with goodness from the organic compound and I will not go to Last Chance till I am 34 (that is Sept. 27 2011). As you can tell I am super serious about this self-imposed FB hiatus.

PS....I probably shouldn't turn all my energies to blogging either, cause that is sort of the same thing, ie time waste, distraction, keeps me from don't expect too many more posts. Just needed to tell you all about this HUGE, LIFE CHANGING decision to cut out FB for 6 weeks. I need your support and prayers.


Melissa said...

I think with your 'extra' time you should be able to do whatever the hell you want.
Don't be pressured by your mates Jodz (including me) do what YOU need to do to get through this horrible bar prep bullcrap.

Willy Goodman said...

Good for you cutting out the FB...I always tell myself that is what I'm going to do to get through the intense times at school, but I always fold. Just think, the next time I see'll have passed the Bar and we can go to the cabin for a couple of weeks of family time bonding goodness! Love you Jodi, keep studying hard.

Diane... said...

I'm 3rd of those 5 who'll witness this "cord cutting" but just so you know...I AM AVAILABLE TO GO TO LAST CHANCE OR GET YOU THOSE VEGGIES YOU NEED...ANYTIME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog has become my FB replacement, though, Jodi... What am I going to do without it?

Rita said...

Lame of your friend for giving you a hard time. Who is she to say what you should be posting on fb and doing with your free time. I know you're studying or else you'd be over here more :). If you want to take a fb break to focus more then good job.

Marie Nelson said...

Ha! I'm the sixth one to comment! I think you should do whatever you want and if this is what you have decided to do then you will be in my prayers to give you strength!! By the way, Jim wants me to start drinking Yerba Mate!! Sure love you Jodi!! Stay positive with the Bar prep!

Karrie said...

I agree, you are a free woman, do what you want with your fb. If you do lapse and get on, it's okay, but I think I'll pass on the green drink. I'll take a milk shake instead. Love ya, and good luck studying.

tpearce55 said...

Funny thing is that she was on fb too. She should be focusing on her own studying instead of worrying about what you're doing.
I support you though. Good luck with the studying!

Kelli Brown said...

Ok, Jodi...I just have one question: what the heck is Yerba Mate?

Oh, and one more thought: "All things in moderation." That's my motto. When I 100% deprive myself of something that makes me happy, I resent it. But when it's a 10% of the time kinda thing, I relish it. Just a thought.

Cindy N. said...

Okay Jodi, Bar is over, time to get back on FB now and I hope to run in to you at Last Chance sometime soon!! :)